10 Interesting Facts about Reem Island


Have you ever wondered what makes Reem Island in Abu Dhabi such an enchanting place to visit?

The wide range of housing options available in Reem Hills, including independent villas and townhouses, along with its convenient location near the bridge connecting Umm Lafeena Island to Abu Dhabi‘s mainland, all contribute to the undeniable allure of Reem Island.

As we delve into the community amenities, proximity to key locations, and unique status as a freehold property area, our goal is to reveal the diverse and captivating appeal of Reem Island.

So, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s begin our exploration!

10 Facts about Reem Island

1) Cosmopolitan Hub

Reem Island, the cosmopolitan area of Abu Dhabi, gracefully combines modern office buildings with luxurious homes. The impressive skyline, adorned with stunning architectural wonders, establishes Reem Island as a hub of refined city living. This highly desirable location attracts both businesses and residents, fostering a lively and thriving community.

Additionally, with business growing in the UAE, Reem Island Cosmopolitan Hub is gonna have a bright future with the benefits and facilities that it provides. This makes it the first interesting fact of Reem Island.

2) Residential Diversity

Within the confines of Reem Hills, a meticulously planned development unfolds, presenting an array of housing options. Independent villas, semi-detached or twin villas, and townhouses offer a spectrum of choices. 

From intimate 3-bedroom townhouses to expansive 7-bedroom villas. This diversity ensures Reem Hills caters to the varied preferences of its residents, fostering inclusivity and a sense of community.

3) Strategic Location

Situated strategically on Reem Island, Reem Hills enjoys a pivotal location near the bridge linking Umm Lafeena Island to Abu Dhabi’s mainland. This prime position facilitates easy access to key destinations, making it convenient for residents to explore the city and its surroundings. 

Moreover, Reem Island is just 10 minutes away from the Reem Mall which means that you would not have to wait for many hours on an island to go shopping or to the food court in the mall. 

You can also reach the hospital within 15 minutes from Reem Island which makes Reem Island no longer a place with no special facilities.

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4) Scenic Views

Reem Island

The allure of Reem Hills lies in its breathtaking vistas. Residents wake up to white sand beaches and panoramic sea views, creating an atmosphere of serenity amidst lush greenery. Such scenic surroundings elevate the living experience, turning every residence into a personal haven with nature’s beauty at its doorstep.

5) Freehold Property

One of Reem Hills’ distinguishing features is the availability of freehold properties. This provides residents with a sense of ownership and stability and opens doors to investment opportunities. Owning a property in Reem Hills means investing in a piece of Abu Dhabi’s evolving real estate landscape, promising long-term value and returns.

6) Proximity to Key Locations

Strategically positioned, Reem Hills ensures residents are near essential destinations. For instance, being a short distance from Reem Mall enhances the shopping and entertainment experience. Easy access to Abu Dhabi’s mainland facilitates commuting, and proximity to educational institutions like Sorbonne University ensures convenience for families.

7) Community Amenities

Reem Hills prioritizes community well-being with meticulously planned amenities. Wide walking and cycling paths encourage an active lifestyle, and the availability of essential services right outside residents’ doors enhances convenience. These amenities contribute to developing a cohesive and thriving community, fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

A large number of people will socialize through these amenities, which will create a stronger bond between them and this makes a society or community quite lively. These communities where neighbors are friends of each other, and prefer commuting with each other daily create a sense of relief in everyone’s mind who is living there. This is great for old citizens who often feel lonely, they will definitely find a friend to whom they can talk daily.

Moreover,  creating cycling paths will not only improve the health of the people but will also act as a social spot where you can meet or create friends. How cool would it be to cycle on the track with one of your friends? which will enlighten your day.

8) Completion by 2025

The anticipation builds for the completion of Reem Hills by 2025. As this residential gem takes its final shape, it promises a contemporary design that aligns with the evolving needs and preferences of modern families. The completion marks a significant milestone in the ongoing transformation of Reem Island.

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9) Cove Beach Nightlife

Divided into restaurant, terrace, beach, and swimming pool areas, Cove Beach offers a spacious and minimalist design, setting the stage for unforgettable evenings. As the sun sets, the beach club transforms into a haven of slick beats and stylish ambiance. 

With uber-comfortable sofas and lounge chairs, it provides the perfect setting for socializing and enjoying Abu Dhabi’s vibrant nightlife. Weekly deals add an extra allure, ensuring residents get the most from their nocturnal experiences.

10) Health and Wellness

Reem Island recognizes the importance of holistic well-being, evident in establishments like Seven Wellness. This wellness haven is dedicated to the seven pillars of Sweat, Stillness, Strength, Soul, Spirited, Serenity, and Seedlings (for little yogis). Offering yoga classes in a serene environment, Seven Wellness becomes a retreat for those seeking balance and relaxation. 

The venue includes a healthy café, creating a seamless transition from mindful practices to nourishing the body. Whether finding your zen through yoga or savoring a nutritious post-class meal, Seven Wellness adds a layer of tranquility to the dynamic lifestyle on Reem Island, catering to the diverse wellness needs of its residents.

Final Thoughts

As Reem Hills gets ready to bring a stunning new residential masterpiece to the island, the future appears bright for both residents and investors. The lively atmosphere, plentiful amenities, and strategic location of Reem Island make it more than just a place to reside – it’s a destination for flourishing.

Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant nightlife at Cove Beach or searching for wellness at Seven Wellness, Reem Island offers enticing possibilities for a fulfilling and dynamic lifestyle.

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