5 Most Expensive Parts of Dubai 

Parts of Dubai

While planning to visit Dubai, one question comes to mind: What are the cheapest and expensive parts of Dubai to visit? Right? You surely have got the same question, that’s why you’re landing here! Dubai is no doubt a place of luxurious and wealthy assets. 

Sometimes, while moving in the streets of Dubai one can just question himself ‘’how is it possible?’’ Even humans have made this iconic place but still another human’s mind can’t understand how it is possible to transform sandy lands into an expensive, luxurious and stunning place. 

So, let’s explore these magics and get to know the secret expensive parts of Dubai.

5 Expensive Parts of Dubai

Palm Jumeirah 

Imagine an artificially made palm tree shaped island that is considered as the 8th wonder of the world. It’s nothing except for Palm Jumeirah. You’ll find a range of fine hotels and restaurants along with the facility of underwater safari. This coastline also has Aquaventure Waterpark in which you can find the longest water slide of the world. 

Home to 5 shopping centers, it offers you the opportunity to be surrounded by famous stars like Shahrukh Khan and David Beckham. Palm Jumeirah’s properties range from AED 900,000 to AED 365 million and if you are looking for rental options then you can expect the amount of AED 84,744 and onwards. 

This is the  most expensive area known in Dubai because of its development as well as the facilities and amenities it provides to its residents and visitors. 

Emirates Hill

Emirates Hill, the area made for the wealthiest people in Dubai is well known for its greenery and oasis. With villas that are marble cladded and mansions around the golf course full of greenery, it is well known for being the first ever property that was free hold for biggest investors. 

You can find The Springs and Meadows Souk as the most adorable attraction with the touch of multiple amenities including pools, clubs, saunas and gyms. People can enter into Emirates Hill and can experience the luxurious lifestyle with all those facilities in just AED 8,000,000 to AED 225,000,000. 

However if you are looking for rental properties then keep the range of AED 227,689 per year in mind. 

Dubai Marina

Want to listen to the charming waves of the cruises? Dubai Marina has it all. With access to the beach and a breathtaking view of yachts it becomes one of the most expensive areas in Dubai. 

With luxurious hotels and villas under its belt it offers an extremely friendly environment to every visitor and residents. Residents here enjoy the daytime shores with sunlight and the sun set in the same manner. 

Regarding amenities, it offers everything one would need in its area. From supermarkets to restaurants and children’s playgrounds, Marina has got everything covered. 

You can keep an average of AED 445,000 for an unfurnished studio and duplex penthouse in the range of AED 75,000,000. 

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Downtown Dubai

Parts of Dubai

When we hear the name of Downtown Dubai, then the landmarks Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall come to mind. What else is remaining to support the Downtown being the expensive part? 

Burj Khalifa is the major attraction of tourists in Dubai and people come here just for the sake to see it and the Water Dance there. So, there’s nothing else to even talk about except for Burj Khalifa. 

Think once: you’re living in an apartment in which Burj Khalifa is just on the 360 degree view? Seems amazing right? This area has numerous high end restaurants with children’s playlands in Dubai Mall. 

Besides being a tourist place it’s quite famous for residence as well so if you’re planning to have residence in Downtown Dubai you can have the properties in the range of AED 650,000 to AED 225,000,000. 

If you’re in for the rental property then AED 64,406 per year is just a price for living in this stunning place. 

Umm e Suqeim 

Umm e Suqeim one of the parts of Dubai, close to Burj Al Arab, is well known for its long coastline. Possessing seaside properties, it has become a famous attraction of tourists. Umm e Suqeim also holds the honor of having the oldest yacht club, Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, that was first started 50 years ago. 

Besides that, it is holding many public beaches such as kite beach and sunset beach. With all those great deals provided to the society, Umm e Suqeim has not any way stayed at the back in becoming one of the expensive parts of Dubai. You can arrange your residence there ranging in between AED 780,000 to AED 300 million. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best area to stay in Dubai? 

Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina are two top of the list options to choose as the visitor in Dubai. However, if you want something for your permanent residence then you can go for Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Hill. 

Where do Celebrities live in Dubai? 

You can see celebrities in Palm Jumeirah and Burj-ul-Arab mainly. These celebrities usually come to these places to enjoy these attractions and have some refreshing and mind blowing memories. 

Umm e Suqeim Vs Palm Jumeirah What to Prefer? 

If you are looking for a luxury living and want to enjoy the man made island then go for Palm Jumeirah. However, if you want to have seaside properties and love to enjoy beaches then don’t hesitate to choose Umm e Suqeim. 

Summing Up!

Now, when you know all the 5 expensive places in Dubai, we guess it’s easy for you to decide where you want to go first and what areas are your must go! We have provided the price ranges of each area so you can be prepared beforehand and get your apartments booked right before coming. If you still feel inconvenient and don’t know how to start then don’t stop to call us and get your properties purchased in moments. 

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