UAE: New Committee To Oversee Transfer Of Housing Grants For Citizens

UAE: New Committee To Oversee Transfer Of Housing Grants For Citizens

For overseeing housing grant transfers, in the UAE, a new committee, is set up. It is set up by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA). Citizens can get help at the ISKAN Abu Dhabi Centre from May 6 to July 31, 2024.

The focus of the committee is on cases predating October 2, 2018. It is adhering to approved regulations and prioritizing public interest. For resolving housing grant conveyance issues, particularly those predating October 2018, Director-General Hamad Hareb Al Muhairi focuses on the government’s dedication. 

UAE: New Committee To Oversee Transfer Of Housing Grants For Citizens

Committee Formation And Objectives

The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) has formed a committee dedicated to handling citizens’ requests concerning housing grant transfers. This committee aims to address cases predating October 2, 2018, following regulations and prioritizing public interest.

Understanding Housing Grant Transfers

Housing grant transfers are essential processes that involve the exchange or sale of residential properties granted to citizens by the government. These grants aim to provide affordable housing options for citizens and contribute to community development.

By facilitating the transfer of housing grants, the government aims to ensure that citizens have access to suitable housing solutions that meet their needs.

Application Period And Submission Requirements

From May 6 to July 31, 2024, citizens can submit their requests to the newly formed committee at the ISKAN Abu Dhabi Centre. To ensure a smooth process, ADHA has outlined specific submission requirements.

Citizens are required to submit their requests within this specified timeframe, along with all relevant documents and proofs. These documents may include sale or exchange contracts, proof of financial transactions, and other necessary paperwork. 

UAE: New Committee To Oversee Transfer Of Housing Grants For Citizens

Criteria For Request Submission

For requests involving the sale and purchase of housing grants, certain conditions must be met. Citizens must possess residential land or an alternative housing option registered as a housing grant.

This requirement ensures that citizens have a genuine need for housing assistance and are not exploiting the system for personal gain. Additionally, citizens should not have claimed another residential land or housing grant simultaneously, as this could lead to complications in the transfer process. 

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Exchange Procedures And Criteria

In cases of exchange with other citizens, applicants must follow the criteria outlined in updated housing programs and policies. These criteria are designed to ensure fairness and transparency in the exchange process, preventing any form of discrimination or favoritism.

By adhering to these procedures, citizens can have confidence that their requests will be evaluated fairly and impartially by the committee.

Finality Of Committee Decisions

ADHA emphasizes that committee decisions are final, with no requests entertained beyond the specified deadline. This policy ensures that the committee can process requests promptly and avoid unnecessary delays or complications.

By adhering to this policy, the committee can effectively manage its workload and prioritize cases based on their urgency and importance.

Director-General’s Perspective

Hamad Hareb Al Muhairi, Director-General of ADHA, plays a crucial role in overseeing the operations of the committee and ensuring that its objectives are met. 

As the head of ADHA, Al Muhairi is responsible for providing strategic direction and guidance to the committee, ensuring that it operates in line with government objectives and priorities. 

Benefits For Citizens

The establishment of this committee brings several benefits for UAE citizens. 

  • It provides a dedicated platform to address housing grant transfer issues, ensuring fairness and transparency in the process. 
  • Moreover, by streamlining procedures and setting clear deadlines, citizens can expect quicker resolutions to their housing grant concerns. 
  • Additionally, the committee’s efforts to promote public participation and engagement in the transfer process empower citizens to take an active role in securing housing assistance and advocating for their needs.

Role Of ISKAN Abu Dhabi Centre

ISKAN Abu Dhabi Centre serves as the primary point of contact for citizens seeking assistance with housing grant transfers. As the designated location for request submissions, the center plays a crucial role in facilitating the process and ensuring that citizens have access to the support and guidance they need.

Staff members at the center are trained to assist citizens with queries and provide necessary guidance throughout the submission process, ensuring that citizens can navigate the process with confidence and ease.

Impact On Housing Sector

The formation of this committee is expected to have a positive impact on the housing sector in the UAE. By addressing transfer of housing grant issues effectively, it enhances confidence among citizens and investors alike.

Moreover, the streamlined process encourages greater participation in housing programs, contributing to overall development in the sector. 

Collaboration With Stakeholders

ADHA acknowledges the importance of collaboration with various stakeholders to ensure the success of this initiative. By engaging with government agencies, real estate professionals, and community organizations, ADHA aims to garner support and cooperation in achieving its objectives.

This collaborative approach fosters a sense of collective responsibility towards addressing housing-related challenges in the UAE, ensuring that all stakeholders work together towards a common goal of promoting public welfare and social development.

UAE: New Committee To Oversee Transfer Of Housing Grants For Citizens

Promoting Public Participation

The committee’s efforts also aim to promote public participation in the housing grant transfer process. By providing clear guidelines and information, citizens are encouraged to actively engage and take advantage of the available opportunities for housing assistance.

This promotion of public participation helps to ensure that the transfer process is inclusive and representative of the diverse needs and interests of the community, developing a sense of ownership and investment in the outcome.

Monitoring And Evaluation

To ensure the effectiveness of its operations, the committee engages in regular monitoring and evaluation activities. This involves reviewing the efficiency of procedures, addressing any emerging challenges, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

By continuously monitoring and evaluating its performance, the committee can identify areas for enhancement and implement necessary changes to better serve the needs of citizens.


The establishment of the committee to oversee the transfer of housing grants represents a significant step towards enhancing efficiency and transparency in the process.

Through its dedication to fairness, accessibility, and continuous improvement, the committee aims to effectively address the housing needs of UAE citizens and contribute to the overall development of the housing sector.

With a clear focus on public interest and collaboration with stakeholders, the committee is claimed to make a positive impact on the lives of citizens across the UAE.

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