Popular Areas To Live In Dubai For Pakistani Expats

Popular Areas To Live In Dubai For Pakistani Expats

Moving to the brand-new United States can be a difficult task. If here you live in a community in which you feel the comfort of home the transition becomes easier. For Pakistani expats, Dubai offers a range of colorful neighborhoods.

These areas meet their desires and opportunities. From lush green residential areas like Jumeirah Village Circle to busy city neighborhoods like Al Barsha, there really can be a perfect area for everyone. 

You can discover the famous areas where Pakistani expats choose to live in the dynamic city of Dubai.

Popular Areas To Live In Dubai For Pakistani Expats

1. Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

JVC stands out for its lush parks, landscaped canals, and diverse community. Pakistani expats moving from northern cities find peace in the greenery of home.

The proximity to major business hubs like Dubai Internet City and Dubai Marina adds to its appeal. Supermarkets stocking familiar Pakistani and Indian brands, along with educational institutes catering to all ages, make JVC a preferred choice.

Convenience and Cultural Diversity

With its cultural diversity, JVC offers convenience and familiarity. Supermarkets like Spinneys and Choithrams ensure easy access to Pakistani and Indian products. The neighborhood’s educational institutions follow international curricula, including Pakistani standards.

Dining Experience

JVC  includes top restaurants serving Pakistani specialties like biryani and nihari. The culinary scene caters to diverse tastes, making dining out a delightful experience for Pakistani expats.

Affordable Living

Despite its appeal, JVC offers affordable living options for Pakistani expats. The average rent for apartments ranges from AED 44k for a studio to AED 137k for a spacious 3-bedroom unit.

2. Al Nahda: Urban Comforts Near The Border

Al Nahda, situated near the Sharjah-Dubai border, is a neighborhood offering urban comforts. Pakistani expats find it attractive for its affordable rents and family-friendly environment. The presence of schools, supermarkets, and restaurants catering to South Asian tastes adds to its beauty.

Affordability and Amenities

Al Nahda provides affordable housing options without compromising on facilities. Supermarkets and eateries offer a taste of home, making grocery shopping and dining out convenient for Pakistani expats.

 Peaceful Living

Despite its urban setting, Al Nahda offers a relatively quiet environment, ideal for families seeking a peaceful neighborhood. The availability of parks and recreational facilities enhances the quality of life for residents.

Accessible Transportation

The neighborhood’s proximity to major highways and public transportation makes commuting a breeze for Pakistani expats working in different parts of Dubai.

Budget-Friendly Rentals

Renting an apartment in Al Nahda is budget-friendly, with average rents starting from AED 27k for a studio to AED 68k for a spacious 3-bedroom unit.

Popular Areas To Live In Dubai For Pakistani Expats

3. Bur Dubai: A Blend Of Cultures

Bur Dubai offers a blend of cultures and traditions. Pakistani expats, along with other South Asian communities, find a sense of belonging in this vibrant district. The availability of metro stations, supermarkets, and schools catering to Pakistani expats adds to its appeal.

Multicultural Community

Bur Dubai’s diverse population reflects Dubai’s multiculturalism. Residents can experience a blend of cultures, traditions, and cuisines, fostering a sense of community among Pakistani expats.

Convenient Access

The district’s strategic location provides convenient access to metro stations served by the Green and Red Lines. This accessibility makes commuting to work or exploring the city hassle-free for Pakistani ex-pats.

Familiar Amenities

Supermarkets like Carrefour and Choithrams, along with Pakistani restaurants, offer familiar amenities and dining options for Pakistani expats. This familiarity enhances the overall living experience in Bur Dubai.

Affordable Housing

Renting an apartment in Bur Dubai is relatively affordable, with average rents ranging from AED 37k for a studio to AED 101k for a spacious 3-bedroom unit.

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4. Al Barsha

Safety and Accessibility:

Al Barsha is renowned for its safety, accessibility, and family-friendly environment. Pakistani expats, particularly young professionals, prefer this neighborhood for its proximity to major roads, business hubs, and leisure facilities.

Safe and Family Friendly:

Al Barsha’s reputation for safety and family friendliness makes it a top choice for Pakistani expats. The neighborhood’s well-maintained properties and recreational facilities enhance the quality of life for residents.

Convenient Location:

Situated near Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, Al Barsha offers easy access to major business centers like Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City. This accessibility simplifies commuting for Pakistani ex-pats working in these areas.

5. Discovery Gardens: Affordable Living Along Green Spaces

Discovery Gardens is a budget-friendly option for Pakistani expats seeking affordable living along green spaces. This residential community offers a calm environment with garden-themed clusters and greenery. Its proximity to Jebel Ali Free Zone and Ibn Battuta Mall adds to its appeal among Pakistani expats.

  • Affordability and Greenery: Discovery Gardens stands out for its affordability and abundance of green spaces. Pakistani expats can enjoy a serene living environment while staying within their budget. The garden-themed clusters offer a refreshing change from the urban landscape, providing residents with a peaceful retreat.
  • Convenient Location: The neighborhood’s proximity to Jebel Ali Free Zone makes it an attractive choice for Pakistani expats working in this industrial area. Additionally, Ibn Battuta Mall is nearby, providing residents with access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options.
  • Affordable Rentals: Rental rates in Discovery Gardens are among the most affordable in Dubai, making it an ideal choice for Pakistani expats on a budget. Average rents start from AED 37k for a studio to AED 74k for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Top Areas To Rent Villas For Pakistani Expats In Dubai

1. Damac Hills 2: Luxury Living In A Golf Community

DAMAC Hills 2 offers Pakistani expats the opportunity to experience luxury living in a golf community. With beautifully designed villas and top-notch amenities, it provides a prestigious residential address at comparatively lower rents.

Convenient Location

DAMAC Hills 2 is conveniently located near major highways, providing easy access to other parts of Dubai. Residents can enjoy proximity to top supermarkets, schools, and healthcare institutions, ensuring convenience and accessibility in everyday life.

Family Oriented Amenities

The community offers a range of family-oriented amenities, including parks, playgrounds, and community centers. Pakistani expat families can enjoy quality time together outdoors, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Affordable Rentals

Despite its luxury amenities, rental rates in DAMAC Hills 2 are comparatively lower than other upscale communities in Dubai. Average rents start from AED 80k for a 3-bedroom villa, making it an attractive option for Pakistani expats seeking luxury living at affordable prices.

Popular Areas To Live In Dubai For Pakistani Expats

2. Mirdif: Value For Money In A Family-friendly Community

Mirdif is known for offering value for money in a family-friendly environment, making it a top choice for Pakistani expats seeking spacious villas with excellent facilities.

Value For Money

Villas in Mirdif offer excellent value for money, providing residents with spacious living accommodations and modern amenities at competitive rental rates. Pakistani expats can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Cultural Attractions

The neighborhood is home to cultural attractions like Mushrif Park, offering residents the opportunity to find Dubai’s heritage and natural beauty. Pakistani expats can enjoy leisurely walks, picnics, or outdoor activities in the park’s serene surroundings.

Affordable Rentals

Rental rates in Mirdif are competitive compared to other upscale communities in Dubai, making it an attractive option for Pakistani expats seeking spacious villas with excellent facilities. 

Average rents start from AED 110k for a 3-bedroom villa, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.


Dubai offers several options for Pakistani expats to call home, each providing different preferences and budgets. Whether it’s the lush greenery of Jumeirah Village Circle, the urban comforts of Al Nahda, the multicultural charm of Bur Dubai, the accessibility of Al Barsha, or the affordability of Discovery Gardens, there’s something for everyone. 

Additionally, for those seeking spacious villas, DAMAC Hills 2 and Mirdif, provide excellent value for money and family-friendly environments. With its diverse neighborhoods and vibrant communities, Dubai truly welcomes Pakistani expats with open arms.

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