Sharjah Chamber Highlights Real Estate Investment Opportunities At Acres 2024

Sharjah Chamber Highlights Real Estate Investment Opportunities At Acres 2024

Are you in search of reliable real estate investment opportunities? At the ACRES Real Estate Exhibition Dubai several notable options were hosted by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). It runs from 16 May to 19 May 2024.

The first edition of the ACRES Real Estate Exhibition in Dubai was a significant event. It attracted over 40 leading real estate companies, developers, and investors from Dubai, the region, and across the globe. Thousands of visitors attended the exhibition, exploring new business opportunities and collaborations.

Sharjah Chamber Highlights Real Estate Investment Opportunities At Acres 2024

The Sharjah Chamber played a vital role in this event. They engaged in several meetings with top officials, property investors, and developers. This helped to strengthen relationships and foster new business opportunities.

The Chamber highlighted its efforts in creating a favorable investment environment in Sharjah and streamlining processes for investors and property firms.

During the exhibition, the Chamber focused on networking with various industry players. This included real estate developers, investors, and government officials. By doing so, they aimed to build strong relationships that could lead to future collaborations.

These relationships are crucial for the continuous growth and development of the real estate sector in Sharjah.

Investment Opportunities In Sharjah 

During the event, the Sharjah Chamber showcased various investment opportunities in the emirate’s real estate sector. They emphasized the importance of cooperation and sharing expertise among industry players. 

The Chamber’s efforts are aimed at promoting real estate development and establishing a foundation for sustained growth in this sector.

One of the key points highlighted by the Chamber was Sharjah’s advanced infrastructure. The emirate boasts modern roads, efficient public transportation, and state-of-the-art facilities.

These elements make Sharjah an attractive destination for real estate investment. Investors are assured of a well-developed infrastructure that supports various types of real estate projects.

Sharjah Chamber Highlights Real Estate Investment Opportunities At Acres 2024

Benefits Of Investing In Sharjah 

The event highlighted the many advantages of investing in Sharjah. One of the key benefits is the streamlined legal processes. The government has made it easier for investors to navigate the legal requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. This has been a significant factor in attracting more investors to the emirate.

In addition to streamlined legal processes, Sharjah offers supportive regulations that favor real estate development. These regulations are designed to encourage investment and provide a stable environment for growth. Investors can be confident that their investments are protected by fair and transparent regulations.

 Sharjah’s advanced infrastructure was another major highlight. The emirate has invested heavily in developing modern infrastructure, including roads, public transport, and utilities. This infrastructure supports various real estate projects, making Sharjah a prime location for investment.

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Continued Efforts to Support Real Estate

Sharjah Chamber will continue its efforts to support the real estate sector. This includes organizing specialized exhibitions and participating in similar events. These exhibitions provide a platform for developers and investors to showcase their projects and connect with potential partners.

The Chamber seeks to provide all necessary facilitation and services to promote sustainable growth and development in the UAE’s real estate market and other economic sectors. This includes helping investors navigate legal and regulatory requirements and offering support services to ensure the success of their projects.

Focus On Sustainability

The ACRES Real Estate Exhibition, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, showcased over 120 new projects. Many of these projects focus on innovative environmental sustainability practices. This aligns with the UAE government’s strategy to combat climate change and preserve the environment, enhancing the welfare of property owners. 

At ACRES, companies and real estate developers showcased their sustainable projects and shared expertise in this arena. Workshops and programs provided an excellent opportunity to educate visitors about sustainable living and the importance of investing in smart, sustainable cities.

This focus on sustainability is crucial for the long-term success of the real estate sector.

Emphasis on Environmental Protection

Real estate is one of the most thriving sectors in the UAE and is rapidly growing towards enhancing environmental protection efforts. One of the highlighted projects, “Garden City Sharjah,” features extensive green spaces. These spaces are designed to enhance living conditions and position the residential complex as a leader in environmental conservation.

Another notable project in Sharjah is a pioneer in environmental preservation. This project boasts 40,000 trees that absorb sunlight and produce oxygen. It aims to transform the residential complex into an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a healthy community with abundant green spaces.

There was also a focus on strict environmental protocols in all projects. This approach centers on sustainability, ensuring that all real estate units are developed with environmental preservation in mind. 

These protocols are essential for adapting to global environmental changes and ensuring the long-term viability of real estate developments.

Sharjah Chamber Highlights Real Estate Investment Opportunities At Acres 2024

Sharjah’s Real Estate Market: A Promising Future

The ACRES 2024 event highlighted Sharjah’s robust and growing real estate market. The Sharjah Chamber’s participation and the unveiling of various sustainable projects underscore the emirate’s commitment to environmental protection and innovative development.

The event not only showcased current projects but also provided a platform for future collaborations and investments.

The focus on sustainable development and advanced infrastructure makes Sharjah an attractive destination for both local and foreign investors. The Chamber’s efforts to promote these aspects are likely to result in increased investments in the emirate’s real estate sector.

This growth is expected to continue, driven by the ongoing development and investment opportunities. Investors can look forward to a promising future with numerous opportunities for growth and success.


The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s active participation in ACRES 2024 has successfully highlighted the emirate’s investment opportunities. Their efforts to promote a favorable investment environment, coupled with the emphasis on sustainability, make Sharjah an attractive destination for real estate investors. 

As the real estate sector continues to grow, Sharjah stands out as a beacon of innovation and sustainable development in the region. The focus on advanced infrastructure, supportive regulations, and environmental sustainability ensures a bright future for the emirate’s real estate market.

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