Overview Of 25H Heimat

25H Heimat

25H Heimat is a superbly located residential project in Downtown Dubai, a 74-storey tower designed and built by East and West Properties and branded by 25hours. 

The focus of this project which distinguishes it from other projects is to provide a high-end living experience in the heart of Dubai. It comprises a wide variety of residences, such as studio, 1, 2BHK and 3-bedroom apartments, also duplex penthouses.

25H Heimat adds to the vibrant architecture of Dubai, which portrays an attention to the real estate development in terms of the quality.

Cast into adornment of 74 stories, it is a residential masterpiece that embodies the city’s determination to perform high-end living options.

The significance of the project is rooted in its inventive design and first-class amenities, which is supposed to bring a new concept in urban life. 

The 63rd floor guarantees adults’ privileged status and even has an adults-only area with a sky lounge and panoramic views of the Burj Khalifa.

In addition, the rooftop features a well-being area, which contributes to the increased general wellness of residents.

The development is placed in the heart of Downtown Dubai, an attractive hub that provides an extra advantage.

25H Heimat adds to the vibrant architecture of Dubai, which portrays an attention to the real estate development in terms of the quality.

Cast into adornment of 74 stories, it is a residential masterpiece that embodies the city’s determination to perform high-end living options.

Done by 25hours which entails meticulous designs and branding, the project is set to be a truly extraordinary and palatial living space, a significant addition to Dubai’s real estate offerings.

Location: Heart Of Downtown Dubai


The 25 Hours Heimat Development Project is an outstanding hotel located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, Dubai Creek, one of the most popular locations in the city. 

The good location of the residence in the middle of the noisy city centre gives residents a special privilege that no one envies.

Lookout onto the city with the project and see magnificent sights, that include the Burj Khalifa as the main point.

Residential Options

The construction of the 25H Heimat Development Project with the height of 73 floors has an amazing architectural presence. The project offers different types of homes to meet the varied demands.

The residents may opt for a studio apartment, a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom unit, or a grand penthouse.

Every unit is magnanimously appointed and impeccably endorsed with distinctive brands, hence living a life of luxury and excess.


The 25H Heimat Development Project moves far beyond the creation of mere living spaces by attaching ultra-exclusive amenities to the concept of luxury living

On the 63rd floor, the VIP sky lounge awaits the grown-ups, that is an outlet of luxury and amazing vistas.

This area within the rooftop is devoted to the wellness area, which contributes to a lifestyle of its kind for the residents. 

With this development one can use indoor and outdoor adult swimming pools in a way that demonstrates commitment to creating an exquisite lifestyle for its residents.

Payment Plans

The 25 Hours Heimat development project brings a path that cuts through the labyrinth of real estate financing. Provision of a variety of payment plan options aims at accommodating different preferences based on financial conditions, and the project is designed to provide accessibility for residents who may wish to buy the homes.

The investment journey is simplified with a low 20% capital requirement and also a 60/40 payment plan for return of investment.

The completion of the project in Q1-2027 yields an objective timeline that ensures predictability for the investors and enables them to organize their investment actions on time basis

. Enough information on payment data is supplied throughout the construction phase and at the handover stage, which helps to ensure transparency and the trust in the investment process.

Developer And Branding

Beside the impressive architectural design of the 25 Hours Heimat Development Project, there stands East and West Properties that are known leaders in the area.

The developer’s professionalism and dedication to quality are reflected in the project outlook, signifying an iconic residential development.

Therefore, the excellent branding by 25 Hours Hotels, which is marked for its signature and exquisite hospitality services, brings real value to the project.

Working together in this collaboration our development of the property and hospitality services will be seamless and result in a magnificent and sophisticated ecosystem that provides more than ordinary.


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Project Recognition

The 25 Hours Heimat project, which has been recognized as the center piece of the residential concept, has gained prominence at the heart of Downtown Dubai. Serving as a hallmark of the design, the project has been praised for its pursuit of excellence.

The positive ratings and reviews from existing residents serves to verify the overall quality of the entire development.

This success ensures that the project is the class of the high end residential property, bringing into new standards of luxury living in the lively environment of Downtown Dubai.

Associated Restaurants

Among the other amenities, the Elevation 25 Hours Heimat Development Project works in conjunction with the famous Neni restaurant to collapse.

Such a foodie heaven within the project is set to give residents not only the various options but also all the different cuisines to choose from.

The Neni integration signifies a resolution to deliver beyond the standard definition of ‘offers’, by offering complementing elements of hospitality, creating a communal stay which extends beyond the comfort of four walls.

Additional Facilities

The Lifestyle 25 Hours Heimat’s Project doesn’t stop with luxury housing but rather offers other facilities and services for you to show off.

The building is composed of a rooftop infinity pool and dining place which represents a magical world of luxury where the inhabitants can spend time on top of the building and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and the gourmet food.

In addition, the project introduces economical accommodation through creative living spaces by way of designer residences as well.

Hence, the individuals can move into their homes without any hurdle and relish the type of life which the rich and carefree living.

Opportunities For Investments

The 25 Hours Heimat Development Project offers luxurious residences not just for the formed residences but also opens up handy investment possibilities.

This is a powerful investment for those who want to stake in the Dubai real estate market. High-profile residences being put up for sale offer opportunities for resale and rental income that could be easily cashed in by the investors ready to reap the most from the city’s fast-moving real estate sector.

Reasons To Invest In 25 Heimat

Investing in 25H Heimat offers several compelling reasons:

Prime Location: A Hub Of Accessibility And Convenience

With the Dubai 25H Heimat Development at its core, boasting a central and most desirable location, this development is bound to thrive.

These attachments are orchestrated to place residents near the top spots, busy business districts, and wholesome lifestyle amenities.

Being in the mainstream is the advantage that the location gives which has increased the overall resident satisfaction because one is close to everything. The location provides the perfect choice in an environment where people value accessibility and connection.

Luxurious Living Experience: Elevated Ay Exclusive Amenities

Masterly constructed to give an elegant lifestyle, 25H Home is perfectly styled to provide the expectation of luxury living.

The project boasts the finest amenities, which include a wow-factor sky lounge located on the 63rd floor, where one can enjoy spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa.

On top of it, the rooftop wellness retreat provides a hint of zen to staying experience which guarantees a life that is super-excellent rather than the normal and ordinary.

Diverse Living Options: Tailored To Individual Preferences

Targeting the discerning population with diverse tastes and lifestyles, 25H Heimat has a wide array of living concepts. From one-bedroom studios to one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and the posh two majestic three-bedroom duplex penthouses, the project will suit different tastes.

This diversity makes it possible to provide an appropriate residence for individuals or families with the most different tastes so that each of them can experience a little individualized luxury in the apartments they live in.

Branding By 25hours: Distinctive Design And Quality Assurance

Dubai Real Estate

25H Heimat is the one who creates its uniqueness due to the fact that 25hours, considered to be a well-known brand by the industry of hospitality, belongs to the first one.

This with a development guarantees that it is not just going to be a residential area but a very exquisite and perfectly designed and uniquely thought out living place.

The Branding of 25hours is also one of the factors that help to make the apartment complex a high quality and unique place to live, which grants habitants a living standard that is better than the conventional ones.

Freehold Ownership: Long-Term Investment Appeal

A prominent characteristic of the 25H Heimat Development is its position of being a freehold property. That is, they are the sole owners of both the property itself and having the entire land on which it lies.

This model of handing over freehold ownerships to investors whatsoever, gives great consideration to those who are looking for long-term investments, and is adored for the sense of security and control of your assets that so many of the people are looking for in one of Dubai’s most expensive locations.



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