Dubai District Cooler Empower’s Q1-2024 Net Profit Weighs In At Dh165.5m

Dubai District Cooler Empower's Q1-2024 Net Profit Weighs In At Dh165.5m

How are businesses dealing with the new taxes in the UAE? Many companies are adapting to the new tax rules and Empower, a district cooling company in Dubai, is no exception.

Empower reported a net profit of Dh165.5 million for the primary quarter 2024. That is slightly less than the Dh167.3 million net profit from last year.

Dubai District Cooler Empower’s Q1-2024 Net Profit Weighs In At Dh165.5m

The slight drop in profit can be attributed to the new corporate tax provisions in the UAE. Empower had to account for Dh16.2 million for these tax provisions. This new tax has affected many companies, and Empower’s recent financial results reflect this change.

Despite the impact of the new tax, Empower’s performance remains strong. The company continues to provide district cooling services to many buildings and communities in Dubai. District cooling is an energy-efficient way to cool buildings, which is important in a hot city like Dubai.

Empower’s revenue for Q1-2024 was Dh 475 million. This figure is an increase from Dh 450 million in Q1-2023. However, after accounting for expenses and the new tax, the net profit reached Dh165.5 million. This shows that even with the new tax, Empower has managed to grow its revenue.

Dubai District Cooler Empower's Q1-2024 Net Profit Weighs In At Dh165.5m

Importance Of District Cooling

District cooling is crucial for cities like Dubai, where temperatures can soar. It uses a centralized cooling plant to provide air conditioning to multiple buildings. This method is more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional air conditioning systems.

Empower is one of the leading providers of district cooling in Dubai, serving many of the city’s prominent areas.

Empower has been expanding its operations over the years. It now serves more areas and more buildings. This expansion has helped increase its revenue, even in the face of new taxes. The company’s commitment to growth and sustainability is evident in its continuous efforts to improve and expand its services.

Customer satisfaction is key to Empower success. The company works hard to ensure that its customers are happy with the cooling services they receive. This includes providing reliable and efficient cooling, as well as excellent customer service. Empower’s focus on customer satisfaction helps maintain its strong reputation and customer base.

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Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Empower plans to continue expanding its services to reach new markets and customer segments. The company is also focused on enhancing its operational efficiency and implementing cost-reduction strategies.

These efforts will help maintain profitability, ensuring the company remains robust and competitive even as new taxes and other industry challenges arise. Empower is committed to maintaining its leadership in district cooling, leveraging cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to deliver optimal solutions.

By prioritizing innovation and customer satisfaction, Empower aims to set industry standards and provide unparalleled services to its clients. The company’s strategic vision includes a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Empower’s dedication to excellence ensures that it remains at the forefront of the district cooling industry, continually adapting to evolving market dynamics and regulatory landscapes while delivering value to its stakeholders.

Challenges And Adaptations

Like many companies, Empower faces challenges such as new regulations and market conditions. However, the company has shown resilience and adaptability. By managing its finances carefully and focusing on growth, Empower continues to thrive.

Industry Trends

The district cooling industry is growing, especially in regions with hot climates. More buildings and communities are choosing district cooling for its efficiency and environmental benefits. This trend is expected to continue, providing more opportunities for companies like Empower.

Empower’s financial management has been crucial in navigating the new tax environment. The company’s ability to manage costs and maintain revenue growth is a testament to its strong financial practices. This careful management will be important as the company continues to grow.

The success of Empower is also due to the hard work and dedication of its employees. From engineers to customer service representatives, every employee plays a role in the company’s success. Empower recognizes the importance of its employees and invests in their development and well-being.

Empower’s services have a positive impact on the community. By providing efficient cooling, the company helps improve the quality of life in Dubai. This is particularly important during the hot summer months when reliable cooling is essential.

Sustainable Practices

Empower is committed to sustainability. The company uses different technologies and practices to reduce its environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability is not only good for the environment but also helps attract customers who value green practices.

Dubai District Cooler Empower's Q1-2024 Net Profit Weighs In At Dh165.5m

Arshad Darbar’s Thoughts

Arshad Darbar, a seasoned real estate expert with years of experience in the Dubai market, views Empower’s Q1-2024 results as a testament to the company’s resilience and strategic foresight.

“Empower’s ability to maintain a net profit of Dh165.5 million, despite the new corporate tax, underscores its robust financial health and operational efficiency,” Darbar notes.

He highlights the importance of district cooling in Dubai’s real estate sector, emphasizing that Empower’s services are crucial for enhancing property value and ensuring tenant satisfaction.

“The growth in revenue despite tax challenges indicates strong demand and successful expansion strategies. This is a positive signal for the real estate market, as reliable and efficient cooling solutions are vital for both residential and commercial properties,” Darbar adds.

He believes Empower’s continued focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction will further strengthen its position in the market and benefit the broader real estate landscape.


Empower’s Q1-2024 financial results show the impact of new corporate tax provisions but also highlight the company’s strength and resilience. With a net profit of Dh165.5 million, Empower continues to grow and expand its services.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, sustainability, and efficient financial management will help it navigate future challenges and continue to succeed in the district cooling industry.

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