Al Soor, Sharjah 

Al Soor, Sharjah 

Are you looking for a quiet and charming area to stay in Sharjah with easy access to city services? Al Soor might be the right place for you. It is a small residential network inside the heart of the city. It presents a peaceful living environment.

This article will provide all important records about Al Soor, from lodging alternatives to deals and all the factors.

Al Soor, Sharjah 

Al Soor is located in the Al Rolla area of Sharjah. It is known for its modest housing and quiet atmosphere. Al Soor is a lively community with various residential buildings and commercial offices.

It has many urban amenities like retail stores, hypermarkets, shopping malls, and parks. Additionally, you will find numerous mosques at short intervals, providing easy access to places of worship for residents.

Properties In Al Soor

In Al Soor, you can find apartments with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. While these apartments might not be luxurious, they provide a comfortable living experience.

  • 1Bedroom Apartments: These range from 700 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. They typically have one bedroom, one bathroom with a bathtub, a well-fitted kitchen, and a wide balcony with community views.
  • 2Bedroom Apartments: These range from 1,000 sq. ft. to 1,900 sq. ft. They come with two bedrooms, well-maintained bathrooms, a well-fitted kitchen, and a spacious balcony.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments: These have a covered area of around 1,350 sq. ft. They include three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a well-designed kitchen with fitted cabinets, and a balcony.

Renting an apartment in Al Soor is affordable:

  •  1Bedroom Units: AED 17,000 to AED 22,000 per year
  •  2Bedroom Units: AED 25,000 to AED 30,000 per year
  •  3Bedroom Units: Up to AED 35,000 per year

Al Soor, Sharjah 

Transportation And Parking In Al Soor

Parking is convenient in Al Soor. Each apartment typically gets at least one parking slot. Additionally, there is street parking available for visitors. For public transportation, several buses serve the community, including buses E303, E303A, E306, E307, and E400. The nearest bus stop is King Faisal Road, Gold Souq (Old).

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Amenities And Healthcare

There are several supermarkets nearby, including Al Waheeda Supermarket, New Al Madina Supermarket, and Al Zaharia Supermarket. Creek Supermarket LLC is also close, located in Sharjah Plaza Hotel.

These stores offer fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, and other household items. Other popular supermarkets in the vicinity are Darb Al Madina Supermarket, Sahra Al Madina Supermarket, and Al Mahattah Supermarket.

Nearby churches are in Al Yarmook, including the Russian Orthodox Church, Good Shepherd Nepali Church, and Apostolic Malayalam Church, all about an 8-minute drive away.

King Faisal Mosque, developed in the 1980s, is within the community and features spacious prayer halls and numerous parking spaces. Other mosques nearby include Al Aziz Mosque, Al Eman Mosque, Ibn Othaimeen Mosque, and Bani Shaibah Mosque, all within walking distance.

For medical needs, several clinics are close by. Access Clinic Rolla in Adnic Tower is a 4-minute drive away, along with Doctors Medical Centre, Deepa Clinic, and Al Shrooq Polyclinic, all within a 5-minute drive. Major hospitals like Thumbay Hospital, Central Private Hospital, and Zulekha Hospital are about a 10-minute drive away.

Educational Facilities

Several reputable nurseries are in neighboring communities, such as Al Farha Nursery, Al Lulu Nursery, and Al Khan Nursery, all about a 10-minute drive away. 

Al Farha Nursery caters to children aged 4 months to 4 years. Other nearby nurseries include Al Aman Nursery, Al Khaleej Nursery, and Bluebells Nursery.

Popular schools near Al Soor include Al Qasimiya Primary School, Emirates Private School, and Progressive English School, all about a 5-minute drive away. For those interested in music, Kalabhavan Sharjah is also nearby.

Shopping, Dining, And Nightlife

Residents can visit Rolla Mall, just a 6-minute drive away. Mega Mall Sharjah, another nearby shopping destination, is a four-story mall with fashion, electronics, and retail stores. It also features a food court and a multiscreen cinema.

There are many budget-friendly restaurants in Al Soor. You can find Falafil Al Rabiah Al Khadra, a fastfood restaurant, and Aroos Damascus Restaurant, a popular Syrian eatery.

Other options include Addis Ababa City Restaurant for Ethiopian cuisine, Vandana Restaurant for Indian vegetarian dishes, and Dar Al Rajwah Restaurant for Middle Eastern specialties. For exclusive dining, Gazebo Restaurant and Blue Heron Restaurant are a 10-minute drive away.

Sharjah Beach is the closest beach, just a 12-minute drive away. It’s a good picnic spot for families. Other nearby beaches include Al Khan Beach and Al Mamzar Beach, both about a 10-minute drive away.

Al Soor, Sharjah 

Leisure Activities And Notable Landmarks

The community houses several notable landmarks. King Faisal Mosque is a historic site with beautiful architecture. Mahatta Museum is another nearby attraction that preserves the emirate’s culture and heritage.

Other museums like Al Eslahs School Museum, Sharjah Art Foundation, and Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization are also a 10-minute drive away. Al Montazah Park and Rolla Clock Tower are popular local attractions as well.

Al Soor offers several parks for outdoor activities, including Al Ittihad Park and Round Park. Al Ittihad Park is ideal for fitness activities and family outings, featuring walking and running tracks and a children’s play area. Other nearby parks include Central Souq Park, Mahatah Park, and Grand Avenue Park.

For fitness enthusiasts, Sir Al Saha Fitness is a 5-minute drive away. Other gyms in the area include Universal Sports Club, Al Shiaar Al Thahabi Gym, and Fit n Minutes.

Things To Consider

Al Soor is a small community but has plenty of amenities for comfortable living. Its affordable properties make it an attractive option for many residents. Despite its modest size, the community offers a variety of urban amenities, making it a convenient and pleasant place to live.


Al Soor in Sharjah is a small yet vibrant community offering affordable living with ample amenities. Its modest apartments, proximity to essential services, and access to public transportation make it an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and comfort.

The presence of parks, mosques, schools, and supermarkets ensures a well-rounded lifestyle for residents. 

Additionally, the nearby landmarks, shopping malls, and dining options add to the appeal of the area. Al Soor’s blend of tranquility and urban convenience makes it a great place to call home for families and individuals alike.

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