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La Residenza

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to the perfect blend of luxury and convenience? Look no further than the enchanting world of LA Residenza in Jumeirah Village Circle

Let’s explore the project in detail.


The architectural marvel of LA Residenza stands as a testament to modern luxury and meticulous design. Spanning across an impressive 102,000 square feet, this distinguished project is situated in District 10 of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), ensuring a convenient and sophisticated lifestyle for its residents.

Comprising 52 signature residences, the building boasts a variety of sizes ranging from 635 square feet to 1,892 square feet, catering to diverse preferences and needs. The structural layout encompasses a basement parking area, a ground floor, and four additional floors, providing ample space for the discerning residents.

Property Prices

La Residenza presents an attractive starting price of AED 775,000, making it an accessible option for those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle in one of Dubai’s vibrant neighborhoods.

The price per square foot starts from AED 1,220, reflecting the commitment to providing value and quality in every square inch of these meticulously crafted residences.

La Residenza offers a diverse array of living spaces, with areas starting from 635 square feet and prices of the apartment also vary depending on it. This variety caters to different preferences and lifestyle needs, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every resident.

The property comprises 1BR and 2BR apartments, providing a range of options for individuals and families alike. So, prices keep on increasing as you choose a bigger apartment.

Payment Plan

LA Residenza offers quite an attractive payment plan for the buyers which can get them into ease while buying a property. It is the 80/20 payment plan which means that you have to pay 20 percent of the total price to book an apartment and the rest 80 percent will be paid during the handover of the apartment. 

For example, if the cost of one apartment is 500,000 Dirhams then upon booking you will have to pay 100,000 Dirhams, and the rest 400,000 Dirhams will be paid when you are given the right to stay in this apartment.

Its payment plan makes payment quite feasible, especially for people who are foreign citizens and are willing to invest in Dubai.

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Facilities and Amenities

La Residenza

Here are some of the facilities and amenities LA Residenza provides to ensure the homeowners are satisfied.

1) Premium Balconies

One of the standout features of LA Residenza is the expansive balconies adorned with premium flooring. These balconies offer a panoramic view of the surroundings, further enhancing the overall living experience. The G + 4 building ensures a sense of exclusivity, and the easy entry and exit to Al Khail Road provide a lifelong advantage for the residents, adding to the project’s appeal and accessibility.

2) 24-Hour Security

The safety and well-being of residents are paramount at LA Residenza. A robust 24-hour security system, manned by trained professionals, ensures a secure living environment. 

With advanced surveillance technology and vigilant personnel, residents can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their home is a fortress of safety and protection.

3) High Ceilings

Experience a sense of openness and grandeur with the high ceilings that adorn the homes at LA Residenza. This architectural feature not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to the spacious and airy ambiance.

4) Premium Branded Fixtures

LA Residenza sets a standard of excellence with premium branded fixtures. From bathroom fittings to lighting solutions, every detail is thoughtfully selected to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of each residence.

5) Kitchen Appliances

Each residence is equipped with modern kitchen appliances, reflecting the commitment to both style and functionality. The inclusion of these appliances enhances the overall living experience, making daily routines more convenient for residents.

6) Swimming Pool

Start the day on a refreshing note with morning swims. The pool at LA Residenza provides an ideal space for residents to embrace a healthy lifestyle, offering a peaceful environment for laps and water exercises.

7) Kids Play Area

Tailored for the younger residents, the dedicated kid’s play area is designed to spark joy and creativity. A safe and engaging space allows children to explore and play, fostering a sense of community within the project.

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Schooling and Transportation

Located a mere 2 minutes away, JSS School in Jumeirah Village Circle stands as an educational cornerstone near La Residenza. This convenience not only reduces commuting time for students but also underscores the commitment to providing easy access to quality education.

For those with frequent travel requirements, La Residenza’s strategic location ensures a swift 25-minute journey to Dubai International Airport. Moreover, the Circle Mall in Jumeirah Village Circle is a mere 5 minutes away. This proximity provides residents with access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options, enriching the overall living experience.

La Residenza is strategically positioned for seamless transportation connections. With easy entry and exit to Al Khail Road, residents benefit from a well-connected network, facilitating smooth commuting within Dubai and beyond.

The property’s commitment to proximity to schools and transportation hubs reflects a holistic approach to meeting the diverse needs of its residents.

Developer of LA Residenza

La Residenza, proudly presented by Dalands, exemplifies the commitment to providing an unparalleled customer experience in the industry of real estate. Dalands, a distinguished construction company based in the vibrant city of Dubai, stands as a symbol of excellence within the industry. 

Renowned for its legacy of delivering innovative, high-quality construction solutions, Dalands has established an esteemed reputation rooted in precision and client satisfaction.

At the forefront of the dynamic Dubai market, Dalands specializes in a diverse range of construction services. 

From the creation of awe-inspiring skyscrapers to the development of luxurious residential complexes and the execution of cutting-edge infrastructure projects, Dalands transforms dreams into reality through a combination of expert craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

Final Thoughts

Situated in a prime location, the development provides not only a luxurious living space but also easy access to key amenities, entertainment, and transportation hubs. The anticipated handover in Q1 – 2024, coupled with a flexible payment plan of 20/80, adds a layer of convenience for potential buyers. 

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity!!

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