Al Warqa-Area Guide

Are you trying to find the ideal area that combines a busy lifestyle with ease of access? Al Warqa is the place to go; it’s a bustling area east of Dubai Creek.

Find a sanctuary that meets all of your needs in this comprehensive Al Warqa-Area Guide, from first-rate educational resources to a wide variety of culinary options.

Discover Al Warqa Mall’s distinct appeal and the abundance of burger restaurants that cater to all fast-food lovers. But despite the appeal, selecting the ideal location can be difficult at times.

Come along with us as we explore the subtleties of Al Warqa, helping you to find the ideal balance between comfort and excitement as we unpack its many facets.                      


Dubai Land

It is 25 kilometres east of Dubai and has Mirdif and International City as its neighbours from the south and north respectively.

Easily accessed from Dubai International Airport by D83 Rebat Street, which takes up to 14 minutes to reach the point of destination, also 30 minutes of travel to Dubai Land from highways E311.

Facilities And Amenities

Shopping Malls 

In the proximity of Tripoli Street, Al Warqa Mall provides the customers with a wonderful opportunity of not only satisfying their needs but also to millions of kilometres away.

Filling two levels and over 35,000 sq.ft. floor area of this mall, there are more than 30 shopping options available.

Consistent with our name, which means “many of one kind,” we offer a diverse range of top brands in fashion, cosmetics, garments, accessories, and electronics and includes a prominent hypermarket chain as our anchor store.

Furthermore, the mall is well known for its elegant food court which lies among the many restaurants located within it.

City Center Mirdif, located three kilometres away from here, is an additional choice in terms of shopping and entertainment among residents of the area.

This full-fledged shopping hub accommodates hundreds of retail stores as well as restaurants and entertainment facilities such as the VOX Cinemas and the Magic Planet amusement park and iFly in Dubai, the indoor skydiving experience.

For those who live Al Warqa, they can enjoy the malls in other zones and spoil themselves with Dragon Mart, one of the most popular choices in International City.

Time does not permit me to tell you about all the interesting things regarding Dragon Mart, as it is a huge bustling marketplace with countless exclusive shops of China.

Super Markets

The development is very reachable and easily accessible to each sub-community level, and it offers a great variety supermarkets mainly well-known names like Shaklan, Spinneys, Lulu Hypermarket, and Aswaaq that provides quality and diversity of products.

Moreover, Sunan Al-Manzila is only a stone thrown from other grocery avenues like Grandiose Supermarket, Star Warqa Supermarket and Madina Al Warqa Supermarket

Religious centres 

The Al Warqa area has prominent churches in nearby well-staffed Deira district in 25-minutes of travel. Important places of worship or heaven among which are winners’ chapel international church Dubai, International baptist church, JA1 Church, and apostolic church.

For the Sikh community, NAD Al SHEBA in Nad Al Sheba happens to be close to the locality. To highlight, Gurudwara Temple and Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple are placed in the segment of Bur Dubai. which is accessible in about thirty minutes.

As for the Ibrahim Al-Araim temple and the Gur Nanak Darbar, we also have several temples that are hosted in Bur Dubai such as Shiva Temple and Krishna Temple.

Not only that, Al Warqa district also has a mosque such as Al Warqa Grand Mosque, Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum Bin Rashid Mosque, Tareeq Al Jannah Mosque, and Qubah Masjid.

Educational Institutes 

Families living close to the school as parents who have school-going children will have access to various nearby educational institutions and thus, the region will pose a perfect mix for family-oriented people.

Schools vary between public and private in the Al Warqa area, one of reasons for its increase in popularity among families.

The kindergartens that have been built within the community by Future International Nursery and Al Warqaa Kindergarten are among them for preschoolers.

Parents with an Indian curriculum school in Dubai will find that the Al Warqa district is an excellent location for them, and this district has some noteworthy offerings, such as the GEMS Our Own English High School, Our Own High School, and Primus Private School, with concentration on Warqa 3.

The first 41st street option is not far from any Indian living in phases 2, 3, and 4, making shopping there more convenient. CBSE sponsored Primus Private School, which has been functioning since 2009, is quick to reach home from any living areas.

In the area, there exist American-based schools like Sharjah International American Private School, International Academy School, Ignite School, and International Arts and Sciences School.

Ignite Innovation United States, locally situated next to those schools situated in the Warqa 3 cluster, provides the American curriculum permitted under the New York State Common Core that is designed to incorporate students from the level of Kg1 to Grade 12.

Hemaa, a local branch of College of the Magi which teaches the British syllabus is also an option. Moreover, there is one of the most well-known Islamic schools in Dubai close to which you can find the school of research science in Warqa 4, where they use the British curriculum from Foundation Stage 1 till Grade 13.

Dubai International Academic City is a nest for different university alternatives, offering students with convenient access to university branches such as British University in Dubai, Heriot-Watt University Dubai, and L’institut français du golfe where they all operate.

This is one of many decisions that can only be found within a fifteen minute driving radius with all distributed and convenient within a centre.


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To the west of Al Warqa, Jumeirah beach is a 30 minutes’ drive away; welcoming tourists with a feel of pristine beach slashed in their mind.

Not named after something little, but one of Dubai’s most prominent villa zones, Jumeirah Beach offers a lot to its visitors.

On the sandy stretches, you will be able to take a walk in the restaurants located on the shoreline, exercise equipment, and running tracks.

The Jumeirah Beach Road is the main road that zigzags the beaches of public and private, and each offers different elegance.

For the choices, you can go to Kite Beach or La Mer Beach to have an exciting water sport example such as kayaking, paragliding, or stand up paddle boarding or Al Mamzar Beach to lift your fun.

Whatever your plan is whether you’re up for a romantic setting or a loud BBQ get-together, Al Mamzar Beach is an ideal spot to spend and enjoy.

In addition to this, the park offers you a wide variety of water actions, for example, snorkeling, jet-skiing and even roller-skating, so that your excursion is sure to be highly thrilling and entertaining.

Healthcare Centres

Residing in Al Warqa provides such benefits as those proximate important facilities including education and healthcare are all within walking distance.

The community has several clinics one, which is Fullcare Medical Centre, another, which is Aster Clinic and also the Dr. Simin Medical Centre.

Regarding the location of Aster Beauty Clinic, it is conveniently positioned near Mass Supermarket for customers who use such products. One of the major addresses of Dr. Vipins Dental Clinic is located on Al Warqa 1 where all your dental issues are dealt with.

Concerning healthcare facilities, Fakeeh University Hospital in proximity to Academic City comes out as the one with the shortest travelling duration of 10 minutes by car.


Al Warqa Dubai

When it comes to fans of fast foods, especially burger bingers who cannot get enough of a mouth-watering burger, Al Warqa’s burger shops are here to provide a wide selection of choices to the patrons.

Get the best of both worlds at Buns and Cones with their infinite menu of artisan buns, from chicken and meat sliders to shrimp rolls, hotdogs, and you guessed it, the unique “fries and shrimp” cone.

If you love burgers that are meticulously crafted and gourmet, follow me to Volt Burger and be sure to also visit Chelsea Burger that remains one of the favourites, as well as The Burgers Shop.

A Warqa is home to both traditional and contemporary restaurants that care for everyone’s gastronomic niches.

For those going beyond the menus having burgers, Al Warqaa offers the fast food from known names being McDonald’s, Papa Murphy’s and Paavo’s Pizza.

To explore something different, try various casual dining spots such as Kish Restaurant, Kababi Restaurant, and Hatam etesadi to experience a myriad of tasty dishes.


Al Warqa shows itself as a colourful tapestry of contemporary living as well as a residential jewel. This Al Warqa-Area Guide has explored the community’s amenities, highlighting its top-notch schools, varied food options, and leisure pursuits.

Al Warqa meets all of your needs, whether you’re looking for the ideal burger splurge or a peaceful day at the sandy beaches.

The true beauty, though, is in how well it can meet your individual requirements and promote a feeling of community.

Let this book serve as your compass as you explore the possibility of relocating to Al Warqa, guiding you through the many options and facilitating a smooth transition to a lifestyle that is ideal for you. Welcome to Al Warqa’s centre of charm and efficiency.


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