Uptown Dubai – A Guide To DMCC’s Latest Masterpiece

Uptown Dubai – A Guide To DMCC’s Latest Masterpiece

Do you want to know about what Uptown Dubai can offer for your business or way of life? The new Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) useful resource district is becoming popular for its dynamic regions.

It provides residential, commercial, and leisure facilities. In addition, Uptown Dubai offers a prominent LEED Gold certification. It ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. If you are considering setting up your business or want a home in this vicinity, observe what Uptown Dubai has to offer.

Uptown Dubai – A Guide To DMCC’s Latest Masterpiece

Work, Live, And Thrive At Uptown Dubai

DMCC has already made its mark on Dubai with one of the city’s most popular residential communities: Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). Known for its beautiful lake, the area is home to some of the best hotels, commercial towers, apartment buildings, restaurants, cafes, and nurseries in Dubai.

Uptown Dubai is DMCC’s second iconic mixed-use project in the city, and it is quickly becoming a popular destination. Bringing together residential, commercial, and leisure offerings, Uptown Dubai has the potential to revolutionize how people work and live in the city.

The centerpiece of Uptown Dubai is the 340-meter Uptown Tower, a striking structure. This signifies a bright future for businesses in the area.

Uptown Tower JLT

Situated in the heart of Uptown Dubai, the Uptown Tower stands as a 78-story mixed-use marvel. This 340-meter architectural masterpiece is home to 188 luxury SO/ Uptown Dubai hotel accommodations, world-class dining, health spas, conference facilities, seamless Grade A workspaces, and 227 branded SO/ Uptown Residences

The tower’s dazzling exterior features 8,542 glittering glass panels, providing the tower with a diamond-like look that glows with the sunlight and sparkles at night.

Uptown Tower is a hub for commercial office clients. The tower offers many facilities and stunning views of JLT and the Dubai skyline. Its design blends elegance and function, attracting businesses and residents alike.

Uptown Dubai – A Guide To DMCC’s Latest Masterpiece

Uptown Tower Offices

An office in Uptown Tower provides direct access to DMCC’s excellent trade facilities. The tower dedicates 22 floors to Grade A, fully serviced office spaces with fantastic views of Jumeirah Lake Towers and the Dubai skyline.

The tower’s proximity to the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) is a significant advantage for international and multi-national companies. Occupants can also access F&B venues, retail outlets, the 5-star hotel’s facilities, and fitness and leisure offerings.

Uptown Tower offices are designed to offer flexibility and comfort, providing the needs of businesses of all sizes. Advanced technology infrastructure and fast, reliable internet connections support seamless communication and productivity.

The modern design and furnishings create a professional and comfortable work environment that encourages innovation and collaboration.

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SO/ Uptown Dubai Hotel

The SO/ Uptown Dubai Hotel in Uptown JLT is a sanctuary of French elegance and five-star services. It occupies ten floors within Uptown Tower, offering 188 well-appointed rooms, lofts, and luxurious suites. Your choices include:

  • Collection Rooms
  • Studio Marina Skyline View Rooms
  • Studio Twin Marina View Rooms
  • Studio King Island View Rooms
  • Studio Twin Island View Rooms
  • Atelier Suites
  • 2-bedroom Loft Suites
  • VIP Suite

Each room offers a unique and comfortable experience with charming views of the Arabian Gulf and the city skyline. The hotel’s grand lobby includes luxury, while the private cinema offers exclusive screenings. The SoFIT gym is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Additional facilities include a pool.

The hotel’s signature design, inspired by French artistry and elegance, infuses each room with a sense of style and comfort. 

Unique touches, such as custom furnishings and art pieces, provide a memorable stay for every guest. The hotel’s personalized services ensure that every aspect of your stay is tailored to your preferences.

Whether for business or pleasure, your stay at SO/ Uptown Dubai Hotel will be memorable. The hotel’s luxury facilities and services provide every need, creating an exceptional experience.

SO/ Uptown Dubai Residences

The tower’s top 28 floors are reserved for 227 branded residences, including one- to three-bedroom apartments ranging from 624 to 1,905 sq. ft. Residents can also choose from two-bedroom duplexes and penthouses with covered areas ranging from 1,593 to 3,348 sq. ft.

The residences offer various facilities, including co-working spaces, social spaces, a swimming pool, and a cinema. Other amenities include 24-hour concierge services, children’s amenities, and exclusive loyalty program memberships.

Uptown Tower’s LEED Gold status underscores Uptown JLT’s commitment to environmental responsibility, setting the standard for future developments in the area.


Uptown JLT is designed to enhance the work, play, and relaxation experience for residents and visitors alike. Here are some lifestyle amenities in Uptown Dubai:

Gastronomic Delights – Uptown JLT Restaurants

Uptown Dubai offers a variety of dining options that cater to different tastes. SO/ Uptown Dubai is home to several delightful culinary destinations:

  • Uptown Brasserie provides a modern French-Italian dining experience.
  • The Citronelle Club offers a culinary experience with a fusion of Asian flavors.
  • Savant is a panoramic lobby bar and lounge with an extensive beverage and cocktail menu.
  • Lazuli Pool Bar is a perfect spot to unwind in the evening.
  • Celeste is inspired by the Montmartre neighborhood’s bars and lounges.
  • Jones the Grocer in the office lobby offers artisan treats, delicious coffee, affordable lunches, and more.

The culinary scene at Uptown Dubai is designed to provide a diverse range of dining experiences, from casual eateries to upscale restaurants. This variety ensures that residents and visitors can find the perfect meal to suit their tastes and occasions.

The Plaza

The Plaza is Uptown Dubai’s vibrant core, designed as a hub for art, culture, dining, and entertainment. Spanning 21,000 sq.m., it features a mix of retail, food, and recreational options.

The Plaza also boasts art-rich and nature-filled spaces, interactive elements, and tranquil spots for reflection and community interactions. The Atrium at The Plaza offers six food and drink venues with indoor and outdoor seating.

Highlights of The Plaza include:

  • 2,400 sq.m. Event Space
  • Indoor and outdoor restaurants – The Atrium
  • Multi-purpose outdoor area
  • Viewing deck
  • Waterfall
  • Retail outlets

The Plaza serves as a gathering place for the community and visitors, offering a wide range of experiences and attractions. The expansive event space hosts various events and performances, from concerts and festivals to art exhibitions and cultural activities.

Uptown Dubai – A Guide To DMCC’s Latest Masterpiece


In an exciting collaboration, DMCC has partnered with Ellington Properties to develop a new residential project called Mercer House. This marks Ellington Properties’ debut in Uptown Dubai, following their success with their ‘UH by Ellington’ launch in JLT.

Mercer House will consist of two majestic residential towers. Buyers and investors can choose from a mix of smartly designed studios spacious one- to three-bedroom apartments and luxurious four-bedroom penthouses.

The project is poised to become a social hotspot with 45,000 sq. ft. of beach club and 25,000 sq. ft. of chic retail space spread across the ground levels. Facilities include a beach club pool, an exclusive pool for residents, and a sports hall complete with courts.

In Summary 

Uptown Dubai offers an all-encompassing lifestyle experience for businesses and residents alike. From Grade A offices in Uptown Tower to luxurious accommodations at SO/ Uptown Dubai Hotel and Residences, this new district is set to redefine urban living in Dubai.

With a range of dining options, leisure facilities, and prospects, Uptown Dubai is said to become a prime destination for those seeking a vibrant and modern lifestyle.

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