Dubai Sports City Area Guide-Why Say Yes to it?

Dubai Sports City

Are you passionate about sports and seeking the ultimate hub to fuel that enthusiasm? Welcome to Dubai Sports City, an athletic paradise where residential, retail, and recreational spaces converge in a captivating blend. However, for newcomers, navigating this sprawling district, teeming with diverse facilities and academies, can be quite daunting. 

Amidst its plethora of sporting options lies both excitement and challenge in discovering the perfect fit. This guide acts as your compass, unveiling the treasures hidden within this sports-centric haven. 

Embrace an exhilarating journey where your specific sport or active lifestyle finds its perfect match within the offerings of Dubai Sports City, an endless realm of opportunities for lovers and families alike.


Dubai Sports City sits conveniently near two major highways in Dubai—Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, positioning itself close to key business centers like Business Bay and Dubai Media City. This strategic location makes it a popular choice among young professionals seeking affordable housing near their workplaces.

Within a short drive from Dubai Sports City are the vibrant Dubai Marina and the bustling Dubai International Airport. The district proudly hosts the iconic ICC cricket stadium, a golf course, and multiple football fields, catering to sports enthusiasts and adding to its dynamic appeal.

Nearby Areas

Different attractive locations that you can access from Dubai Sports City includes Hessa Street that is just off from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. Also, you can have access to Motor City where you can find many iconic landmarks. Additionally, you can use Al Khail Road to reach destinations like Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina. 


Dubai Sports City

Located in an inland area, Dubai Sports City doesn’t offer you the convenience of Metro. However, there is a bus service that will help you to visit anywhere. You can have access to different bus stations like ports City, Victory Heights East Gate and Sports City, Dubai Sports City Offices.

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Amenities & Facilities in Dubai Sports City

Super Markets

Dubai Sports City offers two well-sized supermarkets, namely Carrefour Supermarket and Al Maya Supermarket. Additionally, neighboring Motor City hosts a spacious Spinneys outlet, catering comprehensively to various needs beyond the essentials.

Religious Places

Dubai Sports City accommodates residents’ spiritual needs with two recently built mosques, one located at each end of the community. Additional prayer areas are also currently under construction, ensuring frequent access to community mosques within Sports City.

Furthermore, for residents practicing other faiths, temples and churches are conveniently reachable within a 15 to 20-minute drive from this neighborhood, offering accessibility to diverse places of worship.


In the vicinity, residents have access to a reputable nursery and a selection of nearby schools. Among these options is Victory Heights Primary School, which adheres to the UK curriculum up to Year 6. Additionally, for younger children, The Wonder Years Nursery provides a suitable learning environment.

For higher education options, the University of Balamand is a mere 10-minute drive located in Dubai Investment Park (DIP). Alternatively, various university campuses in Knowledge Park are reachable within a 20-minute drive, offering additional educational opportunities.

Healthcare Institutes

Dubai Sports City has a few medical clinics and hospitals available. Within the development, residents can visit Your Health Clinic. Additionally, Medcare Medical Centre is approximately a 6-minute drive away in the neighboring area of Motor City. 

Accessing pharmacies is also convenient, as several drugstores are situated around the community.

Shopping Malls

City Centre Me’aisem and First Avenue Mall are the closest shopping destinations in Dubai Sports City, conveniently linked by the bus route. City Centre Me’aisem offers a diverse range of options, from high street fashion to various eateries and a pharmacy. 

Residents seeking more shopping choices can visit Mall of the Emirates in Barsha and Dubai Marina Mall, both just 15 minutes away. These malls boast prominent retail brands, cinemas, and hypermarkets.


While Dubai Sports City primarily focuses on sports, it also offers an array of lifestyle options. Food enthusiasts can enjoy trendy eateries like Reddy Roasts and Pulcinella, alongside licensed venues such as Kickers and The Big Easy at The Els Club Golf Course.


With easy access to Hessa Street, residents are within a 20-minute drive from Jumeirah Beach, a popular spot featuring casual cafes, cocktail bars, and watersport activities like kite surfing at Kite Beach. 

Families can also explore JBR Beach, offering various amenities from Roxy Cinemas to outdoor gyms and splash pads for entertainment and leisure.

5 Things to Do in Dubai Sports City 

Dubai Sports City

1. Watch Sporting Events: Enjoy live sporting events at the iconic Dubai Sports City venues like the ICC Cricket Stadium or catch football matches at various fields. Embrace the thrilling atmosphere and witness top-notch athletic competitions.

2. Golfing at The Els Club: Tee off at The Els Club, a championship golf course designed by golf legend Ernie Els. Enjoy a round of golf amidst stunning landscapes and world-class facilities.

3. Dining and Socializing: Explore the diverse culinary scene within Dubai Sports City. Discover trendy eateries, licensed venues, and delightful restaurants offering an array of cuisines, perfect for dining and socializing.

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4. Fitness and Wellness: Engage in fitness activities and wellness programs available in the area. Take advantage of gyms, wellness centers, and sports academies tailored to various fitness levels and interests.

5. Leisure by the Water: Venture to nearby beaches like Jumeirah Beach or Kite Beach for a relaxing day by the sea. Enjoy water sports, casual cafes, and entertainment options for a rejuvenating experience by the water’s edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Area Is Sports City?

Dubai Sports City is located in Al Hebiah 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It’s a specialized district designed for sports enthusiasts, featuring various sports facilities, residential areas, and recreational spaces.

Is Dubai Sports City A Good Place to Live?

Dubai Sports City offers a vibrant and active lifestyle, especially for those passionate about sports. It provides a range of amenities, sporting venues, and community facilities. 

Whether it’s for sports enthusiasts or families seeking an active lifestyle, it can be a good place to live for those interested in a sports-centric community.

How Big Is The Dubai Sports City?

Dubai Sports City covers a considerable area in Dubai, spanning several residential and commercial zones. The exact size in square kilometers or miles may vary, but it’s a well-planned district featuring sports facilities, residential complexes, retail spaces, and green areas.


Dubai Sports City Area Guide offers a comprehensive overview of this vibrant district, catering to sports enthusiasts and families alike. From its array of sports facilities, residential options, and recreational spaces to nearby amenities like schools, malls, and healthcare centers, the guide provides valuable insights for residents and visitors. 

Although it highlights the district’s strengths, such as its sports-centric lifestyle and diverse offerings, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and needs when exploring this dynamic community. 

Overall, the guide serves as a valuable resource, shedding light on the numerous opportunities and amenities within Dubai Sports City for a fulfilling and active living experience.

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