Can Foreigners Buy Properties In Dubai?

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Are inhabitants the only ones with ambitions of owning a piece of Dubai’s skyline? There’s a big question: Can foreigners actually purchase properties in Dubai? As the city’s attraction never fades, this question becomes an important one to ask and take into account when making an investment.

It is certainly alluring to think about becoming a real estate owner in this international center, but the process of doing so might be fraught with difficulties and unknowns.

The trip is complex, ranging from outsiders looking to make a profitable investment to foreigners wanting to establish a long-term presence in the city. Come along as we explore the nuances of foreign properties in Dubai.

What Foreigners Can Purchase Real Estate In Dubai And Can?

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Foreigners are free to buy properties in Dubai, whether they are visitors or residents working in Dubai currently. Citizens of another country living and working abroad and residents of the United Arab Emirates are both protected through this special policy.

What Type of Properties In Dubai Foreigners Can Own?

Among various properties in Dubai that are divided in terms of ownership and the eligibility of foreigners to buy and sell them, there is one type of property that can be owned by the foreigners completely.

In 2002 the government of Dubai adopted new rules governing property purchases and ownership and they caused very significant changes. These allowed them to buy freehold and leasehold properties only detailed below:These allowed them to buy freehold and leasehold properties only detailed below:

Freehold Properties

Such kind of property refers the property owner to the right to buy, rent, or do business with the ownership of the property or the land on which it arises.

Contrary to the restrictions imposed elsewhere, expats and non-citizens are lawfully entitled to purchase freehold properties, inspecting which is not harder, as the Dubai Land Department (DLD) designated this area for freehold lands.

The DLD updates the freehold areas on yearly basis and some of these areas are:The DLD updates the freehold areas on yearly basis and some of these areas are:

The Palm Jumeirah

Downtown Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Marina

Emirates Hills

Barsha Heights

Blue Water Island

Business Bay.

Leasehold Properties

Different from Freehold, Leasehold denotes the duration of leasehold is more than 99 years. The management of the building is also not permitted to modify or redesign the property without the permission of the freehold owner.

Can Non-residents Purchase Various Real Estates For Business?

It is true because they can buy properties in dubai either for commercial or residential use. An expatriate as you only need to possess the provisions, like a valid Trade Licence, to have the privilege of using the property for commercial objectives.

The part of foreign investors, where they can also rent their properties to tenants, is that they have companies who manage the whole process for them.


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What Type Of Taxes Are Imposed On Foreigners Who Buy Real Estates In Dubai?

Our special news for you is the fact that no one imposes a tax for you! In line with the government initiative to entice foreign direct investment in the UAE, an economic environment supporting the no-tax concept has been seen.

The local authorities of the UAE have waived the taxation on the rental income, property purchase, or anything related to the investor; this creates a good environment for investment.

Can Foreigners Get Residence Visa For Buying Property?

Yes, the residence visa they can obtain is more than a year, and this is one of the many benefits of buying properties in Dubai for the foreigners.

The holding period of the Property Investor visa might be either three or five years, which depends on the value of the property.

However, you are also concerned with the price of the product. We assure you that this as well will be handled by us. It’s simple: Beginning from foreigners who acquire a property worth AED 5M, they can be given the right to a residence visa for 5 years. On the other hand, residents on the 3-year stay visa plan are to have a property worth AED750K first before they get one.

But there’s still more! Abu Dhabi’s UAE representative office is in charge of several international initiatives aimed at luring investors to the country.

This is one of the ways through which the Investor can get a golden visa by purchasing any property valued at not less than two million AED dinars which is developed by Aldar’s project.

Can Foreigners Get Loans Towards The Purchase Of Houses In Dubai?

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Yes, foreigners are allowed to obtain a mortgage in Dubai, both from government institutions and private banks, to purchase properties in the city.

Interest rates and other conditions for getting loans are unique for each bank and determined by different factors: the borrower’s country of residence and monthly income whereas they are.

Foreigners can visit a financial institution and apply for the loan after they have met the requirements and submitted the necessary documents.

This is a process involving the following steps: Dubai Property Buy.

In order for foreigners to buy a properties in Dubai, there are easy and simple steps to follow and they differ depending on whether you are purchasing a resale unit or a new one:

For foreigners to buy properties in Dubai, there are straightforward and easy methods to undertake, and obviously what you are going to go through differs whether you are buying a resale unit or a new one.

To pick a developer who is certified by the Dubai Land Department to create a project (existing units).

Choosing a Real Estate Regulatory Authority-member real estate agent.

In case the loan is needed, getting the loan (or loans).

NOC’s application penalties can be avoided though payment of applicable fees.

Register the property at DLD under your registered name.


The possibility of foreign ownership of properties in Dubai opens up a world of possibilities, but navigating the complexities calls for a thorough knowledge of the laws and available options.

The answer to the question “Can foreigners buy properties in Dubai?” holds the key to releasing the real estate potential of the city, regardless of whether they are motivated by financial goals or the need for a permanent presence.



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