5 Best Places for Winter Barbecue in Dubai

Places for Winter Barbecue in Dubai

Are you the one of those people who love the winters and are foodie at the same time? Then this article is for you! Because we know you can’t just lay down in your blanket or heat up your hands. Of course, winters are not about this! Being a foodie you might be craving for barbecue and planning to go out for an exciting trip. 

But what stops you from this? Ahh, you might not be able to decide where you should go to enjoy that juicy, sizzling barbecue. Barbecue is often associated with the peaceful, calm and greenery environment where you can just make a lot from nature. 

So, just hold tight and be ready for your coming trip because we’re revealing the best 5 places for winter barbecue in Dubai!

5 Best Places for Winter Barbecue in Dubai

Sr#NameBest ForEntry Fee
1Hatta Hill ParkHiking & View of Hajar Mountain RangeFree of Cost
2Mushrif ParkRange of Birds from Middle East & access to Aventura adventure park3 Dh
3Dubai Creek ParkBotanical Garden & Cable Car Ride5 Dh
4Al-Mamzar Beach Park30 publicly opened barbecue spots & 5 Natural Beaches5 Dh
5Safa ParkViews of Dubai downtown & Dubai Water Canal3 Dh

Let’s explore the places for winter barbecue in Dubai so you can decide which one suits you well or you wanna try each of them to have breathtaking experiences. Here’s the list of them: 

  • Hatta Hill Park 
  • Mushrif Park 
  • Dubai Creek Park 
  • Al-Mamzar Beach Park 
  • Safa Park

1. Hatta Hill Park

If you want to have that perfect craving for barbecue after a long road adventure then Hatta Hill Park is your place to go! Hike to the highest point of the hill to enjoy the views of the Hajar Mountain range that will leave you in surprise. 

Whether you want hiking or kayaking or even mountain biking, Hatta hill park will provide you with all those amenities. Imagine having a barbecue night in the middle of the mountains while heating your hands in a wood fire. Seems charming? No doubt it is! So, pack your bags and get ready for the visit to Hatta Hill Park now!

Entry Fee: Free of Cost

2. Mushrif Park 

If you’re a nature lover and love to be surrounded by the birds then Mushrif Park should be your next barbecue grilling place! While barbecuing you can have multiple recreational activities majorly the Aventura adventure park. 

In this park adults and children can participate in activities like rope climbing, spider nets, and much more. Best part? It’s the largest zip line park in Dubai! 

Additionally, you can find a variety of birds from the Middle East there, such as yellow throated sparrows and Arabian babblers. 

Barbecuing while listening to the chirping of birds is something I guess we all want. Right? Go ahead and have your barbecue adventure in Mushrif Park. 

Entry Fee: 3 Dh 

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3. Dubai Creek Park 

Dubai Creek Park is the most well known park among the visitors as well as the residents in Dubai. Its picturesque scenery and plethora of activities offered for children and adults make it one of the best Recreational Parks for the public. 


What sets it apart from others is its  charming botanical garden where you can enjoy multiple arrays of different flora and fauna. While at a barbecue, if you want some rest or have some glimpses of adventures then you can go with a cable car ride that will show you the spectacular views of the park.

For those who are in sports and find something related wherever they go, Dubai Creek Park is not behind! You can have a mini golf challenge or go kart challenge while barbecuing there. Head over to Dubai Creek Park and have free barbecue pits and let’s just start with barbecue day!

Entry Fee: 5 Dh

4. Al-Mamzar Beach Park 

For people who love the beach and love to be around the sands, Al Mamzar Beach park is the best option! Thinking Why? It has a lot to offer to the visitors including 30 publicly opened barbecue spots, five natural beaches and multiple amenities including playgrounds, jogging areas, pools and much more. 

Moreover, if you love the marine environment, you can go jet skiing as well. Just wonder, what this park doesn’t have to offer? All the recreational activities combined with the beaches and free spots have taken all the attention. 

Still want to miss out? It’s up to you! Because places like this are nothing but heaven! 

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5. Safa Park

Safa Park, one of the most prestigious places, holds the beauty of the town in its hands. Providing the spectacular views of Dubai downtown and Dubai Water Canal, it’s well known for its setting and locality. 

Most of all, visitors can set up their barbecue grills or can take advantage of the barbecue grills that are permanently placed in the park. While visiting Safa Park if you get the opportunity to have the views of Downtown Dubai and Water Canal then isn’t it a good deal?

If you are the one who’s just willing to come out of the blanket and enjoy the winter life then get up now! Safa Park is all you want to hold in your memories. 

Entry Fee: 3 Dh

Summing Up!

So here you have it! Your best barbecue spots under your belt. Now, it’s the time to buckle up and make the preparations for your barbecue party. Above mentioned spots are the best on our list. 

Go through each and choose the one for yourself according to your choices and do let us know what’s your favorite place and how was your experience there. Let’s enjoy the winter barbecue together! See ya!

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