When the serene embrace of nature meets the pulsating heart of Dubai, are you prepared to discover Ras Al Khor? This thriving community next to Dubai Creek offers a distinctive way of life as urban energy blends with the beauty of wetlands.

However, despite the lush surroundings, locals have one want in common: they yearn for necessities that are still just out of reach. This is a story of urban dreams tempered with the difficulty of reality, with the quest for fulfilment resounding around every corner.

Explore a world where the attraction of the metropolis meets the unstated requirements of daily life, as offered by Ras Al Khor.


Dubai Creek

Surrounding area is located within close distance to Dubai Creek, from where the construction sites of Dubai Creek Harbour are fully available. Just a mere 13-min drive, will get you to Thumbay Clinic while Dubai based Festival City Mall is also just nearby.

Moreover, the landmarks of Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa can be reached by a 15 minute transportation. However, the area provides easy access to Dubai International airport which is only 15-minute drive away.

Facilities And Amenities

Shopping Malls

Residents are assured of plenty of landmarks they attract. These are attained both within the locality and the surrounding area. Marhaba Mall on Ras Al Khor Road near the border with Nad Al Hamar and exclusively hosts shops such as Al Madina Majida Hypermarket, multiple restaurants, retail stores, and a Union National Bank branch.

Hence once more variety is provided by Dubai Festival City Mall which encompasses exclusive shops and experiences. The mall caters for shoppers by having IKEA, Dubai’s only furniture store and Robinson’s department store as notable attractions.

Entertainment options are all around with theatres Novo Cinemas, the majestic outdoor water and light show titled, IMAGINE, Dhow rides on Festival Bay and the list continues.

Moreover, the residents can also have some fun at City Centre Deira, Al Ghurair Centre and Burjuman that are nearby and 20 minutes’ drive away.

Super Markets

KP Mart, which is a supermarket closest to Ras Al Khor and offers 10 minutes commute, is located just a 10-minute drive away. A short distance away, you can find really well-known supermarkets such as Carrefour Hypermarket and the Shaklan Supermarket in Al Jaddaf. Further, several small supermarkets and mini markets are located within a short walk from the buildings for your easy access.

Educational Centres

There are no schools found in the zone  but there are plenty of schools located in the neighbourhood. Berea, the City School International, Blue Bird Nursery and Nadd Al Hamar School are all in the area .

In addition, there is Swiss International Scientific School located on Dubai Creek as it offers challenging education and internationally recognized schooling.The senior students can get enrolled in Al falah University or European University College that are 15 minutes drive away.

Religious Centres

Ras Al Khor Dubai had many mosques, of which Samari Mosque was one and was located in Samari Residential area. Among the prominent mosques in this area, Nad Al Sheba Mosque really caught my eye as one of the most usual to get in any 10 minutes.

The Sikh population has a Gurudwara temple that is situated in Bur Dubai and is just 11 minutes away and the Hindus have the Shiva and Krishna temples just nearby this same area.

Further, the area is the walking distance to a number of churches which include St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Dubai City Church that are both to the side of Dubai Healthcare City.


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Healthcare Centres

Located at only 5 minutes by drive along Ras Al Khor road, the clinic is conveniently available at Aster Medical Clinic. To all those who opt for general medical checkup, Thumbay Clinic is another good alternative that can be reached in just 13 minutes by car from the place you live. Ras Al Khor’s Yoland Medical Center is also a well-known place to consider.

It should be noted that there are no hospitals in the vicinity but the neighbouring Nad Al Hamar Health Center is the closest option. Furthermore, Dubai Healthcare City is in close proximity to these key 13 minutes’ driving hospitals like Mediclinic City Hospital, Emirates Specialty Hospital, and Magrabi Eye Hospital.


The area of dining provides options for different tastes and purse, a diversity of cuisines being served. Marhaba Mall has the hottest restaurants which include Lims, Zam Zam, and Today Cafe on their menu.

In Ras Al Khor, other dining spots like Greens N Grills, celebrated for their healthy Iranian dishes, Puranmal, the Indian restaurant where deserts are just as delicious, and Mahareb which is a Yemeni Mandi restaurant, are also worth mentioning.

For a bigger culinary pleasure, driving to Dubai Festival City Mall, just a short distance, would also provide one with numerous choices of casual dining. People who would like to enjoy a dining experience that is more sophisticated can explore the fine restaurants located within the hotels in The Dubai Festival City area.


Ras Al Khor

Presence of community in close proximity of a wetland, makes the communal experience a unique one, with the Jumeirah Public Beach, near to the Dubai city, an example.

Just a short walk from Ras Al Khor Dubai, this beach has a precious seashore experience in which you can enjoy the splendid nature. Besides that, there is Sunset Beach and Kite Beach which are also undoubtedly charming, they are 18 minutes away from the area.


Ras Al Khor presents itself as a lovely blend of the urban bustle and the tranquil environment that is part of Dubai’s encompassing hug. Though the area depicts the city lifestyle close to Dubai Creek, a blissful reminder of the essential facilities lets a lingering divine current prevail.

The intersection between urban sophistication and life necessities creates an atmosphere where the residents live; the port of Ras Al Khor draws a picture of the fragile coexistence between what Ras Al Khor residents aspire and their daily life.

After the bustling atmosphere of the city, the community opens for you a world where mere existence is not enough; this place vibrates with the beat of complete living of the beat of Ras Al Khor in the middle of Dubai.



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