Samana Developers Launches Impressive $381 Million Twin Tower Venture in Dubai’s Flourishing Property Sector

Samana Developers

Spanning an expansive 1.6 million square feet, the Samana Barari Twin Towers in Majan Dubai comprise two imposing structures, each rising to 54 floors. The recent announcement by Samana Developers of their Samana Barari Twin Towers in Majan Dubai marks a significant step in their portfolio.

This upscale residential project represents a major investment for the developers, totaling an impressive AED 1.4 billion (around $381 million). It’s not just their newest endeavor, but also their most ambitious and costly to date.

What Sets Samana Developers Apart?

The goal is to merge the allure of a nature-influenced aesthetic with the latest in smart home technology, providing inhabitants with an extraordinary and distinctive living environment.

Occupying a substantial 1.6 million square feet, the Samana Barari Twin Towers will feature two skyscrapers, each with 54 levels. The project will offer 1,338 apartments, catering to the demands of both domestic and international investors.

The completion and handover of the project are anticipated by the second quarter of 2027. Starting 2024, Samana Developers are enthusiastic about this venture, aiming to sustain a growth trajectory throughout the year. The design focuses on contemporary, eco-friendly living, underscoring the firm’s dedication to high-quality, innovative, and nature-inspired residential solutions.

Samana Developers
Samana Developers

Imran Farooq, CEO of Samana Developers, is excited about the project, viewing it as more than just building homes. For him, the Samana Barari Twin Towers represent a leap forward in enhancing lifestyles. He is confident that this project will redefine luxury, resort-like living in Dubai’s property market.

To facilitate purchases, Samana Developers offers a convenient monthly payment plan, easing financial management for investors and buyers. The project boasts a variety of premium amenities, including private pools, smart home features, a trampoline park, a virtual reality golf area, a health club, and diverse sports facilities.

These features are designed to cater to a range of needs, ensuring comfortable and healthy living for residents. The Samana Barari Twin Towers is located in the middle of Al Khail Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, offering easy access to attractions such as IMG World, Global Village, and the Miracle Garden.

Moreover, the design of the Samana Barari Twin Towers incorporates vibrant green spaces, aiming to foster a community environment conducive to the well-being and growth of all residents.

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