Dubai Urban Tech District-Explore Now!

Dubai Urban Tech District

Dubai, the city known for its modern and innovative initiatives is now revealing another great project in line. Aiming to make an entire world in this city, including future city, hi tech city, internet city and many more, they’re now stepping in with an Dubai urban tech district. With the arising needs of urban tech systems, Dubai has made this innovation its priority to stand out from the crowd. 

With the promise of bringing the green solutions to the city to transform the life of people, this urban tech district is all set to justify its purpose. So, do you want to explore it to know what Dubai Urban Tech District is hiding in itself? Stay with us then! Let’s explore the new world of Dubai Urban Tech district. 

Dubai Urban Tech District-Location

Dubai Urban Tech District, a new invention by Dubai city is going to become the real global tech world for the people all around. Located in the heart of Dubai, it will extend to the area of 140,000 sq meters  alongside the Al Jaddaf Creek. The construction of this project will begin from 2024 and the completion is expected in two phases by the end of 2030. 

Notable Facilities of Dubai Urban Tech District

Dubai Urban Tech District

Zero Carbon District

Dubai urban tech focuses on sustainable practices and aims to minimize carbon emissions.

Conferences, Seminars & Education

Hosts various events, conferences, and seminars while providing educational opportunities.

Training & Research

It offers facilities and resources for training programs and cutting-edge research initiatives.

Business Incubation

Supports and nurtures startups and innovative ventures.

Low-Carbon Workforce

Promotes a workforce skilled in low-carbon practices and technologies.

Urban Tech Institute

This urban city houses an institute focused on urban technology and innovation.

Sustainability Support

Provides assistance and resources for sustainable development and practices.

State-Of-The-Art Amenities

Offers modern and high-quality facilities and infrastructure.

Shared-Desk Spaces & Dedicated Offices

Accommodates flexible working arrangements with shared spaces and private offices.

F&B Facilities

Provides food and beverage amenities for residents, workers, and visitors.

These facilities collectively create an environment conducive to innovation, sustainability, and technological advancement within Dubai’s Urban Tech District.

Key Features

Dubai Urban Tech District

The CEO of URB, Baharash Bagherian, shared his thoughts regarding Dubai Tech District: 

‘’Dubai, I consider is the best city to lead the Urban Tech District project that will deal with huge transformation. No other city can beat the level of Dubai for starting this great initiative. This district will be a new technology hub for an urban innovation.’’

Now, when we are clear about the perspective of Urban District, it’s the time to explore its main features. Let’s go ahead!

Revolutionary Investor 

While becoming a top notch innovative district, Dubai urban tech district is focusing on solutions that are not just environment friendly but also energy efficient. 

It has promoted hydroponic agriculture, farm to fork food production, renewable energy resources and power supplies, protection of meals,  and recycling to fulfill their mission of maintaining the zero carbon environment. 

Dubai Urban Tech District’s main focus is to decarbonize the carbon emissions so that the environment can get clean and pollution free. By performing multiple researches and laboratory tests, Urban Tech District is all set to give another perspective of life to the world. 

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Green & Sustainable Architectural Designs 

With eco-friendly and green architecturally designed buildings, Dubai Urban Tech district is working on the initiative to provide the people with a healthy and safe environment. By offering the tenants to register in zero carbon schedules of employment, they’re increasing the interest ratio of people in the initiative of a green environment. 

Moreover, to enhance the energy efficiency and security, they are using detectors like noise detector, motion detector, smoke and many more. With vaporized air conditioned and solar farmsteads, this green initiative is going to achieve its success. 

Emphasis on Knowledge

Being focused on promoting the knowledge of people, Dubai Urban Tech district also offers the opportunity of its own tech institute. Urban tech institute will help the people to stay up to date in regards to the green environment and provide you the chance to do the research and laboratory tests while educating you regarding energy efficiency. 

By arranging seminars and sessions, urban tech institutes will demolish the gaps remaining in the knowledge of people, enhancing the importance of the urban ecosystem. Additionally, different workshops, exhibitions and networking events will be arranged for entrepreneurs to excel in this new emerging field. 

Job Opportunities in Dubai Urban Tech District

The biggest urban technology space in the entire world, Urban Tech is providing over 4000 jobs to emirates of Dubai. The fields of jobs will vary from green urban technology to its education and training as well. 

The most surprising thing is this tech district currently has a worth of $158 billion and expects to be increased over the coming next 10 years. With a zero carbon mission it opens vast opportunities for the new start ups and professional entrepreneurs. 

Who is Behind Dubai Urban Tech District? 

A well known firm of UAE known as URB would be handling the construction of Dubai Urban Tech District. With an exceptional achievement record of constructing various cities, it’s going to be constructed under the supervision of Baharash Bagherian, the CEO of URB. The completion is most expectedly completed by 2030 in two main phases. 

Common Challenges Faced by Dubai Urban Tech District

Urban Tech District, making the evolution in the world, faced several challenges while working on innovative solutions. Here are the most common challenges faced by Urban Tech District: 

1.Zero waste management
2.Renewable energy forms
3.Zero Mile Food Manufacturing
4.Low Energy 
5. Food Safety

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Summing Up!

So, Dubai Urban Tech district is another level project that is only concerned with an eco friendly environment. With zero carbon initiative and recycling mindset, this place is focused on green living. 

Bringing new opportunities for startups, professionals and entrepreneurs  this is not only the area focusing on green initiative but also helping others to learn more about it and make a career in this field. 

Keep yourself ready as it’s going to make its name in the world right in 2030! Happy upcoming green city!

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