Iconic Trussardi Residences By Mira Developments Sold Out On Launch Day In Dubai

Iconic Trussardi Residences

Muaed al-Akhatar, the Sales Director at MIRA Developments, shared his thoughts over the project’s resounding success at its launch date, February 5th, which experienced the complete sell-out of all units. ” The day is, in fact, a turning point in MIRA Development’s journey,” he added.

Are you ready to start on a journey of unique luxury and  style in the heart of Dubai? The legendary Trussardi Residences by Mira Developments have vaccum the city, expressing the essence of wealth and supremacy. 

Remarkably, these residences accomplished the extraordinary feat of selling out on launch day and therefore those who wanted to become homeowners regretfully found the means to be a part of this extraordinary way of life. 

The Trussardi Residences, representing the ultimate in refined living, are more than just a shining example of architectural mastery.

These elitist accommodations are what Dubai needs at this time, the unique but prestigious ones. Don’t let this flout of residential wealth be missed.

Iconic Trussardi Residences By Mira Developments

 Mira Developments

Dubai has yet again redefined luxury in the city famous for its architectural marvels and grand living with the unveiling of Trussardi Residences, a joint project of MIRA Developments, the heritage fashion house Trussardi, and the luxury Living Group.

This game-changer partnership is the first branded residences exploration of Trussardi in the scene – an outstanding living experience development in the fast changing Al Furjan zone.

Mira Developments, entering the real estate sector with a fabulous entry of its first project- Trussardi Residences. 

Through this landmark venture, MIRA Developments has not only initiated an epoch-making project but also integrated timeless Milanese elegance from Trussard with the modern comfort of today`s lifestyle

The lavish living represented by Trussardi’s very first branded development will be unparalleled for the Middle East.

This is the proof of devotion of MIRA Developments to innovation and quality in delivering high-class residential and commercial properties.

The Director of Sales at MIRA Developments expressed his joy to see that the project had brought him so much success which was proved by the fact that in a single hour all units were sold out on its launch day, February 5.

Today we mark a historic moment for MIRA Developments. The complete sell-out of our project clearly demonstrates the profound confidence of our clients as well as our excellent Italian partners in us.

This success proves our undying drive, obsession with quality and commitment,” added Alakaev, who recognizes that the project has indeed changed the industry of real estate in Dubai.

These homes picture the  present Italian craft, elegantly created with a great inclination towards natural elements such as wood and stone.

Encompassing 11 floors, this development compiles three platforms levels with exclusive amenities given: parking, café, and retail sites.

The project is built around a resolute focus on sustainability which entails the use of recycled and green materials to foster a healthier environment.

The Trussardi brand offers a mix of residential spaces varying from one-bedroom apartments all the way to extravagant three-bedroom residences.

Characteristically, these houses have private pool balconies which is a unique feature and define them as different in the landscape of Al Furjan.

An ultra-modern elevated urban oasis with a rooftop garden, panoramic gym, and scenic running track that create a green sanctuary for fitness and leisure.

The design puts everything together bringing the project’s overarching vision into the picture and nestling luxury living into the tight-hugging nature.

Andre Gentilini, CEO of Luxury Living Group, pinpoints the strategic importance of the Middle East region saying, “The Middle East is most important for us.

We have made considerable investments into the luxury sector, making it one of our key growth drivers.

Being partners in this country has created a lot of options for us and the plan is to establish our ownership in the market.

With many years of experience in the area, we are now deepening our investments as well as our presence. It’s a critical market for us, and we expect further growth.

Accessible within walking distance of the Miracle Gardens metro station and adjacent to Palm Jebel Ali Island, alluring Trussardi Residences offers a diverse range of connectivity and convenience.

With Dubai consistently at the centre of global attention thanks to its futuristic and high-end developments, the launch of Trussardi Residences by MIRA Developments represents another milestone in the city’s glory as the best place to live in the UAE, as well as MIRA Developments forward-looking vision in striving to define future of top-class living in the country.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Location Of Trussardi Residences?

Located in Al Furjan, this development is in an enviable location with a wonderful view.

What Are The Unit Types Of Trussardi Residences?

This development presents a spectrum of opulent 1-3 bedroom residences that cater to the elite.

What Is The Completion Date Of The Project? 

It is expected to be transferred in Q4 2025. Buyers can expect to experience the ultimate elegance of the project in 2025.

What Are The Payment Plans?

Investors can access a six-monthly payment plan that comes with a low down payment of 10%. After takeover, 54% of the purchase price will be payable; the balance, 36%, is spread over the three years post takeover.

What’s The Apartment Cost Of The Development?

Dubai Developments

The launch price for the luxury apartments of Trussardi Residences starting Q1 2024 is AED 1.3 million (USD 358,000).


The sold-out launch day of The Trussardi Residences by MIRA Developments, recalling the power of Dubai’s luxury real estate, witnesses the memorizing pull of the city.

The harmonious blend of classic Milanese elegance and modern comforts transcended the clients expectations that they put in MIRA Developments. 

With The First Trussardi Branded Complex in history, this accomplishment redefines the definition of opulent living as well as puts Dubai on the map as the hub for the latest, the most coveted real estate. The Trussardi Residences have unmatched the standard leaving an unerasable mark on the ever-changing Dubai skyline.



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