Mughaidir Suburb, Sharjah

Mughaidir Suburb, Sharjah

Are you thinking of moving to Sharjah or investing in Sharjah? Are you finding it difficult to choose the right neighborhood that can suit your needs? If so, you’re not the single person thinking that.

Many people face the same situation at the same time as they search for an area that offers peace. Mughaidir Suburbs is the right place. With its growing recognition and strategic location, it has proven to be an attractive choice for a lot of people. 

Mughaidir Suburb, Sharjah

Real Estate Prices In Mughaidir Suburb

If you’re planning to buy property in Mughaidir Suburb, it’s important to know the average asking price. In the last six months, there has been a change of +4% in the average asking price for properties in Mughaidir Suburb.

This increase is influenced by several factors, including changing market dynamics and new developments in the area. Therefore, it’s wise to keep an eye on the market trends if you’re considering buying property here.

Reputable Schools Near Mughaidir Suburb

For families with children, finding good schools is a top priority. Mughaidir Suburb is close to several reputable schools. Here are some top-rated options:

  • Far Eastern Private School, Sharjah: Known for its quality education and diverse curriculum.
  • Ibn Seena English High School, Sharjah: Offers a robust academic program with a focus on holistic development.
  • Al Shola Private School: Renowned for its strong emphasis on academic excellence and extra-curricular activities. 

If you have younger children, several nurseries near Mughaidir Suburb provide excellent early childhood education:

  • Jebel Ali Village Early Childhood Centre: Offers a nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.
  • Joy of Learning Nursery: Focuses on creating a joyful and stimulating learning experience for kids.
  • British Orchard Nursery: Known for its British curriculum and child-friendly approach.

Mughaidir Suburb, Sharjah

Prominent Real Estate Agencies In Mughaidir Suburb

When it comes to buying or selling properties in the Mughaidir Suburb, it’s essential to work with reputable real estate agencies. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Al Ghareeb Real Estate: A well-known name in the real estate market with a wide range of properties listed.
  • Taibah Real Estate – Sharjah: Offers extensive listings and professional services to clients.
  • Al Basmah Real Estate: Known for its customer-centric approach and vast experience in the market.

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Why Choose Mughaidir Suburb?

Mughaidir Suburb offers a blend of modern amenities and a peaceful environment. Here’s why it’s an excellent choice for both living and investing:

  1. Strategic Location: Situated in Sharjah, the Mughaidir Suburb provides easy access to major highways and is close to key areas in the city.
  2. Community Feel: The community boasts a friendly and tight-knit community, making it a great place for families.
  3. Amenities: With parks, shopping centers, and recreational facilities nearby, residents enjoy a high quality of life.
  4. Educational Facilities: Proximity to top schools and nurseries ensures that your children receive the best education without long commutes.
  5. Investment Potential: The steady increase in property prices indicates a strong investment potential.

Real Estate Market Dynamics

Understanding the market dynamics is crucial for making informed decisions. The real estate market in Mughaidir Suburb is influenced by various factors:

  • New Developments: Ongoing and upcoming projects in the area can affect property values.
  • Economic Factors: The overall economic conditions in Sharjah and the UAE can impact real estate prices.
  • Demand and Supply: The balance between the number of properties available and the demand from buyers can lead to price fluctuations.

Tips For Buying Property In Mughaidir Suburb

  1. Research Thoroughly: Before making any decisions, research the market trends, property prices, and future developments.
  2. Hire a Reputable Agent: Work with a trusted real estate agent who has a good track record in the area.
  3. Consider Your Needs: Think about your long-term needs and choose a property that meets those requirements.
  4. Check the Amenities: Ensure that the property is close to schools, nurseries, and other essential amenities.
  5. Inspect the Property: Visit the property personally and check for any issues or necessary repairs.

Living In the Mughaidir Suburb

Living in the Mughaidir Suburb offers a blend of convenience and peace. The area is well-planned with wide roads, green spaces, and modern infrastructure. Here are some highlights of living in this area:

  • Safety: The area is known for its safety and security, making it ideal for families.
  • Healthcare: There are several healthcare facilities and clinics nearby, ensuring quick access to medical services.
  • Shopping and Dining: With numerous shopping centers and dining options, you will never run out of places to explore.
  • Recreation: Parks, sports complexes, and recreational areas provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

Shopping And Entertainment

The suburb is home to several shopping centers that cater to all your needs. Whether you are looking for groceries, clothing, or electronics, you will find everything within a short distance. Some popular shopping spots include:

  • Mughaidir Mall: A local favorite, offering a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • Sharjah City Centre: Just a short drive away, this mall provides a more extensive range of shops and dining venues.
  • Local Markets: For fresh produce and local goods, the neighborhood markets are the best places to visit.

Mughaidir Suburb, Sharjah

Dining Options

Food lovers will find the Mughaidir Suburb a delightful place. The area boasts a range of dining options from fast food to fine dining. Some notable mentions are:

  • Local Cafes: Cozy spots for a quick coffee or snack.
  • International Restaurants: Offering cuisines from around the world, satisfying all taste preferences.
  • Traditional Eateries: Serving authentic Emirati and Middle Eastern dishes.

Parks And Recreational Facilities

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Mughaidir Suburb has several parks and recreational facilities. These areas are perfect for family outings, picnics, and exercise. Popular parks include:

  • Mughaidir Park: A well-maintained park with playgrounds, walking paths, and picnic areas.
  • Sharjah National Park: A larger park with extensive green spaces and recreational activities, just a short drive away.


Mughaidir Suburb in Sharjah is a promising area for both living and investment. With its strategic location, excellent schools, and rising property values, it offers a great lifestyle and investment potential. 

Whether you are a family looking for a safe and nurturing environment or an investor seeking profitable opportunities, Mughaidir Suburb has something for everyone.

Consider the factors discussed in this article and know the possibilities that this vibrant community has to offer. Whether you are buying your first home or adding to your investment portfolio, Mughaidir Suburb is a place worth considering.

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