Emirates Hills: Luxury Living in Dubai – Comprehensive Area Exploration

Emirates Hills

Are you dreaming of opulent living in Dubai? Look no further than Emirates Hills, an epitome of luxury real estate in the heart of this cosmopolitan city. 

With its lush landscapes and extravagant residences, Emirates Hills beckons those craving an elevated lifestyle. However, amidst its allure lies the challenge of finding the perfect balance between exclusivity and accessibility. 

This area exploration aims to uncover the charm of Emirates Hills navigating the fine line between luxurious seclusion and the need for convenience and connectivity in this prestigious enclave.


Emirates Hills boasts proximity to renowned schools in Dubai, while being just a 30-minute drive from the bustling Dubai International Airport. Surrounded by esteemed neighborhoods, this exclusive enclave is home to the prestigious Montgomerie Golf Course, offering unparalleled leisure within the community

Additionally, the convenience of a mere 14-minute drive to Dubai Marina Mall and a swift 13-minute journey to the iconic Palm Jumeirah enhances the allure of this luxurious residential area.


Emirates Hills ensures ample parking facilities for residents. Each villa typically includes a minimum of two dedicated parking spaces, the quantity varying based on the property’s size. Certain villas even offer underground parking options. 

Additionally, visitors will find convenient parking arrangements, ensuring hassle-free access for their vehicles within the community.

Public Transportation 

For commuters utilizing public transport, the closest metro station, Dubai Marina Metro Station, is conveniently located approximately a 10-minute car ride away. Although Emirates Hills is a gated community without internal bus stops, nearby stops in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) and at The Lakes’ entrance are readily accessible. 

Taxis are readily available in the area, easily hailed through online taxi-hailing apps like Careem or Uber, offering a convenient transportation option for navigating in and out of the community.

Residential Architecture and Design

Custom-Built Mansions

Emirates Hills is characterized by its expansive, custom-built villas that exude luxury and grandeur. These residences often feature spacious layouts, multiple floors, and unique architectural styles.

Contemporary and Traditional Styles

Emirates Hills

The villas in Emirates Hills showcase a blend of contemporary and traditional architectural elements. While some residences exhibit sleek, modern designs with clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, others incorporate classical architectural features such as columns, domes, and intricate detailing.

Facilities and Amenities


Numerous supermarkets cater to the grocery needs of Emirates Hills residents. The closest is Spinneys, situated within The Meadows Souk, offering a comprehensive selection of essentials. 

Additionally, Milk & Honey Gourmet Grocer, renowned for its premium-quality products, is also located within The Meadows Souk. For further convenience, a Carrefour Market branch can be found in The Springs Souk.

In the neighboring Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) area, residents have access to various supermarkets including West Zone Fresh Supermarket, Al Maya Supermarket, and another branch of Carrefour Market, ensuring ample choices for shopping convenience.

Educational Institute

Prospective buyers concerned about their children’s education while considering purchasing a villa in Emirates Hills can find reassurance in the array of educational institutions within the community.

Notably, Raffles Nursery, situated in The Lakes nearby, stands as a prominent choice for early childhood education. Moreover, Emirates Hills hosts two reputable schools: Dubai International Academy offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, and Dubai British School providing the British curriculum. 

Additionally, Emirates International School in The Meadows offers another excellent option for the IB curriculum. For higher education opportunities, Knowledge Park, a mere 15-minute drive from the community, houses several renowned universities. 

Notable among them are Michigan State University in Dubai, Middlesex University Dubai, and the University of Wollongong Dubai, providing diverse options for tertiary education.

Religious Institutes

Emirates Hills is home to the Masood Naqvi Mosque, centrally located within the community. Furthermore , residents can access other mosques nearby, such as Masjid Al Wahhab situated in The Meadows, Samad Mosque near The Meadows Souk, and Masjid Wahid in The Springs area.

For those seeking churches, the International Nepalese Community Church and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church are among the options available in the Jebel Ali vicinity. Moreover, the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara serves the Sikh community.

However, Hindu residents will need to make a roughly 30-minute journey to Bur Dubai to visit the Shiva and Krishna temples, as these are not directly located in the immediate vicinity of Emirates Hills.

Healthcare Centers

Proximity to healthcare facilities is a key consideration for choosing a residence, and Emirates Hills excels in this aspect. While the community itself doesn’t house many clinics or hospitals, it offers convenient access to quality healthcare nearby.

Mediclinic Meadows in The Meadows, just a 10-minute drive from Emirates Hills, Dubai, is a noteworthy private hospital group with a global reputation. Renowned for its international standards, this facility hosts numerous skilled doctors and specialists, ensuring excellent medical services.

For further medical care, Noor Al Shefa Clinic in The Springs, only a 12-minute drive away, stands out for its exceptional healthcare services and professional care.

Close to Emirates Hills lies the prestigious Saudi German Hospital Dubai in Al Barsha, merely an 11-minute drive from the community. This renowned hospital, known for adhering to international standards, offers comprehensive medical facilities, meeting diverse medical needs with excellence.


Emirates Hills boasts several fine-dining options primarily situated within the golf club premises. Among these upscale establishments are Nineteen, an exquisite Mediterranean restaurant, Links offering an international culinary experience, and Monty’s, an American restaurant housed within the Clubhouse.

For a more relaxed dining experience, residents can explore casual eateries located in The Springs Souk and The Meadows Souk. These options include favorites like Shakespeare and Co. Café, Russo’s New York Pizzeria, The Coffee Club, and a variety of other inviting dining venues.

Shopping Malls

Emirates Hills currently lacks a dedicated community mall. However, residents can conveniently access nearby town centers such as The Meadows Souk and The Springs Souk within a short drive.

The Meadows Souk offers a diverse range of amenities, including a sizable supermarket, beauty salons, renowned dining options, jewelry stores, and well-known gym chains.

Emirates Hills

Meanwhile, The Springs Souk, located closer to Emirates Hills, stands as a leisure hub with over 100 retail outlets and restaurants. Notably, it features a Reel Cinemas and provides ample parking, accommodating both cars and bicycles.

Benefitting from its proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Hills provides quick access to Dubai Marina Mall, an esteemed shopping destination merely 9 minutes away. This exceptional mall boasts a plethora of retail outlets, ensuring an unparalleled shopping and leisure experience for residents.


While the golf course community lacks direct access to a beach, several renowned beaches are conveniently close by. JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) and Marina Beach can both be reached within a short 15-minute drive from the area, offering residents easy access to popular coastal destinations for leisure and relaxation.

Notable Landmarks and Attractions

Residing in Emirates Hills brings exclusive advantages, notably including membership at the prestigious Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai. Renowned as one of the premier golf courses in Dubai and the wider Middle East, its sprawling fairways with expansive landing areas captivate avid players.

Moreover, The Beach Mall presents an array of outdoor activities for residents and visitors alike. The beachfront invites participation in various water sports activities, while movie enthusiasts can relish the latest cinematic hits at the Roxy Cinema. 

Additionally, the mall hosts several sea-facing restaurants, offering delightful dining experiences with captivating views of the ocean.

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Properties in Emirates Hills

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Emirates Hills embodies the pinnacle of luxury living in Dubai, defined by its opulent residences and exclusive lifestyle. This comprehensive area exploration highlights its prestigious allure, blending architectural elegance with affluent amenities. 

As a beacon of sophistication, the neighborhood promises a future of continued refinement, envisioning innovative developments while preserving its esteemed character. 

With a commitment to upscale living, Emirates Hills stands as an enduring symbol of exclusivity, captivating high-profile residents and investors seeking unparalleled grandeur in the ever-evolving Dubai real estate landscape.

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