Dubai Sees A New Property Project Launched Every 18 hours In Q1 2024

Dubai Sees A New Property Project Launched Every 18 hours In Q1 2024

Are you considering financing in the Dubai Real estate market? The city’s property view is experiencing first-class progress with new projects launching every 18 hours in the first span of 2024.

This phase of prosperity is interesting for customers, builders, and home buyers. You can take a deeper look at the state of the real estate market and its effect.

Dubai Sees A New Property Project Launched Every 18 hours In Q1 2024

Unprecedented Growth in Dubai’s Property Market

In March 2024, nearly 30 new off-plan projects were launched in Dubai, adding around 10,000 units to the market for sale throughout the month. This significant growth reflects the high confidence developers and investors have in the city’s property market.

According to Cavendish Maxwell’s Property Monitor, 34,000 units were launched over 120 projects in the first quarter of 2024, showcasing the city’s rapid development.

The city’s property market is driven by foreign investors’ confidence in Dubai’s market and lower property prices compared to other major cities globally. This has led developers to launch new projects to meet the growing demand.

Surge in Project Launches

The impressive increase in project launches reflects the rising interest in Dubai’s real estate market. Both local and foreign developers are launching projects at an accelerated rate. This surge in launches caters to the high demand from investors and homebuyers looking for new and modern properties.

Major Projects Launched in 2024

Several significant projects have been launched in Dubai this year. These projects cater to different segments of the market, from affordable housing to luxury developments.

  • Emaar Properties: Emaar Properties has launched major projects like the Dh55 billion Heights Country Club and Dh41 billion Grand Club Resort. These projects are known for their modern design and luxurious amenities.
  • Danube Properties: Danube Properties introduced the Dh2.4 billion Diamondz and Dh3 billion Bayz101 projects. These offer affordable housing options without compromising on quality.
  • Deyaar Development: Deyaar Development has launched a Dh700 million tower in Jebel Ali. The tower offers a variety of residential options in a growing area.
  • Swiss developer DHG Properties: This Swiss developer is bringing a new tower to Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), providing more choices for residents in the community.
  • Aqua Properties: Aqua Properties is launching the Central Down Town project, contributing to the development of the city center.

Other notable projects include the Dh22 billion Arabian Hills Estate and many more by local and foreign developers. These projects contribute to the overall growth of the market and offer a variety of choices for potential buyers.

Dubai Sees A New Property Project Launched Every 18 hours In Q1 2024

Sales Records and Transaction Volumes

Property Monitor reported that sales transaction volumes in March increased by 14.7%, reaching a total of 13,664 transactions. This is the second-highest monthly sales volume ever recorded. Residential transactions, such as apartments, townhouses, and villas, accounted for 92% of sales.

Off-Plan Oqood Transactions

In March, there were 7,768 off-plan Oqood transactions recorded in Dubai. This was a significant 21.7% increase from the previous month and a 3.3% rise in market share to 56.9%. These were the highest-ever transactions since 2009, indicating a strong demand for off-plan properties.

Reasons for High Transaction Volumes

There are several reasons for the high volume of transactions:

  • Foreign investment: Dubai’s appeal to foreign investors has increased due to its attractive lifestyle, lower property prices, and stable economy.
  • Variety of options: The range of properties available, from affordable housing to luxury homes, caters to diverse needs and budgets.
  • Confidence in the market: Buyers have confidence in Dubai’s real estate market due to its stability and strong track record of growth.

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Challenges for Developers in a Competitive Market

The rapid increase in new projects brings challenges for developers. With so many choices available, buyers will become more selective in their investments. Well-established developers with a history of quality projects will have an advantage, as they can cater to a wide range of price points.

The Need to Stand Out

As competition intensifies, newer entrants may struggle to stand out in the crowded market. They may need to offer attractive terms to entice buyers, such as:

  • Post-handover payment plans: These plans allow buyers to pay for their property over an extended period after moving in.
  • Giveaways: Developers may offer incentives such as free furniture, appliances, or other perks.
  • Developer-paid DLD transfer fees: Covering transfers can make a property more appealing to buyers.

Established Developers and Niche Markets

Well-established developers, such as Emaar Properties and Danube Properties, are well-positioned to capitalize on the mass market across most price points. They have a strong reputation for quality and can offer various projects to meet different needs.

On the other hand, niche developers focusing on luxury and ultra-luxury segments may find themselves in a strong position as well. These developers can offer unique projects that cater to a specific group of buyers seeking exclusive and premium properties.

Dubai Sees A New Property Project Launched Every 18 hours In Q1 2024

Opportunities for Investors

Despite the challenges developers face, there are numerous opportunities for investors in Dubai’s property market. The city’s reputation as a global business hub, coupled with its growing population and increasing demand for real estate, creates a favorable environment for property investment.

Stable and Lucrative Market

Dubai’s real estate market is known for its stability and lucrative returns. Properties in prime locations tend to appreciate over time, offering investors a chance to build wealth.

Diverse Investment Options

The wide range of property options available in Dubai allows investors to choose investments that align with their goals and risk tolerance. Whether looking for residential, commercial, or mixed-use properties, there are opportunities across different market segments.

Attractiveness to Foreign Investors

Dubai’s appeal to foreign investors is due to its open and welcoming business environment, strong legal framework, and high quality of life. This attracts investors from around the world, contributing to the growth of the real estate market.


Dubai’s property market is experiencing remarkable growth in 2024, with new projects launching every 18 hours in the first quarter. This boom in development offers exciting opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike.

However, the intense competition presents challenges for developers, who must navigate a crowded market and meet high buyer expectations.

If you are considering investing in Dubai’s real estate market, now is an excellent time to look into the diverse range of projects available. 

Whether you are searching for residential properties, luxury developments, or commercial spaces, Dubai’s thriving property scene has something for everyone.

By staying informed and choosing projects wisely, you can benefit from the current boom and make smart investments in this dynamic market.

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