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Are you searching Dubai’s various residential options  that offer you peace and luxurious life?

Dubai Expo Village represents luxury living among the many lavish residential areas. Expo Village offers everything you need to improve your modern living.

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Expo Village

Expo Village is in an ideal spot, right next to Expo City Dubai, between Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E311) and Expo Road.

The area has great connections that make it easy to get to places like Dubai Marina, Dubai Investments Park, Ibn Battuta Mall, and DMCC’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Expo Village is also ideally situated near the flourishing business hubs of Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) and Dubai South.

It is surrounded by both established and rapidly growing industrial zones. This great position makes sure that both people and companies have easy access to everything they need.


Expo Village is connected to Dubai’s main highway system and has easy entrance places, such as Dubai Investment Park, making getting in and out quick and easy.

Well-known purchasing spots like Ibn Battuta Mall and Festival Plaza Jebel Ali are only 15 minutes away.

There are great public transportation choices in the area for residents, making it easy to get to work anywhere in the city.

The RTA’s Dubai metro red line goes through Expo Village. The Expo 2020 metro stop is only a minute’s walk from the apartment buildings in the development.

This planned connection will make things easier to get to and more fun for everyone who lives there.

Proximate Neighbourhoods 

The people who live in Expo Village are lucky because it is ideally located between the busy business and industry hubs of both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

With this planned placement, it will be easy for people going to either city to get to work.

Expo Village is also a central hub from which many nearby towns are easy to get to.

Dubai Investment Park is one of the closest, only 10 minutes away. Al Furjan is next, 15 minutes away.

Within 20 minutes, you can also get to Jumeirah Golf Estates, Mudon, and Town Square. This gives people a wide range of close places to visit and enjoy.

Accessibility to Points of Interest

People who live in Expo Village are only a short distance from a number of interesting sites, making for an easygoing and enjoyable stay.

Check out Crystal Mall, which is only 10 minutes away and is a great place to shop. Within 10 minutes, you can learn about the history and fun of the Expo 2020 historic site.

Motiongate Dubai is only 20 minutes away and is the perfect place for an exciting day out. It has a lot of fun things for people to do.

This chosen position makes it easy for residents to get to many places, which improves the general quality of life and leisure options in Expo Village.

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Amenities and Services 

Expo Village was thoughtfully designed to meet the many needs of both locals and tourists, providing an environment that is fully accessible and surrounded by lush greenery.

In each neighbourhood area, holders have access to a wide range of services, such as gyms, swimming pools, and parks for kids.

Additionally, the community provides a wide range of necessary services and unique relaxation spaces, as well as nearby eating choices, entertainment places, and shops.

People who were chosen to work from Expo Village can use the special WorkHub co-working space, which has meeting rooms, event spaces, and open workplaces. This office has a list of events for networking and free services.

Expo Village is ideally situated near the huge 37,000-square metre Expo Park, which has planted parks and bicycle and running paths for people who love being outside.

Essential services like grocery stores, hair shops, and laundry facilities are easy to find in the area, making life easier everywhere.

In addition, Expo Village has a nursery for families with young children, which makes the place even more complete.


Dubai World Trade Centre

The Dubai World Trade Center manages and builds Expo Village. The living area has 2,363 units spread out over four groups that circle a total of 15 buildings.

There are a variety of units available, some of which are fully equipped and others that are not.

The arrangement of these units are also very different. Residents of each area can use the gym, swimming pool, and field for kids.

The living options include flats, one- to three-bedroom apartments, and short-term leased apartments, so they can suit the needs of both people who live in Dubai permanently and people who are just visiting for fun or work.

Each unit is carefully planned to have a modern look, be built well, and be well taken care of.

These flats also have high-quality fixtures and materials, so you can expect a luxurious and peaceful living experience.

All apartment buildings have security services that work around the clock, and each apartment has its own parking spot.

This is done to make sure that all residents are safe and comfortable. Expo Village gives its people a safe, high-quality, and efficient place to live.

Rental Price Ranges for Properties in Dubai Expo Village

StudioAED 52,000AED 60,000
1-bedroom apartmentAED 63,000AED 71,000
2-bedroom apartmentAED 88,000AED 97,000
3-bedroom apartmentAED 135,000AED 150,000

Summing Up

The Dubai World Trade Center designed and operates Expo Village so that it is a great example of modern life and unmatched comfort.

This detailed guidebook describes the challenges of this lively neighbourhood, highlighting its great location, wide range of services, and well-thought-out housing options.

Expo Village has modern services and an area that can be reached on foot. It is designed to meet the needs of both locals and tourists.

Expo Village is a place where beauty and usefulness come together, making it a hub of options whether someone wants a busy place to work or a quiet place to live.

Welcome to the future of living, where every detail has been carefully chosen to make your life better.


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