Al Darari

Al Darari

Have you ever wondered if you live in a place where all you want is an indoor gathering? If you are looking for such an area, Al Darari in Sharjah might be your right choice. This residential area offers comfort, luxury, and networked living.

Al Darari is a residential area in Sharjah, one of six developments in the suburb of Mughaidir. It is located 10 minutes away from the center of the city. It makes it easier for residents to access the offer of the city.

The network is well-connected with major roads, including Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road (E311).In this article, you can take a closer look at what Al Darari has to offer us.

Al Darari

The properties in Al Darari mainly consist of large, standalone villas available for rent and sale. These villas range from 5 to 7 bedrooms, covering areas from 8,000 to 14,000 square feet.

Each villa features spacious living areas, bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, ample outdoor space, balconies, and parking spaces. Some luxurious villas even have private pools and gardens.

Each villa in Al Darari is designed with the residents’ comfort in mind. Spacious majlises (sitting rooms) provide ample space for family gatherings and social events. The bedrooms are large and come with en-suite bathrooms, offering privacy and convenience.

The outdoor areas are perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. Balconies offer a nice view of the surrounding area, and parking spaces ensure that residents have a secure place to park their vehicles.

Al Darari

Rental Trends 

Currently, there are only a few rental villas available in Al Darari. A standard 6-bedroom villa with a covered area of around 10,000 square feet costs approximately AED 160,000 per year. Rent is usually paid annually, but some realtors offer flexible payment schedules.

The rent in Al Darari is influenced by several factors, including the size of the villa, the number of bedrooms, and the amenities provided. Villas with private pools, large gardens, and additional features tend to be more expensive. The location within the community also plays a role in determining the rent.

For those looking to buy a property, villas in this community are available starting from AED 3 million. This price includes a typical 6-bedroom house covering about 10,000 square feet. Depending on the construction date, architectural style, outdoor space, and plot location, prices can go up to AED 9 million for a luxurious 6-bedroom villa.

These high-end units span 12,000 square feet and feature amenities like a private swimming pool, lawn, and barbecue area. More reasonably priced options, like 5-bedroom villas, are also available.

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Transportation And Parking

For residents with private cars, Al Darari offers easy access to the main road network within a few minutes. Each property includes dedicated parking spaces. This makes it convenient for residents to travel to work, school, or other parts of Sharjah.

Currently, there is no public transportation system in place in Al Darari, but plans are underway to introduce bus links to the community. Once operational, this will provide an additional transportation option for residents, making it easier for those without private cars to commute.

Amenities, Schools, And Healthcare

There are a few supermarkets in Al Darari for daily grocery shopping. Al Maleib Supermarket is a local store within walking distance from the community center. It offers a variety of products, making it convenient for residents to shop for groceries and other essentials without having to travel far.

Muslim residents have several community mosques to choose from, such as Al Ghazal Mosque and Martyr Ghalib Amer Halabi Mosque.

These mosques are located close to the community park, providing easy access for daily prayers. For other religious practices, AG Tamil Church and St. Martin Anglican’s Church are about an 11 to 13-minute drive away. Hindu temples in Bur Dubai are around 30 minutes away.

For primary education, girls can attend Ruqaya School for Girls in this community. This school provides quality education and is conveniently located within the community. Nearby options include Shahba Basic Education School and Ibn Seena English School, which also offer good educational programs for children.

For higher education, The American University of Sharjah is a 15-minute drive away. This prestigious institution offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, making it a great option for residents seeking higher education.

Residents have access to healthcare facilities like Al Rifa Health Centre in Al Rifaa Community, which is 5 minutes away, and NMC Medical Centre in the Shahba area. Both provide reliable medical services.

Al Rifa Health Centre offers general medical services, while NMC Medical Centre provides specialized care and has multiple branches throughout the emirate.


There are a few local eateries and restaurants in Al Darari, such as Hatem Restaurant and Manarat Al Sharjah Restaurant. These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, ensuring that residents have plenty of dining options. Zawaya Walk also has a variety of dining options, making it a convenient place for residents to enjoy a meal.

While Al Darari is primarily a residential area and does not have a vibrant nightlife scene, residents can easily access nightlife options in central Sharjah. The city center offers a variety of entertainment options, including cafes, restaurants, and cultural events.

Although this community is away from central Sharjah, residents can enjoy beach outings at Al Khan Beach, which is about a 21-minute drive. The beach offers plenty of activities for both kids and adults. 

Families can enjoy picnics, swimming, and other beach activities. Al Khan Beach is a popular destination for residents looking to relax and enjoy the seaside.

Al Darari

Leisure Activities And Notable Landmarks

A key landmark near Al Darari is the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. This iconic stadium hosts international cricket matches and other sporting events. It is a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and provides a venue for a variety of activities.

For those interested in history and culture, the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is a 15-minute drive away. This museum showcases a wide range of Islamic artifacts and offers insight into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The Sharjah Science Museum is only 8 minutes away and offers interactive exhibits and educational programs for children and adults.

Al Darari Park is a major highlight of the area. Located in the heart of the community, the park offers shaded benches, playgrounds, sports courts, and food trucks. The family park has a lot to offer for kids and adults alike. Residents can take a stroll, relax at the shaded benches, or enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

Those who like to keep fit can hit the gyms in nearby localities. There are several fitness centers in the surrounding areas, offering a variety of workout options. Whether you prefer a traditional gym workout, group fitness classes, or outdoor activities, there are plenty of options available to help you stay active and healthy.


Al Darari is a developing residential community in Sharjah that offers a convenient and luxurious lifestyle. With its strategic location, well-planned amenities, and a range of property options, it is an ideal choice for families and individuals looking for a comfortable living environment.

Whether you are renting or buying, Al Darari provides a promising option for your next home

The community’s ongoing development and the availability of high-quality properties make it a great place to live and invest in. As the area continues to grow and develop, residents can look forward to an even more vibrant and well-connected community in the future.

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