Etihad Rail

Etihad Rail

Are you weary of the difficulties brought about by clogged roads and the shortcomings of the current transportation infrastructure?

The United Arab Emirates’ revolutionary railway project, Etihad Rail, is poised to completely reshape connectivity.

Upon completion, this massive project spanning more than 1200 kilometres will address a critical issue in contemporary transportation: the lack of a strong, effective, and sustainable rail network. 2023 saw the unveiling of an important 900-kilometre expansion that indicated not only development but also a dedication to solving logistical challenges.

In order to effectively meet the needs of a changing and expanding environment, Etihad Rail seeks to connect cities and regions in a seamless manner.

The Rail Network Will Span More Than 1200 Kilometres When It Is Complete

UAE Rail system

The Etihad Rail Network will be more than 1200 kilometres long when it is fully operational.This demonstrates the scheme’s substantial breadth and the fact that a greater portion of the country is intended to be covered by it.

The expansion of the rail network necessitates a methodical approach to connecting various UAE towns or areas in order to improve logistics and transportation.

The Length Of The Network Extension That Was Disclosed In 2023 Is 900 Kilometres

There is also the 2023 expansion network marked as 900 kilometres. This implies that the rail project is dynamic and developing. Expansion signifies a quite large portion of rail infrastructure to be added in a close space.

The announcement of this expansion in 2023 implies that the project is moving on with its plans and reflects the seriousness of its intentions as it supports the aims and objectives of the Etihad Rail project.

303 km: Oman to United Arab Emirates

Implementation of the agreement between governments of Oman and the UAE in 2022, Etihad Rail is constructing a railway network, a joint venture, is linking Sohar Port, Oman to the UAE National Rail Network, with a total project investment of $3bn.

60 Million Tonnes Of Freight By 2030

At the same time, the network was expanding to every corner of UAE and Etihad Rail was operating train freights throughout the country. Sixty million tonnes of freight is by rail forecast to be delivered by rail carrier by 2030.

A Train Carrying Freight Can Reach Up To 120 Km/H

The exact speed of the latest freight trains is of 120 km/h, resulting from the fact that passenger trains would go much faster, i.e. their maximum speed of 200 km/h.

On the contrary, the return time between the emirates will be lower due to faster travel by the highest speed of the chosen transportation medium. The journey will be way shorter, 50 minutes instead of 90 minutes and a half.

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More Than 1,000 Freight Cars And 38 Engines.

Movement of the train comprises 38 locomotives and more than 1000 wagons engaged in the cargo activities. The running width of the rail is 4,699 feet, whereas it is installed using the 2nd degree ERTMS signalling system in the European protocol.

To achieve both high levels of performance, efficiency and sustainability, the product has undergone a lot of testing to withstand the GCC region’s climatic conditions (both high temperatures, humidity).

From Ghuwaifat To Fujairah, Throughout The Seven Emirates

The UAE’s rail network connects Fujairah in the east with Al Ghuwaifat in the west, traversing all seven emirates.

Four Main Ports

Etihad Rail establishes rail as a reliable, sustainable means of transportation by moving cargo like granulated sulphur from sources in Shah and Habshan to export in Ruways.

Major ports connected by rail include:

Al Ghayal Dry Port

Fujairah Port 

Khalifa Port 

Jebel Ali Port

The First Passenger Station Constructed In Fujairah’s Sakamkam

When finished, Etihad Rail’s first passenger rail station is expected to be in Fujairah and will link 11 different regions of the United Arab Emirates, as the company announced in 2022.

The Middle East, Europe, And India Economic Corridor

At the first G20 meeting, the IMEEC was revealed and the rail network was introduced as a vital part.The trade corridor goes through Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates in order to connect Athens in Europe to western India.


What Is The Etihad Railway’s Mission?

The railway, which will be constructed in accordance with international standards, will connect the main hubs for trade, industry, production, manufacturing, logistics, population, and all of the United Arab Emirates’ main import and export locations.

Which Values Serve As The Foundation For Etihad Rail?

Etihad rail’s principles to the highest level of environmental, social and governance (ESG) are one of its fundamental values.

We strive to be more successful in the implementation of our ESG strategy, determined by extensive research that meets the best global standards, facilitating the fulfilment of the sustainable development goals.

Where Does Etihad Rail Go?

The Passenger train will be launched across eleven cities and areas in the UAE through Etihad Rail passenger train.

It will come through Abu Dhabi, Al Ruwais, Al Mirfa, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Dhaid, and Al Sila to end at Fujairah. In the future, a trip from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and Fujairah from Dubai will only take 50 minutes respectively.

Which Etihad Rail Bridge Is The Longest?

Eleven bridges make up Dubai’s railway network, with Al Qudra Bridge being the longest at 611 metres.

What Does Etihad Rail Intend To Achieve?

It is engineered to international standards and runs through the major trading cities, industry, manufacturing, production, logistics, population centres and the key import and export of the UAE as well as acting as an integral part of the GCC railway network.

Etihad Rail: How Is It Sustainable?

UAE Development

Etihad Rail doesn’t only monitor the exhaust emissions according to the standards set by the EPA of the USA but also make sure that the pollution in our environs go back in balance.

Furthermore, Etihad Rail has cooperated with Emirates Nature-WWF, Fujairah Municipality, and Fujairah Environment Authority under the umbrella of the Al Bithnah Conservation Project.


Etihad Rail helps UAE move from challenge to success by innovatively tackling the country’s transportation difficulties.

Through the operational coverage of over 1200 kilometres and the extension of a 900-kilometre stretch in 2023, which represents the undertaking of modernizing infrastructure, this railway project stands as a testament to the resolve to modernize infrastructure.

While the nation has the aspirations to move forward, Etihad Rail is expected to relieve traffic bottlenecks, improve connections, and foster environmentally friendly development.

The path of progress towards a more efficient and interconnected future already began to be travelled, and Etihad Rail despite its long way goes first, laying down rails that redraw the map to a single and prosperous transportation network.



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