Development Of The Week: The Acres By Meraas

The Acres By Meeras

Are you renovating an entirely new home that properly combines a luxurious lifestyle with an active neighbourhood? 

Explore as we examine ‘ The Acres By Meeras, this week’s Development of the Week.Do you desire a house that provides a developed neighbourhood feel in addition to modern living?

Finding the ideal house may be an amazing and breathtaking journey. In the middle of the busy city, The Acres By Meeras serves as a symbol of modern society, promising and well.

Come along as we explore this fascinating discovery and uncover its possibilities for a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Regarding The Acres by Meraas

Residence in Dubailand

Established in 2003, Dubailand is a city inside a city that has seen tremendous growth in the previous 10 years across a variety of sub-communities. It is more than just urban development.

Among its well-liked destinations are Dubailand Oasis, Layan, Majan, Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club, Living Legends, FalconCity of Wonders, Villanova, Rukan, Tiger Woods, and Al Waha.

Thanks to a well-connected road system, The Acres by Meraas, which is perfectly situated in Dubailand, offers easy access to Emirates Road (E611) and Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54).

The owners may easily reach surrounding areas because of its exceptional location, which puts attractions like Global Village, Hamdan Sports Complex, Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, and other local areas only a short drive away.

The Acres’ support for the environment and industry makes it an attractive financial choice. The developer’s dedication to environment friendly strategies is proven by the ‘LEED v4.1 Cities and Communities: Plan and Design’ empowerment.

The owners at The Acres By Meeras value being near to local parks, and the area accessible flow situated in a lovely setting promotes year round wellness.

Halo Loop Park serves as a hub for smaller towns and fosters a friendly, fun environment for social events. For people of all ages, The Acres By Meeras offers a combination of natural beauty and entertainment options.

Among the various gardens in the neighbourhood are the Arrival Garden, Village Garden, Lagoon Garden, Nature Garden, Lost Garden, Perfume Garden, and Edible Garden.

Residential Offerings at The Acres

The architectural design of The Acres expertly combines modern comfort with the outdoors. The villas’ combination of glass, stone, and wood in their design will provide a pleasing balance with the surrounding natural surroundings.

Modern colour schemes will draw attention to the walls and increase light exposure, which will enhance how light interacts with the rich outside environment.

The villas in The Acres are notable for their unique outdoor spaces and back gardens. They come in sizes ranging from three to five bedrooms.

These contemporary-style residences will have floor to ceiling windows and open floor designs that encourage a seamless connection with the environment.


The three-bedroom houses’ large side terrace is ideal for gatherings with family. There’s a great view of the park and the pool from the main bedroom window.

The second-floor family space and large covered terrace make it feasible to watch the sunset and appreciate the beauty of the parklands.

These three-bedroom villas start at AED 5.09 million and include between 3,048 and 3,916 square feet of covered area.


The villas in The Acres by Meraas in Dubailand have four bedrooms and are identified by their unique stone walls.

While the master bedroom provides a broad view, the top-floor general space with a covered terrace and a view of the park is a quiet retreat for leisure.

For AED 6.79 million, these four-bedroom residences with covered spaces ranging from 4,091 to 4,875 square feet are now for sale.


For those looking for a bigger home, The Acres by Meraas offers 5-bedroom villas that are the perfect choice. These houses include elegant windows that provide privacy and a pleasing appearance, as well as an unique exterior with clean lines.

Making the most of the available space, the two-story open-plan living room with full-length windows provides an excellent view of the surroundings.

The covered sizes of the five-bedroom residences range from 5,944 to 6,002 square feet, with prices starting at AED 10 million.

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Project Transfer

“Project Handover” refers, in the real estate world, to the crucial stage at which ownership of a completed project shifts from the developer to the buyers or investors.

The Project Handover for the project “Development of the Week: The Acres by Meraas,” which we featured this week, is set for October 2027.

This standard indicates the completion of development and the availability of the homes for individual buyers to take possession.

The Expected transfer Date provides partners with peace of mind by showing the developer’s commitment to finishing the project by the specified timeframe.

Developer’s Commitment

Residence at The Acres

The Acres by Meraas is a notable example of the developer’s preserving  dedication to quality in the field of real estate development.

Three basic ideas that highlight Meraas’ commitment to completing a project that not only meets but exceeds expectations serve as the foundation for this commitment.

Builder’s Pledge to Timely Delivery

The foundation of Meraas’ commitment is the Builder’s Promise to On-Time Delivery. Recognizing the significance of keeping to project timelines, Meraas promises to execute The Acres’ development with accuracy and efficiency.

This guarantee is based on a precise method of project management that ensures every building phase is finished on schedule and without cost delays.

Since it will show the developer’s unwavering commitment to reliability and provide potential residents and partners with peace of mind that The Acres will be finished on schedule, timeliness is Meraas’ top goal.

Strategies to Ensure Project Handover in 2027

Meraas has deliberately created a comprehensive plan of action to ensure the smooth sale of The Acres by the deadline of 2027.

These strategies include a thorough approach to project development which includes strict quality assurance protocols, efficient resource management, and modern technological solutions.

The developer’s aggressive risk reduction strategies and knowledge of the need to prepare ahead for unanticipated challenges show that they are committed to delivering The Acres on time.

By prioritising the construction of key and well organised projects, Meraas displays its dedication to meeting the 2027 handover deadline accurately.

Transparency in Communication

A key element of Meraas’ commitment to excellence is communication transparency.

The developer is aware of how important it is to have open lines of communication with all stakeholders, including investors, prospective residents, and the community at large.

Meraas makes an effort to have open lines of contact with every relevant party in order to keep them updated on The Acres’ progress. This commitment to transparency throughout the development process promotes collaboration and communication by ensuring that any queries or issues are promptly resolved and developing confidence.


The amenities at Dubai’s The Acres by Meraas are many  and include:

BBQ sites and paths for cycling


Parks and gardens

Verdant surrounds

Children’s play area

Yacht Club and Marina


Outside eating space

Outdoor exercise facility

Outside swimming pool

Parking structure

Cafes and restaurants

Shops and restaurants

Educational institutions

Sauna and spa

Athletic field

Space for yoga and meditation


Meraas’ Acres serves as an example of the elegant combination of modern luxury with the natural environment.

Modern houses with creative designs and breathtaking views can be found on this property in Dubailand, making it an incredible location to live.

The commitment to sustainable development and the wealth of services, including marinas, fitness centres, and beautiful gardens, encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Acres by Meeras is the height of thoughtful urban planning, providing gorgeous homes in a neighbourhood that promotes wellbeing and connection.

The Acres seems to be an appealing alternative for anybody searching for a unique and fulfilling living experience in Dubai, with a predicted completion date of October 2027.


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