Demand For Renovated Homes In UAE ‘as High As Ever’

Demand For Renovated Homes In UAE 'as High As Ever'

Are you worried about finding a renovated home in the UAE? You are not alone in this regard. The demand for simply renovated homes is rising sharply. Real estate specialists say that there always remains a high demand.

This increase is fueled by the fact that more and more buyers, especially from Europe, need houses that can be organized for living. This has created a booming market for property investors who buy houses to renovate and sell them for an income, a technique—known as flipping. 

The Rise Of House Flipping

The majority of house flipping has occurred over the past two or three years. The COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in this trend. After COVID-19, many people wanted more space or a new house since they were spending more time at home.

This fueled the investor-led house-flipping market as there was a demand for something completely new and fully renovated.

The potential for profit in house flipping has attracted many investors. Buying older properties at lower prices, renovating them, and then selling them at higher prices has proven to be a lucrative business model. The high demand for move-in-ready homes ensures that these renovated homes are quickly sold, often at substantial profits.

Turning A Hobby Into A Business

Some residents in the UAE have turned their passion for renovating homes into profitable side businesses. For example, individuals have bought and sold their homes, enjoying the renovation process and selling for a good profit to move up the property ladder and boost equity

This strategy of flipping homes is not new in the UAE. In the early days of the real estate boom, new developments were bought and sold a day later at high profits. This practice continues with a vast number of off-plan sales.

For many, renovating and flipping homes is also a way to plan for retirement. By making smart investments and selling renovated homes at a profit, they can build a substantial nest egg. The knowledge gained from these projects can also be valuable for future investments.

Demand For Renovated Homes In UAE 'as High As Ever'

The Market Is Maturing

Increased confidence in the market is key to the rising demand for renovated homes. As the country matures and grows, this trend is expected to continue, bringing more unique properties to the market. The steady growth of the real estate market in the UAE has made it an attractive option for both local and international investors.

As the market grows, more unique and customized properties are becoming available. These homes often feature modern designs and high-quality finishes, making them highly desirable. This trend is likely to continue as more investors and developers recognize the value of offering something different.

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Investing In The Future

The property market in Dubai can be divided into three main sectors: apartments, standard villas, and renovated or brand-new builds. Last year, Dubai recorded 118,993 residential transactions, the highest number to date. Off-plan sales grew by 31.9 percent, and secondary market sales increased by 26.3 percent.

More end-users are looking to move into perfect properties and are effectively financing the renovation instead of paying all the cash upfront and renovating themselves. This trend is seen not just in villas but also in apartments, particularly in popular areas like Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

When planning a renovation, it’s important to be realistic about budgeting. Adding a third of extra time and budget to any project can help manage unexpected costs. It’s also crucial to factor in all fees, such as land fees and estate agent fees, to avoid financial surprises.

Proper budgeting ensures that the project remains profitable and reduces the risk of financial loss.

Designing For Mass Appeal

Renovations should focus on designs that have mass appeal rather than personal taste. Modern farmhouse styles are very popular. For example, some properties in Springs were renovated with mismatched colors and materials, making them difficult to sell at high prices.

Contemporary and minimalist European styles are currently very trendy in the market. 

Modern, contemporary finishes are highly sought after, particularly by European buyers. Statement walls and multipurpose rooms are also popular. Properties are being designed with high-quality, contemporary, but flexible living spaces to meet modern-day family needs.

For example, rooms are designed to be versatile, serving as bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, or TV rooms depending on the household’s needs. Maximizing space while adding a unique personality to each property is a common approach.

When renovating a property, focusing on high-quality materials and finishes can make a significant difference. Buyers are more likely to pay a premium for a home that has been renovated to a high standard. This includes using durable materials, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail in every aspect of the renovation.

Finding Reliable Contractors

Finding reliable contractors is crucial for anyone looking to enter the renovation market. It is advisable to use a contractor recommended by friends or acquaintances who have completed a job satisfactorily. 

The renovation industry can be poorly regulated and monitored, so choosing the right contractor is essential. Despite the challenges, significant profits can be made in the renovation market. Flexibility, market knowledge, and selecting the right contractor are key to success.

Managing contractors effectively is also important. Clear communication, detailed contracts, and regular check-ins can help ensure that the project stays on track and within budget. Establishing a good working relationship with contractors can lead to better results and smoother project execution.

Demand For Renovated Homes In UAE 'as High As Ever'

The Appeal Of Renovated Homes

Renovated homes appeal to buyers who want a hassle-free move. These homes are ready to move into, with no need for additional work or improvements. This is especially appealing to busy professionals and families who do not have the time or resources to manage renovations themselves.

Renovated homes often feature modern amenities and the latest home technologies. This can include updated kitchens and bathrooms, energy-efficient systems, smart home features, and more. These upgrades make the homes more comfortable and convenient for modern living.

Aesthetic improvements in renovated homes make them more attractive to potential buyers. This can include updated exteriors, landscaped gardens, and stylish interior designs. These improvements enhance the overall appeal and value of the property. 


The demand for renovated homes in the UAE is at an all-time high. With more buyers seeking move-in-ready properties, the house-flipping market is booming. 

Investors are transforming mediocre properties into desirable homes, capitalizing on this trend. However, success in this market requires careful planning, realistic budgeting, and reliable contractors. 

As the UAE’s real estate market continues to mature, the trend of renovating and flipping homes is set to grow, offering significant opportunities for savvy investors. 

By focusing on quality, design, and market trends, investors can continue to thrive in this dynamic and lucrative market.

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