Rents For Villas And Apartments Increasing After Totalling $10bn Last Year, Average Prices Revealed

Rents For Villas And Apartments Increasing After Totalling $10bn Last Year, Average Prices Revealed

 Are you feeling disturbed by the rising cost of apartments in Dubai? The Dubai real estate market is continuously progressing and shows no signs of slowing down. this increase is also shown in the rental market as the rental market reached an amazing $10 billion last year.

The numbers are even extremely promising, with average costs increasing this year. 

Rents For Villas And Apartments Increasing After Totalling $10bn Last Year, Average Prices Revealed

The apartment rental market in Dubai has been incredibly active since 2024. So far, nearly 173,000 units have been rented, generating a total of AED11.3 billion ($3.1 billion) in rent. The average rent per square foot stands at AED73 ($20). This is a significant increase from last year when the average rent was around AED62 ($17) per square foot.

New contracts have also seen a significant uptick. Almost 66,000 new rental agreements have been signed this year, contributing AED5 billion ($1.4 billion) in rent. The average rent for these new contracts is AED86 ($23) per square foot. This increase in new contracts indicates a growing demand for rental properties in Dubai.

In comparison, by the end of May 2023, approximately 188,000 units had been rented, totaling AED10.7 billion ($2.9 billion) in rent. The average rent during this period was AED62 ($17) per square foot.

New contracts comprised 76,000 units rented, amassing AED4.6 billion ($1.3 billion) in rent, with an average rent of AED69 ($19) per square foot.

For the entire year of 2023, a remarkable 456,000 units were rented, bringing in AED27 billion ($7.4 billion) in total rent. The average rent for that year was AED65 ($18) per square foot. 

New contracts for the year included 186,000 units, totaling AED12 billion ($3.3 billion) in rent, with an average rent of AED74 ($20) per square foot. 

Rents For Villas And Apartments Increasing After Totalling $10bn Last Year, Average Prices Revealed

What Does This Mean for Renters?

These rising rental costs may be concerning for many renters in Dubai. The increased demand and higher rents indicate a vibrant and dynamic rental market. This is a clear sign of strong investor confidence and a healthy rental ecosystem. However, for tenants, this also means they need to be prepared for higher rental expenses.

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Factors Driving The Increase

Several factors contribute to the surge in rental prices and demand in Dubai. One key factor is the overall economic growth in the city. Dubai continues to attract businesses and expatriates, leading to increased demand for housing.

Additionally, the real estate market in Dubai is known for its stability and high returns on investment, making it an attractive option for investors

Another significant factor is the quality of life in Dubai. The city offers world-class amenities, a safe environment, and a high standard of living. These aspects make Dubai a preferred destination for many people looking to relocate or invest in property

Moreover, Dubai’s strategic location and robust infrastructure make it a global business hub. The city’s advanced transportation network, modern healthcare facilities, and excellent educational institutions add to its appeal.

Furthermore, Dubai’s diverse cultural scene and numerous recreational opportunities enhance its attractiveness as a place to live.

The government’s favorable policies towards foreign investment and property ownership also play a crucial role. These policies provide a secure and profitable environment for investors, encouraging more people to invest in the Dubai real estate market.

All these factors combined contribute to the rising rental prices and growing demand for properties in Dubai.

The Impact On The Real Estate Market

The impact of these rising rental prices is significant for the real estate market. Higher rents mean higher returns for property investors, making Dubai an even more attractive market for real estate investment. This, in turn, drives further investment in property development, leading to the construction of more residential units.

However, this increase in rental prices also poses challenges. For instance, it may become more difficult for some people to afford housing in Dubai. This could lead to a higher demand for affordable housing options, prompting developers to consider constructing more budget-friendly residential units.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, the rental market in Dubai is expected to continue its upward trajectory. With the ongoing economic growth and continuous influx of expatriates, the demand for rental properties is likely to remain strong. This means rental prices could continue to rise, making it essential for renters to plan their finances accordingly.

For investors, the future looks promising. The increasing demand and rising rental prices indicate a healthy and profitable.

Rents For Villas And Apartments Increasing After Totalling $10bn Last Year, Average Prices Revealed

Arshad Darbar Thought

Arshad Darbar, a seasoned real estate expert with several years in the market, has provided his insights on the recent trends in Dubai’s rental market. Darbar believes the rising rental prices reflect the city’s growing appeal and robust economic health.

He notes, “The increase in rental costs is a clear indicator of Dubai’s expanding demand for quality housing. This trend is not only attracting more investors but also highlighting the city’s status as a global hub for expatriates and businesses.” 

Darbar also emphasizes that while the higher rents are beneficial for investors, they present challenges for tenants. “The market’s vibrancy is undeniable, but it also means that affordability is becoming a concern for many residents.

Stakeholders must balance growth with accessibility to ensure a sustainable real estate environment,” he adds. Darbar’s perspective underscores the dynamic yet complex nature of Dubai’s real estate market.


Dubai’s real estate market is thriving with increasing rental activity and rising prices. Both apartments and villas/townhouses are in high demand, reflecting strong investor confidence and a robust rental ecosystem.

While this is promising for investors, renters must prepare for higher costs. As Dubai continues to grow, the rental market shows no signs of slowing down, indicating a prosperous future for the city’s real estate sector.

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