Al Riqqah, Umm Al Quwain

Al Riqqah, Umm Al Quwain

Are you in search of a luxurious and quiet place to stay in the UAE? Al Riqqah in Umm Al Quwain might be the place that you need. This small neighborhood offers number-one facilities and is close to the Arabian Gulf. Al Riqqah is a residential area in Umm Al Quwain that provides houses and key offers. 

It is certainly close to Umm Al Quwain beach and only 25 to 30 minutes away from Ajman and Sharjah. This location is good for those looking for luxurious and calm housing options. In this article, you can take a closer look at what Al Riqqah offers.

Al Riqqah, Umm Al Quwain

Al Riqqah is a quiet and peaceful area, offering urban amenities within easy reach. Many people choose to live here because of the lower rent compared to other places. The community is still developing, but most completed areas are already occupied. Residents enjoy the tranquillity and the proximity to their workplaces.


In Al Riqqah, you will find various apartments, ranging from studios to 2-bedroom units. These low-rise buildings come with essential lifestyle amenities such as security staff and CCTV, central air-conditioning, waste disposal services, and laundry facilities. Some apartments are already equipped with connections for WiFi and satellite TV. 

The covered areas of studio and 1-bedroom units span around 1,000 sq. ft., while 2-bedroom apartments are larger. Most of the available units are already occupied, but new developments are in progress to provide more housing options.

Although there are limited villas in Al Riqqah, the ones available come with dedicated parking spaces. This makes it convenient for residents who prefer larger living spaces with private parking.

Al Riqqah, Umm Al Quwain

Transportation And Parking Spaces 

Al Riqqah is situated away from the central communities of Umm Al Quwain, making private conveyance highly recommended. The apartment buildings in the area feature dedicated parking spaces for residents. 

Visitors can usually find street parking easily as the area is not very crowded. Low traffic levels make it convenient to find parking spots and drive around, unlike the busier Emirates.

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Residents of Al Riqqah have access to several grocery stores and supermarkets. Daily groceries can be obtained from Coral Grocery and Aliya Foods, while Safeera Supermarket, Abu Jalal Supermarket, and Asfar Al Madina Supermarket are popular choices for monthly grocery hauls.

These stores are conveniently dotted around the community, making shopping easy and accessible.

The community has several mosques within and around the neighborhood, such as Masjid Al Muhajireen, Masjid Al Ansar, Masjid Osama Bin Zaid, and Masjid Al Salah Aldeen Al Ayubi. Additionally, nearby communities offer options like Masjid Al Rawdan and Masjid Jaber Bin Abdullah. 

For those looking to visit churches, Winners Chapel International in Ajman is about 27 minutes away by car. Other churches in Sharjah are roughly 30 to 35 minutes away. Hindu temples are located in Bur Dubai, approximately an hour’s drive from this community.

Al Riqqah has two schools: The New Indian School and the Habitat School. Other nearby schools in Al Rass include Umm Al Quwain Preparatory Girls School and Umm Al Quwain Basic Education School. For younger children, kindergartens like Butterflies Nursery and Al Amwad Kindergarten are available. 

Higher education is offered at Umm Al Quwain University, which provides courses in Business and Mass Communication.

In case of medical emergencies, the residents are just 4 minutes away from Umm Al Quwain Hospital. The area also has a few pharmacies and clinics, such as Jamal Clinic, Al Haram Pharmacy, and Jabal Al Noor Pharmacy, ensuring that healthcare needs are met conveniently.

Nearby Areas

Al Riqqah is surrounded by several communities, including Al Rass, Al Dar Al Baidaa, Al Maidan, Al Raudah, and Al Humrah. It is also near the mangroves of Umm Al Quwain, known for their wildlife reserves. These nearby areas provide additional amenities and recreational options for residents of this community.

Dining And Beaches  

When it comes to dining, Al Riqqah boasts a range of options, including Arabic eateries such as Taiba Restaurant and Grill and Amwaj Al Seif Restaurant. cafeterias like Al Riyadh cafeteria and Wadi al Neel are great for a cup of tea and snacks. 

For fast food, hot burger restaurants are a popular choice, while desi tarka restaurants offer Indian/Pakistani cuisines.

Umm Al Quwain Public Beach is the closest and most popular beach option for residents of this community. Visitors can relax, watch the sunset, or plan a picnic or barbeque party with family and friends. The beach is an excellent spot to soak up some sunshine and enjoy the coastal environment.

Al Riqqah, Umm Al Quwain

Leisure Activities And Notable Landmarks

Al Riqqah is easy to locate, being just an 8-minute drive from the Umm Al Quwain Mangroves. The area itself is quiet and does not have many activities, but residents can access the UAQ Marine Club, which is a short distance away. This club offers various leisure activities and is a notable landmark in the area.

For outdoor activities, the Municipal Park is roughly 5 to 6 minutes from this community. Al Arabi Sports and Cultural Club offers sports courts for those interested in improving their football skills or engaging in other sports.

While there are no specific fitness clubs in this community, residents can book beauty treatments and relaxing spa sessions at Al Noora’s Salon and Imar Spa.

Things To Consider

While Al Riqqah offers smaller residential units, it might not be ideal for families looking for 3 or 4-bedroom properties. However, with ongoing construction and development, the community is expected to have more accommodation options in the future. 

This makes Al Riqqah a promising area for future growth and housing opportunities.


Al Riqqah in Umm Al Quwain is a peaceful neighborhood offering affordable housing and basic amenities. It is ideal for students, professionals, and those looking for a quiet place to live.

With ongoing developments, it is expected to offer more housing options in the future. If you are looking for a peaceful and budget-friendly place to stay in the UAE, Al Riqqah could be a good choice.

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