Your Guide to the Gurudwaras in Dubai

Gurudwaras in Dubai

Are you looking for inner comfort amidst the energetic cityscape of Dubai? Do you find yourself interested in the places of prayer that vibrate with the sikh belief in this universal hub ?

Seek no further , as we resolve the decoration of Gurudwaras in Dubai , guiding you through these relegious  heavens . In a city known for its towering skycrappers and luxurious malls, the presence of Gurudwaras attached a special cultural aspect .

Uncover the calm spaces that bridge historical convention and modernity , provide comfort to both residents and visitors uniformly. Join us on a period of travelling to survey the soulful corners of Dubai, where religiousness meets the city’s dynamic pulse . 



The most well-known Sikh temple amongst Gurudwaras in Dubai is the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara, which is located in Jebel Ali Village. This admire location, which lenght 125,000 square feet spread over three stories and features a smoothly blend of modern and traditional architectural elements, is inspired by the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar.

With a large pond for official washing and a designated walking space, the Gurudwara provides a calm atmosphere for followers.

At the heart of this Gurudwara is the Guru Granth Sahib, furnished on a splendid golden Takht. Devotees converge to engage in prayers, experience  in choral , absorb religious preaching , and delve into the philosophy of the Khalsa (Sikh community). Additionally, the Gurudwara hosts ‘langar,’ a public  and  admiring vegetarian meal open to all.

Location :Jebel Ali Village, 3806 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 

Gurudwara Al Aweer

A more humble sikh temple amongst the Gurudwaras in Dubai is called Gurudwara Al Aweer, and it’s located in Ras Al Khor. This Gurudwara is easily accessible for residents of Bur Dubai and International City; it is situated in Ras Al Khor, behind Building 15.

The Gurudwara provides a venue for devotees to participate in  speech and conversations in the Khalsa community, with the Guru Granth Sahib prominently positioned at its centre.

Location: 15 30b St, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2, Dubai


Guru Granth Sahib

One notable inclusion in this  collection of Gurudwaras in Dubai is the Guru Granth Sahib, which is housed within the Guru Darbar at the Hindu Temple in Dubai. This location provides a unique feature within the temple and acts as a sign of religion comprehensively .

The Guru Darbar is a peaceful place where followers of the Hindu and Sikh religions can come together to boost their mutual understanding of one another’s faiths.

The great door of the Guru Darbar is located to the right of this prayer area and is reachable by the way of  a different entrance than the Hindu worship area. Visitors can easily get help from door attendants putting on the headscarf, which is a Sikh custom that must be followed before entering the Guru Darbar.

You can pay your respects to the high ranking Guru Granth Sahib by entering the Guru Darbar of the Hindu Temple Dubai and covering your head.

Sikh holidays are actively absorbed in the temple, including notable occasions like Guru Gobind Singh Ji Prakash Gurpurab, which is celebrated at the Guru Darbar.

The spiritual atmosphere of this hallowed place is further enhanced by the daily chorals, or spiritual singing sessions. 

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This guide exposes the Gurudwaras, which serve as an alarm of the Sikh faith in this multicultural administrative centre , and acts as a compass for  cross Dubai’s spiritual countryside.

Each has its own special beauty, whether it is the imposing Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara, the cosy Gurudwara Al Aweer, or the unusual Guru Darbar inside the Hindu Temple Dubai.

As well as,to meeting the religious requirements of its followers , these spiritual  shelters provide a window into the  huge cultural that contributes to Dubai’s unique identity.

I  will be hopeful for your adventure to discover these Gurudwaras brings you moments of peace and harmony within this bustling city.



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