Uae: Mega Development In Rak To Create Vibrant Mixed-Use Destination

Mega development in RAK

Are you ready to observe the future of urban living? In the center of the UAE, an innovative Mega Development In RAK  is under way and will reset the map of modern living. 

Envision a pulsing mixed-use destination that effortlessly merges innovation, luxury, and communal living. With the rise of urban areas, the requirement for environmentally sound and constantly evolving spaces has never been easier. 

So, the big issue ahead is finding the right mix of what’s new and what we already know, rather than just getting caught up in all the excitement. Come along as we discover the adventurous pathway of Ras Al Khaimah’s becoming a remarkable landmark with peace flowing amidst development.

Marjan’s Central RAK

Innovative development

Marjan is the engine behind the freehold properties in Ras Al Khaimah; and Marjan launches the Central RAK – a state of the art mixed-use project that promises to open its Grade-A office and commercial district in 2026. 

Such a venture has not only triggered an industrial and tourism revolution but also fostered lifestyle changes plus job creation. Moving forward with the multi-phase development, RAK Central is set to become the thriving center as visualized by RAK Vision 2030. 

It aims to reach farther than the pure economic impact to achieve strong communities, sustainability, and conservation through advanced green technology.

Prime Location: Sheikh Mohammed St.

Proudly positioned on the distinguished Sheikh Mohammed bin Salem Al Qasimi Street, RAK Central offers mesmerizing views of Al Hamra Golf Club and the Arabian Gulf

This picturesque complex intends to attract the best commercial business district of the Northern Emirates aiming to accommodate anchor tenants with open floor plans designed to offer ultimate versatile and adaptable layouts. 

RAK Central is on the verge of becoming the primary business centre in Ras Al Khaimah, luring famous companies, including Marjan, to set up their headquarters inside the bustling premises.

Exploring Wide Opportunities

When RAK Central is finished, it will reveal a massive territory with three million square feet of office space for rent, over 4,000 residential units and three hotels which collectively have a capacity of over 1,000 keys. 

A variety of destinations such as parks, green spaces, retail and entertainment facilities will characterize the landscape, creating a network of interconnected buildings. Starting from 2024, the project will begin. The initial phase of the Work is expected to end in Q4 2026, thus ushering in a revolutionary time for RAK Central.

Sustainability & Advanced Technology

RAK Central is dedicated to LEED Gold Certification and incorporates the latest technology innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to form a smart modern living environment.

Marjan’s dedication to luxury residential projects is demonstrated by the provision of freehold residential plots within RAK Central, boasting picturesque views, public realm for pedestrians, spaces, and parks. 

Abdulla Boh Al Buhadhel, Marjan CEO, believes RAK Central is to trigger a new epoch of economic affluence and lively business hub for Ras Al Khaimah.


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Strategic Alliances For Future Supremacy

Marjan is an action-oriented partner in shaping RAK Central into a set of developments, embracing the visionary targets yielded by the Emirate’s leadership. The initiative is set to draw investments from multinational companies spanning different industries becoming a lighthouse of economic development and innovation. 

The gradual development of RAK Central comprises the erection of one million sq. ft. of leasable commercial office space, moreover, it incorporates the sale of exclusive residential plots giving the developers the option of building up to 45 floors high towers.

Architectural Excellence By Gensler

The firm’s dedication to the pursuit of architectural excellence is reflected in the design of its (company’s/ the firm’s) headquarters and Gensler’s integrated mixed-use office complex, one of the most well-known architecture, design, and planning firms in the world. 

Gensler with its presence in 53 offices worldwide and 6,000 professionals bring distinction to the inaugural phase of RAK Central, thus accentuating quality and innovation of the project.

Highlights Of Project

Central RAK upon completion will have over three million square feet of tenable office space. It also includes more than 4000 residential units, three hotels, parks, shopping malls, and amusement areas. This streetscape is complete with the connected buildings, which offer ample parking, to account for the lively urban fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Purpose Of This Development?

The aim here is to develop RAK into a vibrant mixed-use destination, with the co-existence of various functions including residential, commercial, leisure, and tourism activities, to spur economic growth and draw the desired investment.

What Are The Key Features Of The Development?

The development could comprise top-notch facilities, advanced amenities, parks, cultural aspects, entertainment zones, shopping precincts, and waterfront walkways. This would result in a vibrant and attractive environment.

What Are The Gains Of The Local Economy From The Mega Development?

The growth is anticipated to be driven by job creation, tourist arrivals, enterprise expansion, land value appreciation, and economic diversification.

Which Types Of Mixed Used Properties Will Be Provided Within The Development?

Vibrant Development

The redevelopment will have a mix of housing units, office spaces, shops, hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities, and cultural venues, which will meet the diverse demands of the residents, tourists and commercial entities.

How Will The Sustainability Practices Be Incorporated Into It?

Sustainable approaches including energy- efficient design, green materials, water conservation strategies, waste management systems, and green transport facilities can be adopted to reduce environmental footprint and encourage ecologically responsible lifestyle.

Summing Up

The mega development in RAK is a transcendent step in transforming the UAE into an attractive mixed-use destination. This ambitious project, with its focus upon innovation and sustainability, aspires to reinvent the region’s landscape by combining residential, commercial and recreational spaces into a dynamic whole. 

RAK, as it transitions into a total city, does not solely reflect the country’s commitment to development but portrays the scope it could be taken in terms of economic and cultural enhancement. 

The experiment highlights the Emirates’ forward-thinking approach to town planning, creating a perfect balance between modernity and tradition, consequently representing an ideal model for similar future undertakings in the rapidly changing Gulf zone.



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