Popular Areas To Rent A Property In Dubai Silicon Oasis

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Are you searching for the abstract of modern living in Dubai?Go no farther than Dubai Silicon Oasis, the vibrant centre of innovation.

This innovation  centre, inserted away in the heart of the vibrant metropolis, offers a special fusion of modern conveniences and urban elegance. 

But understanding the varied rental market can be difficult when searching for the ideal home.

Renters looking for comfort and convenience are faced with a hurdle as the demand for excellent apartments in Dubai Silicon Oasis rises. 

The more people who want to feel the pulse of modern Dubai, the more attracting this tech-centric district grows, and the more urgent it gets to find the perfect rental.

Reasons To Rent An Oasis Property In Dubai Silicon

Popular areas in Dubai

Affordable housing options for single pro, couples, and families can be found at Dubai Silicon Oasis. With so many gyms and fitness centers, the region is perfect for people who love an active lifestyle.

Furthermore , the region is peppered with supermarkets and grocery stores, so people can quickly fulfil their daily needs. This convenience extends beyond housing.

Dubai Silicon Oasis offers various activities, which include shopping expeditions, culinary experiences, and leisurely strolls through picturesque parks, only serving to enhance its attraction.

This energetic community is an attractive option for a wide spectrum of inhabitants because it skillfully combines affordability, fitness, and fun.

Common Buildings In Dubai Silicon Oasis For Flat Rent

Rents in the area are aggresive and start as low as AED 34,000 for a studio, which will excite prospective holders considering Dubai Silicon Oasis for their new flat.

In order to gain a more thorough graph of the various housing alternatives that are accessible, let’s take a closer look at some of the best residential structures in the region.

Gate Silicon

With its four unique towers, the Silicon Gates complex in Dubai Silicon Oasis takes first place on our list of the best places to rent.

It offers a wide range of large apartment sizes to suit different resident needs, from comfortable studios to roomy three-bedroom suites.

The Silicon Gates apartment building offers state-of-the-art features in addition to comfortable living areas, such as swimming pools, a fully furnished health club, and gyms and squash courts.

Families will find it attractive because it is advantageously close to the Dubai Silicon Oasis public park, which is a short drive away.

This makes it a great option for people looking for a balance between convenience and recreational activities. 

In Silicon Gates, a studio apartment typically rents for AED 34,000. If you want to move into a 1-bedroom apartment, the asking rent will go up to AED 47,000; if you’re looking for a 2-bedroom apartment, the monthly cost would be AED 71,000.

These price ranges provide a detailed view of the various lodging alternatives in Silicon Gates that meet different needs in terms of both money and space.


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Residence Axis

Situated in the heart of Dubai Silicon Oasis, Axis Residence is a magnificent apartment complex which consists of eight low rise buildings each consisting of nine stories with private parking.

The gorgeous rooftop pool and modern fitness centre complete the property. Axis Residence has something for everyone; from studios to three-bedroom apartments ensuring that the different needs of key personnel are met.

With its well-kept gardens, kid-friendly play spaces, round-the-clock concierge service, and quaint courtyard, Axis

Residence is a tempting choice for anybody searching for the perfect rental house in Dubai Silicon Oasis. These elements provide a good balance between fun and usefulness.

Point Binghatti

When looking for apartments for rent at DSO, Binghatti Point becomes one of the most chosen locations. Located within a short-distance of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road ( E311) and Al Ain Road (E66) resides this magnificent 14-story apartment complex.

The building has studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments that bundle basic utilities which also include parking space, security and a well-equipped gym as well as a cool swimming pool.

Studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom rental apartments are also offered at Binghatti Point. A representative annual rent for a one-bedroom apartment (one bathroom) is AED 46,000 and more. Alternatively, a two-bedroom apartment can be hired at AED 66,000 per year.

Binghatti Apartments

The Binghatti Apartments are a favourite choice for those wishing to rent houses in DSO. The complex has 13 floors including 224 units in total.

This place is loved for its charm; it has excellent features such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, separate kids’ play area and a separate area for barbecuing.

Binghatti Apartments is pet friendly, hence you can bring your pets with you. Available apartments in this building are studios, ones, twos, and threes (all of them are bedroom units).

Rent of studios in Binghatti Apartments amounts to AED 33,000 for a final rent. The annual rent of a 1 bedroom apartment is AED 46000 and for a 2 bedroom apartment it is AED 71000.

La Vista House

Rent a property in Dubai

La Vista Residence, brought by Al Manal Development, becomes a brilliant choice for people who want to rent accommodation in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Apart from helping the tenants get excellent accommodation, this project takes care of them by providing countless amenities.

They vary from gym facilities, a large party hall, a sauna, jacuzzi, covered parking, and fully equipped swimming pools for kids and adults.

In La Vista Residence, the rentals of apartments have different options like apartments-studio in La Vista Residence, were fixed on average by AED 35,000. The average for one bedroom units is AED 48,000 a year. The people who want more living space would better look for 2-bedroom flats for rent in La Vista Residence having annual rent of AED 69,000.


Dubai Silicon Oasis provides various and lively districts to rent properties, each accommodating particular tastes and lifestyles. Axis Residence and Binghatti Apartments rate high on facilities, while La Vista Residence, from Al Manal Development, adds another dimension of luxury

These sought after areas are not only the places of quality lodging but also a variety of facilities are available there, from gyms to pools which makes these places very attractive.

Much more flexible to rent and with a variety of configurations, these popular areas in Dubai Silicon Oasis constitute an ideal combination of comfort, convenience, and modern living.


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