Deira Island Area Guide- Amazing Things You Should Know!

Deira Island

Are you seeking an urban oasis by the water? Welcome to Deira Island also known as Dubai Island, where the allure of coastal living meets the pulse of city life. This burgeoning area beckons with its promising mix of modern amenities and scenic beauty. 

However, amid its promising appeal lies a common hurdle: navigating through the myriad options for an ideal home or investment. Balancing the desire for a serene waterfront lifestyle with the need for convenient city access poses a challenge for many. 

Unraveling the perfect blend of seaside tranquility and urban convenience is the intriguing allure and challenge of Deira Island.

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Overview of Deira Island

Deira Island stands as a captivating waterfront development in Dubai, UAE. Positioned along the city’s coastline, this ambitious project is set to transform into a vibrant residential and commercial hub. 

Sprawling across reclaimed land, Deira Island boasts a strategic location, offering residents and visitors stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Envisioned to be a dynamic urban center, it will feature a blend of luxurious residences, world-class hotels, retail outlets, dining options, entertainment venues, and recreational spaces. 

The development aims to create a seamless fusion of modern living, leisure, and business opportunities against the picturesque backdrop of Dubai’s coastline, making it an enticing destination for locals and tourists alike.


Situated neighboring the Deira district in Dubai, Deira Island enjoys a prime and adjacent location. 

Transportation Accessibility on Deira Islands

Deira Island

Deira Islands, in line with the developer’s tradition of megaproject excellence, boasts meticulously planned road infrastructure, pedestrian walkways, ample parking facilities, and vibrant entertainment hubs.

A remarkable 600-meter, 12-lane bridge seamlessly links residents to the Deira district across the coastline. Adding to accessibility, three road bridges span over the Water Canal, facilitating easy travel via both roads and water routes.

Metro/Bus Station

The Souk Al Marfa Deira bus stop is conveniently served by the SM1 bus, just a short 9-minute drive away. For those preferring the metro, the Gold Souq Metro Station on the Green line is easily reachable within an 11-minute drive.

Amenities and Facilities


Several nearby supermarkets, such as Al Shams Supermarket, Al Maya Supermarket Al Hamriyah, Adwa Al Madina Supermarket, Talal Supermarket, and Big Mart Baraha, are conveniently reachable within an 11-minute drive by car.

Religious institutes

Deira Islands will feature two mosques spanning a combined built-up area of 26,000 sq. ft., accommodating up to 1,000 residents for prayers simultaneously. Additionally, a prayer room is available at Souk Al Marfa, accessible within a short 7-minute drive.

In close proximity, residents can also find other mosques including Hamriyah Mosque, Masjid Haji Nasser, and Al Waheeda Mosque, reachable within an 8 to 12-minute drive.

For Hindu residents, the temples in Bur Dubai are easily accessible, situated just an 18-minute drive away, catering to their religious needs.

Educational institutes

Deira Islands currently do not host any schools or nurseries. Nearby alternatives encompass:


Spectrum Nursery: Implementing the EYFS curriculum, Spectrum Nursery caters to children up to 4 years old. Situated in Abu Hail near Hamriya Park, it is conveniently reachable within a 10-minute drive.

Tiny Tots Nursery: Another option in Abu Hail, Tiny Tots Nursery, is also accessible within a 10-minute drive.


Amna Bint Wahab School for Girls: Recognized as a top government school for girls in Dubai, it offers secondary education from Grade 10 to Grade 12 for girls aged 15 to 18. Located in Deira, it can be reached by car in approximately 13 minutes.

The Elite English School: This private K-12 institution follows the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. Positioned adjacent to the Sabari Indian School on 34 B Street in Al Wuheida.

Little Flower English School: Initially established as a specialized Kindergarten and Primary school in Hor Al Anz, it is situated around a 14-minute drive away, providing classes from KG1 to Grade 6.

Shopping malls 

Souk Al Marfa stands as an expansive wholesale marketplace jointly developed by DP World and Nakheel Malls. Encompassing an impressive 3.1 million square feet, this dynamic space showcases an array of small kiosks, showrooms, retail stores, and vibrant street food markets.

Comprising four distinct villages upon completion, it is projected to house more than 1,000 retail outlets, equipped with loading docks for trucks and a capacity for 3,200 parking spaces.

Within the souk, an authentic Thai Market offers a diverse array of Thai delicacies, clothing, and handicrafts, adding a unique cultural touch to the experience. Ferry and abra stations at Souk Al Marfa facilitate convenient commuting options, while the souk also provides a complimentary shuttle service for visitors’ ease of access.


Souq Al Marfa boasts an array of dining options, such as Al Tayar Al Jadeed Restaurant, Bait Al Zain Mandi Restaurant, Dosa Express, Hadiqat Al Shay, Helw Al Shai, Hong Kong Restaurant, Juice Hut, and Marfa Biryani, offering diverse culinary experiences.

Further afield, near Deira Islands, restaurants like New Khair Darbar Restaurant & Cafeteria, Kashmir City Darbar Restaurant, City Restaurant, and Al Baraha Star Restaurant provide additional dining choices. All conveniently reachable within a 9 to 15-minute drive.


The project encompasses 20 kilometers of stunning beaches, featuring a ‘Blue Flag’ certified beach among them. Additionally, it includes an expansive area of 2 square kilometers dedicated to parks, open spaces, and exclusive golf courses offering scenic views overlooking the majestic Arabian Gulf.


Deira Island

Residential Option: Deira Island offers a variety of residential properties, including luxurious apartments, waterfront villas, and penthouses. These properties often feature modern amenities and stunning views of the surrounding areas, including the sea and the cityscape.

Entertainment and Leisure Facilities: The area boasts a range of entertainment options, including shopping malls, dining establishments, cafes, and entertainment venues. Residents and visitors can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle with access to numerous leisure facilities.

Waterfront Living: Deira Island is renowned for its waterfront living, providing residents with direct access to beaches, promenades, and recreational activities by the sea.

Commercial Spaces: Alongside residential areas, there are commercial spaces available, catering to businesses and entrepreneurs. These spaces may include offices, retail outlets, and mixed-use developments.

Luxury Amenities: Many properties in the Deira Island area offer high-end amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, landscaped gardens, and dedicated parking spaces, ensuring a comfortable and lavish lifestyle.

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5 Things to Do on Deira Island

Enjoy Beach Activities

Deira Island offers access to beautiful beaches where you can engage in various water sports and leisure activities. You can sunbathe, swim, go for a relaxing walk along the shoreline, or participate in activities like beach volleyball, jet skiing, or paddleboarding.

Explore Retail and Dining Experiences

Discover the vibrant retail and dining scene on Deira Island. Explore a variety of shopping options, from high-end boutiques to local markets, and indulge in a diverse range of cuisines offered by restaurants and cafes situated in the area.

Visit Entertainment and Leisure Venues

Experience entertainment and leisure facilities available on the island. Enjoy movie screenings, live performances, or spend time at amusement parks, gaming zones, or cultural attractions that may be part of the island’s offerings.

Relax in Parks and Green Spaces

Take a leisurely stroll or have a picnic in the parks and green spaces available on Deira Island. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings, lush landscapes, and beautifully designed gardens, providing a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life.

Explore Cultural and Historical Sites

Depending on developments, explore any cultural or historical landmarks or attractions that might be present on Deira Island. Learn about the local heritage, visit museums, art galleries, or architectural sites that showcase the cultural richness of the area.

Closing Thoughts

Deira Island stands as a vibrant and evolving destination in Dubai, offering an enticing blend of luxurious living, leisurely pursuits, and modern conveniences. With its array of upscale residential options, including waterfront properties and premium amenities, residents can relish a sophisticated lifestyle amid stunning surroundings.

Positioned strategically and continually developing, Deira Island promises an all-encompassing experience, combining leisure, luxury, and accessibility, making it a sought-after destination for both residents and visitors in Dubai’s dynamic landscape.

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