Dubai Real Estate Market Records Over $9.6 Billion In Sales In January 2024

Dubai Real Estate Market

Are you ready to step into the twinkling  world of Dubai real estate market, where January 2024 has impressed an immense chapter, boasting over $9.6 billion in sales? 

The soaring numbers not only narrate a tale of unprecedented growth but also pose a pivotal question: Capitalize on this golden opportunity or just be a spectator. 

The leap highlights the need for prospect investors to be prompt in waiting for no one market. In a landscape which is thriving with opportunities, hesitation could become a miss on the fortunes.

The Dubai property market is thriving; take the chance to turn potential regrets into prosperous successes.

Townhomes And Villas Versus Apartments

Market record in Dubai

Dynamic Dubai real estate market highlights the preference of property buyers and tenants towards apartments and villas/townhouses respectively. As per the latest statistics, 58% of the people intending to buy building properties prefer apartments thus, signifying a general trend in the market. 

On the other hand, 42 % yearn for the prestige of villas or townhouses, exhibiting a diversified demand for spacious and independent accommodation.

This intrudes into the rental market where 80 percent of the tenants are searching for apartments proving that urban living is more desirable for a majority.

Nonetheless, some tenants claim a strong preference for the persona and unique features of villas or townhouses that represent only 20% of the tenants. 

The statistics build a nuanced picture of the diversified real estate aspirations in Dubai, acting like a valuable source for both buyers and developers in forging the future landscape.

Comparing Furnished And Unfurnished

In the Dubai property mosaic, what emerges is the dilemma between furnished and unfurnished properties, reflecting the variant tastes of tenants.

Facts show that among those searching for an apartment, the majority of 62.2% report to go for furnished living spaces. It implies a major want for instant and ready dwellings. 

However, 36.1% of potential tenants specifically prefer flexible and personalized options as what unfurnished apartments offer.

More notably, when you look at the trend it changes its direction of travel when it comes to villa and townhouse rentals. 

Around 57 percent of tenants who can afford these bigger apartments still prefer to occupy unfurnished units which underlines the fact that most tenants prefer to have customized spaces to live in. 

On the other hand, 42 percent of the tenants in this section prefer furnished options which provide comfort and convenience.

This particular distinction thus points the finger at the need of paying close attention to varying tenant requirements and matching them with the lifestyle of renters in the rapidly changing Dubai real estate market.

Sizable Units In High Demand

In the dynamic Dubai real estate market, the demand for large units shows clear preferences of the tenants and potential buyers.

A study of tenants’ choices reveals that almost 36 percent are looking for one-bedroom units which shows that there is a demand for smaller living spaces.

In addition, 31 percent of the respondents state that they want two-bedroom apartments, 22 percent of them say that they want studios, hence the diversity of size choices is observed in this segment.

Rather, tenants evincing a liking for villas and townhouses are keen on bigger apartments. A considerable 43% want a three-bedroom house; hence, the need for roomy living is highlighted.

Moreover, 34% of the respondents are by the way specifically looking for four-bedroom or larger options, thus pointing at the high demand for spacious accommodation in this sector.

The interest extends to the sphere of ownership as 33% of potential owners seek one-bedroom flats, 36% prefer two-bedroom properties and 14% long for studios.

In the meantime, the three-bedroom units in the villa or townhouse category are sought by 40 percent of purchasers in comparison to 44 percent of them who are also after larger units. 


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Options For Ownership Vs Renting

Amongst the intricate interplay between ownership and rental selections in real estate Dubai, specific areas stand out as central points for careful investors and potential renters.

For property miners, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle, Business Bay, and Palm Jumeirah are all worthy of consideration as these are desirable catchment areas. 

On the contrary, the villa or townhouse segment prefers Dubai Hills Estate, Arabian Ranches, Palm Jumeirah, Al Furjan, and Damac Hills. This inclination veers towards larger and luxurious homes.

Apartments seekers are mainly looking at Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and Deira as the preferred region, underlining the popularity of modern living and wide range of amenities in these areas. 

But for those who are looking for villas or townhouses for rent, their preferences are met in Dubai Hills Estate, Al Barsha, Damac Hills 2, Jumeirah, and Umm Suqeim which indicates the demand for a more peaceful and suburban environment.

Besides, these characteristics differentiate the numerous ownership and rental options. Furthermore, these facts offer useful advice to investors, developers and tenants while making choices in this diversified real estate market.

Backing From The Current Market

The remarkable annual statistics complement the solid back up from the established real estate market in Dubai. The volume of property sales enjoyed a 20 % increase to tokens of more than 5,000 transactions. 

Yet, the testament of the market’s strength lies in a huge increase in transaction amount; the value doubled as compared to the previous year.

By January of 2024 the overall value of such transactions was AED21 billion which signifies a dramatic increase from AED15.7 billion in January of 2023. 

This exceptional growth of 77% not only demonstrates the resilience of the Dubai real estate market but also shows the ongoing trust of investors in the evolving landscape.

Increasing Interest In Off-Plan

The steady demand for off-plan properties as reflected in a remarkable annual increase in the Dubai real estate market is, without doubt, exciting.

The volume of off-plan property transactions experienced a truly encouraging surge, up 25% and equalling a significant 6000 recorded transactions. 

This flood in demand for off-plan properties shows investors opting for investment opportunities at early stages and potential future growth.

Furthermore, the values attached to these deals off – draft showed rewarding growth, there being 21 percent improvement as compared to the like period in the past.

By the end of January 2024, the total value of off-plan deals reached about AED15 billion, that is higher than the AED12.2 billion recorded at the end of January 2023. 

Such increase in both volume and value emphasizes the growing appeal of off-plan investments, translating into investor confidence and proactive efforts to acquire high-potential properties from Dubai’s vibrant real estate market.

Positivity Regarding Continued Success In 2024

Dubai real estate success

Looking back at the observances, Cherif Sleiman, Chief Revenue Officer at Property Finder, declared contentment over January’s performance, building from the previous year’s impetus and forecasting continued success in 2024. 

A noteworthy trend is the rising popularity of off-plan properties, suggesting a vast consumption of new development projects.

As proptech’s leader, Sleiman put the company’s attention on closely following changing customer tastes. The goal is to empower both parties, thus, making them autonomous when making decisions.

Closing Shot! 

January 2024 is a sight of future riches in the Dubai real estate market with a historical record breaking $ 9.6 billion sales.

This impressive performance, along with reinforcement of the city’s great appeal, seems also to suggest a very optimistic investors’ mood. 

An increase in volume and value alongside the rising off-plan market trends portrays good prospects. The saying of Dubai’s real estate sector as it changes, the stumble numbers cement its place as a global destination attracting investors to benefit from a thriving market that is not only growing but driving it at extraordinary  rates of success.



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