ADQ To Commence Construction Work In Ras El Hekma Project Before End Of 2024

ADQ To Commence Construction Work In Ras El Hekma Project Before End Of 2024

Have you ever wondered how the huge trends in Egypt will bring more employment and housing opportunities? The right messages are there. Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company (ADQ) is now going to start construction in the Ras El Hekma location by the end of  2024.

This project guarantees that there will be an amazing improvement in the location. The Ras El Hekma project is expected to have a significant impact on Egypt’s economy.

ADQ To Commence Construction Work In Ras El Hekma Project Before End Of 2024

Key Details Of The Ras El Hekma Project

Egypt’s Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, Assem El-Gazzar, confirmed that ADQ plans to begin infrastructure and construction work in Ras El Hekma before the year ends. El-Gazzar mentioned this in a recent interview with Asharq Bloomberg.

He shared that the project’s developer has already laid out the plans. They have also secured the necessary approvals and licenses. This is a significant step toward turning the plans into reality.

In addition, the Cabinet spokesman, Muhammad El-Homsani, told Al Arabiya that Egypt will soon complete the land transfer process for the Ras El Hekma project. The land will be transferred to the newly formed Ras El Hekma for Urban Development Project Company.

Financial And Administrative Support

The Egyptian Cabinet recently announced that they have received the second part of the payment for the Ras El Hekma deal from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly stated that the UAE has transferred $14 billion as part of the agreement. This is a substantial financial boost for the project.

Back in February, Egypt and the UAE signed a real estate investment deal. This deal allowed ADQ to acquire the rights to develop the Ras El Hekma project. It stands as Egypt’s largest foreign investment deal, with a total value of $35 billion. This investment aims to develop Ras El Hekma in the North Coast region.

ADQ To Commence Construction Work In Ras El Hekma Project Before End Of 2024

The Importance Of The Ras El Hekma Project

Economic Benefits

The large-scale development will likely create numerous job opportunities. It will also provide new housing and commercial spaces.

By attracting such a massive investment, Egypt is showing that it is a desirable destination for foreign investors. This can lead to more investments in other areas of the country. 

When a country receives foreign investments, it can lead to economic growth and development. It creates a positive cycle that benefits everyone.

Job Creation

One of the most significant benefits of the Ras El Hekma project is job creation. Large construction projects need many workers. These jobs are not only for the construction phase. Once the project is complete, there will be jobs in the new commercial spaces and residential areas.

Jobs are important for the economy because they give people income. When people have income, they can spend money on goods and services. This spending helps other businesses, which can create even more jobs. It’s a positive cycle that starts with new jobs in the Ras El Hekma project.

Boosting Local Businesses

New developments also mean new customers for local businesses. When people move into new residential areas, they need goods and services. This could be anything from grocery stores to clothing shops to restaurants.

Local businesses will see more customers, which can help them grow. They might need to hire more staff to meet the demand. This again creates more jobs and further boosts the local economy.

Government Involvement And Support

Securing Approvals

The Egyptian government has played a crucial role in getting the Ras El Hekma project off the ground. Securing the necessary approvals and licenses is a big task. It shows that the government is committed to making this project a success.

When the government supports a project like this, it gives confidence to the investors. They know that the government is behind them and that the necessary steps have been taken to ensure the project’s success.

Facilitating Land Transfer

The process of transferring land for the project has been smooth, thanks to the government’s involvement. This shows that the government is efficient and capable of handling large projects. It also sets a good example for future projects.

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly’s announcement about the $14 billion transfer from the UAE underscores the importance of this project. The government’s involvement ensures that the project has the financial and administrative support it needs to succeed.

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The Development Plan

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development is a key part of the Ras El Hekma project. This includes building roads, water systems, and other essential services. Good infrastructure is important for any development because it supports the new buildings and the people who will live and work there.

Without proper infrastructure, a new development cannot function well. The roads need to be good so that people can travel easily. The water and sewage systems need to be reliable. These are all part of the infrastructure development in the Ras El Hekma project.

Residential And Commercial Spaces

The Ras El Hekma project will include both residential and commercial spaces. Residential spaces are where people will live. This could be apartments, houses, or other types of living spaces.

Commercial spaces are where businesses will operate. This could be offices, shops, restaurants, or other types of commercial buildings. Having both residential and commercial spaces in the same development is beneficial. It creates a balanced environment where people can live, work, and shop all in one area.

Community Impact

Social And Cultural Benefits

Large developments can also bring social and cultural benefits. New community centers, parks, and recreational areas can enhance the quality of life for residents. These spaces provide places for people to meet, socialize, and engage in cultural activities.

Cultural events and activities can also be part of the new development. This can include festivals, concerts, and other events that bring people together. These activities can help to build a strong community and create a sense of belonging.

Educational Opportunities

With the development of new residential areas, there is often a need for new schools and educational facilities. The Ras El Hekma project can provide opportunities for new schools to be built. This will benefit the families who move into the new residential areas.

Education is important for the future of any community. By providing good educational facilities, the Ras El Hekma project can help to ensure that the next generation has the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

ADQ To Commence Construction Work In Ras El Hekma Project Before End Of 2024

Future Prospects

Long-Term Economic Growth

The Ras El Hekma project is not just about immediate benefits. It also has the potential to contribute to long-term economic growth. By creating new jobs, boosting local businesses, and improving infrastructure, the project can have lasting positive effects.

Long-term economic growth is important for the prosperity of any country. It provides stability and opportunities for future generations. The Ras El Hekma project is a step towards achieving this growth for Egypt.

Attracting More Investments

Successful projects often attract more investments. When investors see that a project like Ras El Hekma is successful, they are more likely to invest in other projects in the area. This can lead to a cycle of investment and development.

The relationship between Egypt and the UAE is also strengthened by this project. Strong relationships between countries can lead to more collaborations and investments in the future. This is beneficial for both countries.


The commencement of construction work in Ras El Hekma before the end of 2024 is a promising development. With substantial financial backing and strong support from the government, the project is set to transform the North Coast of Egypt.

For the residents and businesses in the area, this project brings hope for a brighter future. It promises new opportunities, improved infrastructure, and a boost to the local economy. 

As the year progresses, all eyes will be on Ras El Hekma to see how this ambitious project unfolds.

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