FAQs By First Time Home Buyers In Dubai

First Tim Home Buyer In Dubai

You are about to start the exciting and stressful process of buying a home for the first time in Dubai.

You might feel overwhelmed by all the information you need to find your way through questions about the complicated real estate market, legal issues, and funding choices.

People who live in cities where real estate is both a good business and a complicated riddle may not know how to become homeowners.

Don’t worry, this short FAQ guide was made to answer the most common questions and show  the way to First time home buyers in Dubai, giving them confidence and clarity as they navigate Dubai’s changing real estate market.

Common Inquiries Regarding First-Time Home Buyers In Dubai

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Can Foreigners Purchase Property in Dubai?

Without a question, buyers who are not residents of Dubai and foreign residents can buy leased property in certain approved areas. In some places, foreign buyers may also choose to buy houses that are leased.

As A Non-Resident In Dubai, Is Real Estate Available for Purchase By Individuals Like Me?

Real estate investments by non-residents are allowed in some zones of Dubai. In freehold zones, foreign nationals are free to buy residential and commercial real estate.

Real estate can be managed in whatever way the owner wants when it is obtained; this can include renting, selling, fixing, transferring through inheritance, and other activities.

What Is The Duration Of My Stay in Dubai Upon Purchasing A House?

You will be granted a two-year visa if you purchase a completed, fully owned property in Dubai valued at at least one million dirhams.

In Which Areas Of Dubai Are Expatriates Permitted to Purchase Villas?

Here is a list of freehold neighbourhoods in Dubai where expatriates can purchase villas:

What Are Key Considerations to Bear in Mind When Purchasing A Property in Dubai?

While buying a house in Dubai is simple for foreigners, knowing what steps to take before completing your first purchase is important. Take into account the following crucial elements:

  • Analyse the location of the property.
  • Evaluate the facilities that are offered.
  • Make sure the necessary documentation is ready.
  • Obtain the assistance of a real estate broker.
  • Examine the developer’s track record closely.
  • Register your property with RERA Dubai and apply for a No Objection Certificate (NOC).


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Are There Any Taxes Associated With Investments In Real Estate?

First Time Home Buyer In Dubai must cover the fee for registering a property and agent’s cost including the following ones: 

Valuation fee: An amount charged by the bank or lender to determine the worth of the asset.

Maintenance fees are the monthly or yearly costs incurred by the homeowners association or developer to keep the common areas and property.

Service fees: These are the costs associated with utilities, security, and other services that the developer or homeowners association offers.

VAT is a value-added tax of 5% that is applied to the cost of newly built homes as well as some services associated with real estate transactions.

It is important to remember that these taxes and fees are subject to change, and it is best to consult a specialist before making any real estate purchases in Dubai.

What Categories of Real Estate Are Available for Purchase?

In Dubai, there is a wide range of properties available for purchase by foreign investors, such as townhouses, studios, apartments, penthouses, duplexes, and villas. Modern amenities and premium materials are used in the construction of each residential unit.

Is It Possible to Buy A Home in Dubai And Acquire Citizenship There?

No, citizenship is not granted by the UAE through direct or indirect investment; only residency is granted. Instead of obtaining citizenship with money, one option is to obtain an investor visa. 

Furthermore, a number of talented workers, such as physicians, athletes, and artists, might qualify for particular visas. Moreover, the residency permit for Dubai is renewable.

What Is The Down Payment Or Deposit Needed to Buy Real Estate in Dubai?

Depending on your resident status in the emirate, there are differences in the first down payment required for a home in Dubai.

Residents of the United Arab Emirates are obliged to submit a 20% down payment, whereas foreigners must contribute a 25% initial deposit.

For example, when purchasing a house worth AED 1 million, an expatriate must put down AED 250,000, while a UAE native would pay AED 200,000.

What Are The Advantages of Investing in Property in Dubai?

The city serves as a centre for trade, business, and professional development. Investing in real estate in Dubai offers excellent returns on investment and the chance to become a resident.

The city’s general splendour and excellent possibilities make it the ideal place to operate a rental business and live in luxury while utilising the newest technologies.

Is It Necessary for First-Time Home Buyers in Dubai to Engage The Services of A Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate In Dubai

Of course, hiring a knowledgeable real estate agent is essential when you are a first time home buyer in Dubai. It can be difficult to navigate the many laws and regulations involved in drafting the paperwork for your sales deed and other documents, whether you are a local or an expat. 

A real estate agent is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to speed up the sales process. It’s best to choose an agent after doing a lot of research or just contact Housefinder.ae to have the best experience ever. 


This frequently asked questions (FAQ) guide is very helpful for people who are buying their first home in Dubai. It makes the complicated real estate market easier to understand.

The guide talks about important topics, like how to deal with complicated law problems and understand the financial effects. It highlights how important it is to work with an experienced real estate agent who can help buyers make smart decisions. 

First time home buyers in Dubai are lucky to have a lot of options when it comes to buying a home. With the above information, first-time buyers can confidently make their way through the process and start the path to housing.

Getting professional help and staying up to date on the latest news are important for making smart real estate purchases in a city that is growing and changing.


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