Dubai Investment Park (DIP) Area Guide: Industrial and Residential Community Overview

Dubai Investment Park (DIP)

Are you looking for the development project that stands as the frontier in the city? Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is the right place to invest. With a 2300 hectare area, this area allows you to have a family friendly environment with multiple facilities and amenities

Boasting the luxurious and modern trends of living society, Dubai Investment Park is the place where you can turn your dreams into a reality. So, let’s dive into the luxurious and charming world of DIP and explore what it has for you guys! 

Development Phases in Dubai Investment Park (DIP)

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is a massive area in Dubai that’s been planned and developed in different stages to create a diverse and sustainable living and working environment. It’s split into three main phases, each serving specific purposes to make it a self-sufficient city within a city.

Industrial Complex: This phase of DIP focuses on industries and manufacturing. It provides spaces and facilities for companies to set up factories and production units. This helps in creating job opportunities and boosting the economy by producing goods and services.

Commercial District: The commercial district is designed for businesses and offices. It offers office spaces, retail areas, and facilities for companies to operate, trade, and provide services. This area supports the growth of various businesses and helps in promoting commerce and trade.

Dubai Investment Park (DIP)

Eco-friendly Residential Communities: Seven different communities within DIP have been developed with a focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly living. These areas offer homes for people to live in, emphasizing green spaces, energy-efficient buildings, and eco-friendly practices.

These phases are divided into specific zones known as Dubai Investments Park 1 (DIP 1), Dubai Investments Park 2 (DIP 2), and the Green Community Village, each serving its unique purpose and contributing to the overall concept of DIP.

Moreover, the idea behind Dubai Investment Park is to create a self-contained city with top-notch infrastructure. This means having excellent roads, transportation networks, utilities like water and electricity, and modern facilities like schools, hospitals, and recreational spaces. 

By having everything within this planned area, it aims to offer residents and businesses a high-quality lifestyle and work environment without needing to go outside for essential services.

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Residential Sub-Communities 

Wide Range of Villas, Townhouses, And Apartments

In Dubai Investment Park (DIP), you’ll find many types of homes for different tastes and needs. 

Whether you prefer a big house like villas, a warm connected townhouse, or a smaller living space like apartments, there’s something suitable for everyone for individuals or families who have different ways they like to live.

Freehold Status & 10-Year Visa Law Advantages

Properties within DIP offer a freehold status, allowing non-UAE nationals to own properties with full ownership rights. 

Additionally, the implementation of the 10-year visa law offers residents more extended residency permits, providing stability and security for those investing in property within this community.

Emphasis on Quality Construction & Modern Design

DIP prioritizes quality in construction, ensuring that residential properties are built to high standards. Modern design elements are incorporated into the architecture, offering a contemporary and comfortable living environment. 

The emphasis on diverse housing options means there’s something for everyone, catering to various tastes and preferences when it comes to selecting a home.

In short, these residential sub-communities in Dubai Investment Park aim to provide a wide array of housing choices, legal advantages for property ownership, and a commitment to quality construction and modern design to meet the needs and expectations of prospective residents and investors.

Overview of Top Residential Zones

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) features several well-known and sought-after residential areas. These zones offer different styles of living and amenities to suit diverse preferences and lifestyles.

The Green Community

This community within DIP focuses on eco-friendly living, emphasizing sustainability and green spaces. It offers various types of homes amidst a nature-centric environment.

The Palisades

The Palisades is a residential area known for its modern and stylish living spaces. It provides contemporary homes with amenities tailored for comfortable living.


Ritaj offers a mix of affordable housing options, including apartments and townhouses. It’s known for its family-friendly environment and convenient facilities.

Dunes Village

Dunes Village is recognized for its serene setting and diverse housing choices. It provides a tranquil living atmosphere with various types of residences.

Dubai Lagoon

Dubai Lagoon is a community designed for modern living, offering a mix of residential options along with recreational facilities and retail spaces.

Ewan Residences

Ewan Residences focuses on creating a community-oriented living experience, providing homes designed for family comfort and convenience.

Staff Accommodation

This area caters specifically to the housing needs of employees and staff working within the Dubai Investment Park. It offers accommodations tailored for their comfort and convenience.

Centurion Residence And The Rapidly Developing Phase 2 

Centurion Residence is one of the areas within DIP known for its modern living spaces. Additionally, Phase 2 represents the ongoing expansion and development within Dubai Investment Park, introducing new residential options and amenities to meet growing demands.

Investment Park (DIP)

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is a planned and organized area in Dubai that’s specifically designed for various types of businesses, industries, and living spaces. It’s like a carefully arranged neighborhood where companies can set up factories, offices, and warehouses to conduct their operations.

The idea behind DIP is to create a dedicated place for businesses to flourish by providing them with well-designed spaces, essential facilities, and a supportive environment. It’s a hub where different industries can work side by side, making it easier for companies to connect and grow together.

Additionally, DIP isn’t just for businesses. It also includes areas designated for residential living. These residential zones offer a range of housing options such as villas, townhouses, and apartments for people looking to live in that area. This helps create a complete community where people can both live and work within the same planned and well-organized area.

Property Options and Prices in Dubai Investment Park (DIP)

Apartments for Sale, Configurations, And Average Prices


Apartment TypeRental Prices
1 Bed37000
2 Bed52000
3 Bed79000


Apartment TypeSALE Prices
1 Bed489,000
2 Bed743,000
3 Bed1,253,000

Rental Yields 

Apartment TypeROI 
1 Bed7.4%
2 Bed8.3%
3 Bed8.5%

Transportation and Parking

Dubai Investment Park (DIP)

Dedicated Parking Spaces for Residential Buildings And Villas

In Dubai Investment Park (DIP), there are specific parking areas assigned exclusively for residential buildings and villas. These dedicated spaces ensure that residents have convenient and designated parking spots within or near their homes. It helps avoid congestion and provides easy access for residents to park their vehicles safely.

Public Transportation Options: Bus Stations, Dubai Investments Park Metro Station

DIP offers various public transportation options to facilitate commuting within and beyond the area. Bus stations are strategically located within the park, offering convenient access to different areas in Dubai. 

Additionally, the Dubai Investments Park Metro Station serves as a major transportation hub, connecting residents and visitors to the wider public transit network, allowing for efficient travel throughout the city.

These transportation facilities aim to provide residents and visitors with convenient and accessible options for getting around within Dubai Investment Park and connecting to other parts of Dubai using public transportation.

Surrounding Areas

Location in JAFZA, proximity to Jebel Ali Industrial Area, Dubai Production City, and Jumeirah Golf Estates

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is strategically situated within the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA). It’s in close proximity to several key areas, including the Jebel Ali Industrial Area, which is a significant hub for industrial and manufacturing activities.

Additionally, DIP is near Dubai Production City, a dedicated zone for media production, and Jumeirah Golf Estates, an upscale residential and golf community. This advantageous location provides DIP residents and businesses with easy access to neighboring industrial, commercial, and leisure areas.

Connection to Expo 2020 Site And Future Metro Station

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) enjoys connectivity to the EXPO 2020 site, a global event venue hosting exhibitions, events, and conferences. This connection offers residents and businesses in DIP the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the activities and economic prospects associated with the international event. 

Additionally, DIP is slated to be connected to a future metro station, enhancing its accessibility and facilitating smooth transportation for commuters and visitors to and from various parts of Dubai.

This comprehensive guide sheds light on Dubai Investment Park (DIP), providing insights into its industrial and residential aspects. It highlights the area’s strategic location within JAFZA, its proximity to significant industrial zones, leisure communities, and its future connectivity to prominent sites like EXPO 2020 and upcoming metro stations, emphasizing the convenience and potential opportunities available within this dynamic region.

Lifestyle and Entertainment

Shopping Malls

Within Dubai Investment Park (DIP), residents and visitors have access to various shopping destinations. Souq Extra and Ramla Mall offer a range of retail outlets, including shops, supermarkets, and other amenities. 

Additionally, Ibn Battuta Mall, situated nearby, is a larger shopping complex featuring a diverse array of stores, restaurants, entertainment options, and a cinema, catering to various shopping and leisure needs.

The Market

‘The Market’ in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is a hub for essential services and conveniences. It comprises a selection of restaurants offering diverse cuisines, a supermarket for grocery shopping, banks for financial services, and a pharmacy for healthcare needs. This centralized area within DIP provides residents and visitors with easy access to daily necessities and services.

Diverse dining options and eateries in DIP

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) boasts a wide variety of dining options and eateries catering to different tastes and preferences. 

From casual cafes to fine dining restaurants, the area offers a diverse culinary experience. Residents and visitors can enjoy a range of cuisines, including international flavors, providing ample choices for dining out or grabbing a quick bite.

Summing Up!

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) presents a dynamic blend of industrial prowess and residential comfort. With strategic proximity to key areas like JAFZA and Dubai Production City, it offers a prime location for businesses and convenient living. 

Residents enjoy diverse amenities, from shopping at Souq Extra and Ibn Battuta Mall to essential services at The Market. The area’s connectivity to EXPO 2020 and future metro stations adds allure. 

DIP thrives as a self-contained community, fostering a balanced lifestyle with industrial opportunities and a range of conveniences, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of work and leisure.

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