Dasman, Sharjah: Popular Choice For Families

Dasman, Sharjah

Dasman is a peaceful residential location in the Halwan suburb of Sharjah. It is an idea for its peaceful environment and comfortable villas. It is a popular choice for families. The location is well connected, with clear access to number one roads such as Sheikh Zayed Street and Sheikh Muhammad Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Street.

This allows for commuting to specific parts of Sharjah and nearby emirates. Dasman is surrounded by residential neighborhoods along with Al Ghubaiba, Al Abar, and Al Samnan, further enhancing its charm as a residential center.

Dasman, Sharjah

Dasman is renowned for its spacious double-story villas, primarily available for rent. These villas range from five-bedroom units, covering around 5,000 square feet, to larger properties with seven, eight, or even nine bedrooms, spanning up to 60,000 square feet. 

The villas are designed to provide maximum comfort and luxury, featuring large en-suite bedrooms, multiple hallways, spacious balconies, well-equipped kitchens, maid’s rooms, storage areas, guest bathrooms, and study areas.

Additionally, residents can enjoy private gardens, ample garage space, and personal swimming pools, making these villas highly desirable.

In addition to residential villas, Dasman also offers properties for commercial purposes. These properties can be utilized for home offices or small businesses such as salons or spa centers. This versatility allows residents to live and work in the same community, providing a convenient solution for those looking to run a business from their home.

Dasman, Sharjah

Affordable Rental Prices

Despite being a luxury residential area, the rental prices in Dasman are considered affordable compared to similar communities in Sharjah. A 5-bedroom villa typically costs around AED 90,000 per year, while larger villas with seven to nine bedrooms range from AED 100,000 to AED 250,000 per year. 

The variation in prices is due to differences in the size, structure, and refurbishing of the villas. This affordability, combined with the luxurious features of the villas, makes Dasman an attractive option for families looking for spacious and comfortable homes.


For visitors who wish to stay in Dasman, the Aryana Hotel Sharjah offers a convenient lodging option. This 3-star hotel is located at the intersection of Sheikh Zayed Street and Sheikh Rashid Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Road.

It provides serviced units and free WiFi, making it a comfortable place for short-term stays. The hotel’s location within the community ensures that visitors can easily access the amenities and attractions of Dasman.

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Transportation And Parking

Most villas in this area come with dedicated parking spaces for residents, ensuring that parking is never an issue. Visitors can park on the streets outside the villas they are visiting. Currently, Dasman does not have a dedicated public transportation system. Residents typically rely on their vehicles or hire cabs for commuting. 

The nearest bus stations are Al Jubail Station, which is an 11-minute drive from Dasman, and Al Rolla bus stop, which is about 9 minutes away. Plans are in place to establish a proper public transportation system in the future, which will further enhance the community’s connectivity.

Supermarkets And Grocery Stores

Residents of this community have access to several supermarkets within the area, making grocery shopping convenient. Popular options include Dream Land Supermarket and Sunrise City Supermarket. Other nearby supermarkets include Noor Al Ramlah Supermarket, Al Khaleej Mini Supermarket, and Fathima Supermarket. 

For a wider variety of products, Jesco Supermarket is located just a 7-minute drive down Sheikh Zayed Street. These supermarkets offer a range of products, ensuring that residents can easily find everything they need for their daily lives.

Places Of Worship

Dasman is home to the Saad Ibn Muaad Mosque, the main mosque in the community. Additionally, there are several other mosques within a 5-minute drive from Dasman, including Al Emam Al Bukhari Mosque, Ahmed Ibn Hanbal Mosque, Abu Obaidah Amer Mosque, and Al Sahaba Mosque. 

For Christian residents, there are several churches in the nearby Al Yarmook community, such as Grace Evangelical Church Sharjah, the Russian Orthodox Church, and St. Martin’s Anglican Church. These places of worship are easily accessible from Dasman, making it convenient for residents to attend religious services.

Educational Institutions

Dasman offers several educational options for children of all ages. For toddlers, there are several nurseries close to the community, including London British Nursery, Barashi Nursery, Ayadi Nursery, Bumble Bee Nursery, and Pristine Rose Nursery. 

These nurseries provide quality early education and care for young children. For older children, there are several primary and secondary schools in and around this region, such as NFPS (New Filipino Private School), Al Falaj Primary School, Al Ruwayda Preliminary School, Rosary School, Sharjah Private School, Happy Home English School, German School, and New Generation Private School. 

For higher education, several institutes are located near Dasman, including MG University, Middle East Research Academy for Consultancy & Learning Centre, American University of Sharjah, University Dental Hospital Sharjah, Lincoln University of Business and Management, Institute of Modern Technologies (IMTECH), and Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies.

Dasman, Sharjah

Healthcare Facilities

Dasman residents have access to several clinics for specialized healthcare needs, such as Derma Dent Medical Clinic, which specializes in skin care, Cosmo Laser Medical Center, another skin care clinic, and Zeenat Al Shifa Center, a women’s healthcare center. 

For general healthcare, there are several hospitals nearby, including Medcare Hospital Sharjah, Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Central Private Hospital, and Thumbay Hospital. These hospitals provide comprehensive healthcare services, ensuring that residents can easily access medical care when needed. 

Leisure Activities And Landmarks

One of the most popular landmarks near this region is Al Majaz Waterfront Park. This park is located about 13 minutes away and is known for its stunning views of the lagoon and skyscrapers. It offers several recreational facilities, including playgrounds for children, event spaces, and a variety of restaurants

The park is a favorite spot for families and visitors looking to enjoy the outdoors and participate in various activities.

The closest beach to the region is Sharjah Beach, which is about 13 minutes away. This public beach is a popular spot for both residents and tourists. It features a large waterfront promenade overlooking the Arabian Gulf

Sharjah Beach is known for its beautiful views and relaxing atmosphere, making it a great place for families to unwind and enjoy the seaside.

Fitness And Beauty Services

Dasman residents have access to several gyms and beauty salons within and near the community. For fitness enthusiasts, there are several gyms located nearby, including Al Muntada Al Islami Gym, Al Asly Gym, Florida Body Building Gym, Al Rashid Fitness and Bodybuilding Gym, and Al Saah Sports Club Gym. 

These gyms offer a range of fitness equipment and classes, ensuring that residents can stay active and healthy. For beauty services, residents can visit several salons in the area, such as Alsayda Aloola Beauty Salon, Sasha Beauty Salon, Grand Flora Salon, ASH Beauty Lounge and Spa, and Rachna Salon, which specializes in bridal services.

These salons provide a variety of beauty treatments and services, ensuring that residents can easily maintain their beauty and wellness routines.


Dasman, Sharjah, is a peaceful and family-friendly community with large luxury villas and essential amenities nearby. With easy access to schools, supermarkets, mosques, and healthcare facilities, it offers a comfortable living environment. 

If you are looking for a serene place to live in Sharjah, Dasman is worth considering. Additionally, the central location and proximity to major roads provide convenient access to other parts of Sharjah and nearby emirates, making Dasman an ideal place to live for those who value both peace and connectivity. 

Whether you are looking for a spacious villa for your family or a convenient location with easy access to essential amenities, Dasman has something to offer.  

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