Emaar Launches $15 Billion Community Initiative; Dubai Real Estate Sector’s Top 10 Weekly Highlights

Emaar Launches $15 Billion Community Initiative; Dubai Real Estate Sector's Top 10 Weekly Highlights

Are you excited about the upcoming Eid Ul Adha holiday? Many UAE nationals are eagerly making plans to have a good time at this particular time. From adventure trips to well-known destinations to new real estate commitments promising luxurious living, there’s a great deal worth living.

Emaar has unveiled a groundbreaking $15 billion community engagement that promises to redefine urban living with contemporary services

Emaar Launches $15 Billion Community Initiative; Dubai Real Estate Sector’s Top 10 Weekly Highlights

1. UAE Residents Plan Eid Al Adha Holidays

With Eid Al Adha just around the corner, many UAE residents are planning their holidays.  This shows a preference for shorter getaways, possibly to nearby destinations or quick breaks.

While many prefer shorter trips, 33% of travelers are looking for holidays that last one to two weeks. These travelers might be planning to visit family, explore new places, or simply take a longer break from their daily routine. 

Additionally, 14% of residents are planning trips that could last up to a month, indicating a desire for extended vacations, possibly to more distant locations or multi-destination trips.

Top destinations for the Eid Al Adha holidays include popular spots in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Places like London, Istanbul, and Cairo are high on the list. 

2. Emaar Launches $15bn Residential Community

Emaar, one of Dubai’s leading property developers, has unveiled a new project called The Heights Country Club & Wellness. This new community is worth AED 55bn ($15bn) and spans a massive 81 million square feet. The project was announced at a grand event held at the Armani Hotel on May 20.

The Heights Country Club & Wellness will have a strong focus on health and wellness. It aims to provide residents with a lifestyle that includes high-quality amenities and serene landscapes.

The community will feature over 11,400 residential units designed to offer an exclusive retreat lifestyle. This project is part of Emaar’s broader strategy to create sustainable, health-focused living spaces in Dubai.

The project’s location is also a major highlight. It is situated just 10 minutes away from the expanding Al Maktoum International Airport. This airport is set to become the world’s largest, with a capacity to handle 260 million passengers annually.

This strategic location underscores the project’s accessibility and convenience, making it an attractive option for both residents and investors.

Emaar Launches $15 Billion Community Initiative; Dubai Real Estate Sector's Top 10 Weekly Highlights

3. Dubai Metro Stations Reopen

Good news for daily commuters in Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that the Dubai Metro will resume service at Onpassive, Equiti, and Mashreq stations starting Sunday, May 19. This comes after extensive maintenance and testing to ensure safety and reliability.

In addition to these stations, the Energy Metro Station is set to reopen before the end of May 2024. The reopening of these metro stations will significantly ease the daily commute for many residents.

It will reduce travel time, ease traffic congestion, and provide a more comfortable and efficient mode of transport. This move aligns with Dubai’s vision to enhance public transportation and make it more accessible to everyone.

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4. Dubai to Pay 50% of School Fees for Gifted Students

In a significant move, Dubai has announced that it will cover 50% of school fees for up to 1,800 gifted students. This initiative is part of the Dubai Distinguished Students Programme under the Dubai Social Agenda 33. It aims to support high-achieving students and provide them with better educational opportunities.

The program involves collaboration between the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the Knowledge Fund, and nine private schools in Dubai. These schools will offer more than 400 scholarships to exceptional Emirati students.

The goal is to enhance the quality of education and support talented students in their academic pursuits.

5. Dubai Real Estate Market Updates 

The Dubai real estate market is showing strong signs of growth and resilience in 2024.   10,000 new properties were added to the market in the first quarter. This includes 7,300 apartments and 2,750 villas. The increase in supply reflects the ongoing demand and confidence in Dubai’s property market.

Dubai’s strong economic performance is a key factor driving this growth. The city’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life and attracting skilled professionals continues to attract a substantial number of expatriates.

This influx of residents fuels the demand for new residential properties, contributing to the overall stability and progress of the real estate sector.

6. New Cycle Track and Road Improvements

There is the announcement of the construction of a new 13.5 km cycle track. This track is designed for bicycles, scooters, and pedestrians, linking Al Sufouh to Dubai Hills via Hessa Street. The track will feature two innovative bridges that cross over Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road.

This new cycle track is part of the larger Hessa Street Improvement Project. The project spans 4.5 km between the intersections with Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. It includes upgrades to four major intersections along Hessa Street, making it more efficient and safer for all users.

The improvements will double the capacity of Hessa Street, allowing it to handle up to 16,000 vehicles per hour in both directions. This will significantly reduce traffic congestion and improve travel times. Additionally, the new cycle track will promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging more people to walk, cycle, or use scooters.

7. Etihad Airways’ Future Plans

Etihad Airways is looking to the future with ambitious growth plans. The airline aims to carry 18 million passengers annually and expand its network to 125 destinations.

Part of Etihad’s strategy includes improving the passenger experience. The airline plans to introduce new routes, enhance in-flight services, and upgrade its fleet. These efforts are aimed at attracting more passengers and making Etihad a preferred choice for travelers.

8. Dubai Real Estate Prices Hit New Highs

The Dubai real estate market reached new peaks in April 2024. The Price Index for residential capital values hit 170.8 points, marking a 26.1% annual increase. This growth reflects the strong demand and increasing value of properties in Dubai.

Villas have seen significant appreciation, with the villa index reaching 216 points. This is a 25.6% increase from the previous year. The average villa price per square foot has surpassed AED2,000 for the first time in a decade, highlighting the premium value of these properties. 

Apartments have also seen notable growth. The index for apartments reached 141.4 points, reflecting a strong market. Since the pandemic, the value of apartments has almost one and a half times increased, showing resilience and continuous demand. 

9. New Cruise Trips from Dubai 

There has been the announcement of new cruise trips from Dubai, starting from October 18, 2024. The cruise line will operate from Dubai and offer trips to Doha and Muscat. This expansion marks a significant development in the region’s cruise industry.

Emaar Launches $15 Billion Community Initiative; Dubai Real Estate Sector's Top 10 Weekly Highlights

10. UAE Gold Price Trends

With ongoing economic uncertainties, gold remains a popular investment choice. Financial experts are advising investors to consider adding gold to their portfolios. Gold is known for its ability to preserve wealth during times of high inflation and economic instability.

Gold has historically performed well as a hedge against market volatility. Its value tends to increase during economic downturns, making it a reliable store of value. Investors are encouraged to consider gold as part of their long-term investment strategy.

The current market conditions have led to increased interest in gold. As prices rise across various economies, gold continues to attract investors looking for stable and secure investments. Its enduring role as a haven asset makes it a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.

Arshad Darbar Thought

Arshad Darbar, a seasoned real estate expert, views the recent developments in Dubai’s real estate market with optimism. He believes that the announcement of Emaar’s $15 billion community project underscores the confidence in Dubai’s long-term growth and the resilience of its real estate sector. 

Darbar notes that such significant investments are indicative of high demand and a progressive property market, further buoyed by the influx of residents planning their Eid Al Adha holidays, which traditionally boosts local spending and tourism

He anticipates that these positive trends will continue to attract both regional and international investors, solidifying Dubai’s status as a premier real estate destination.


This week has been full of exciting developments in the UAE and Dubai. From planning for the Eid Al Adha holidays to new real estate projects and significant transportation updates, a lot is happening. 

Whether you’re a resident planning your next holiday, an investor looking at real estate or gold, or a commuter benefiting from improved public transport, these stories highlight the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the UAE. 

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