10 Year Investor Visa in The UAE

10 Year Investor Visa in The UAE

Are you looking for Dubai’s property investor visa that is not for a short term duration? You are fond of Dubai’s real estate and don’t want to get into the legal process of visa changes again and again? Don’t worry! 10 Year Investor visa in the UAE has got you in for a treat!

Dubai understands the needs of investors, as being a top place in the world, it never treats the investors like others. Investors play a huge role in shaping Dubai’s real estate, so don’t get worried as you have everything in your hands now.

Let’s go through the details of how you can get this ado! 

Requirements For 10 Year Investor Visa in The UAE

10 Year Investor Visa

Here’s the breakdown of the requirements for Investor Visa: 

Step 1: Make sure you own property in Dubai that is of at least a minimum of 2 million AED. You can include multiple properties under your name to meet this requirement.

Step 2: If you already purchased the property through any developer or bank mortgage, get a statement of account from them or a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank. These documents are the major requirement for your residence visa application.

Step 3: You should be present in the UAE while applying.

Step 4: If you are married, you and your spouse can jointly participate in one property. However, provide a marriage certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Arabic Language.

Step 5: If the property is jointly owned by you and your spouse, ensure that both parties have an equal share. If the shares are not equal, the person with the highest share will be the primary visa applicant, and they can then sponsor the other spouse.

Step 6: If the market value of your property exceeds 2 million AED, you can apply for a Golden Residence visa. For this, you need an official evaluation certificate for this application.

Step 7: If you jointly own the property with a partner, your share should be worth a minimum of 2 million AED to be eligible for the Golden Residence visa.

Step 8: Ensure that the name on the title deed matches the name in your passport.

Required Documents  

A property in Dubai must have a stated value of at least two million AED when you acquire the title document for it. It is not applicable to properties in the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority (DIFCA) or in other emirates.

  1.     passport (valid for more than 6 months).
  2.     Your Emirates ID
  3.     Digital photo according to instructions by the Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP).
  4.     Bring your national ID.
  5.     UAE Health insurance required

Investor Visa-All You Should Know About

For investment opportunities or to launch new businesses, people from all over the world are attracted towards the UAE’s strong economy and welcoming business environment.

The Dubai Investment Visa, also known as the Partner Visa, is a visa that the UAE grants to some specific individuals.

For wealthy or highly skilled foreign expats, the government has recently established the UAE Long-Term Residence Visa as a residency alternative.

Based on the applicant’s eligibility requirements, this visa has a ten-year validity. Also, you can apply directly, without hiring a middle man in the UAE, based on your skills.

A substantial financial investment in the United Arab Emirates is a prerequisite for candidacy for the most popular type of long-term residency visa, known as the Investor Visa.

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Advantages Investor Visa Offer:

Investor Visa Offer

Increased Stay outside the UAE:

You are not limited in how long you can stay outside the UAE in order to keep your visa valid. Unlike holders of other visas, you are allowed to stay abroad for more than six months with a 10 Year Investor visa in the UAE without having to return to the UAE during that period.


With low rates of crime, Dubai provides a safe and secure environment. Even after dusk, you are allowed to wander about the city. Those who disobey the legislation, however, run the possibility of having their visas cancelled and being deported.


You are able to provide up to three drivers and housekeepers. You can also sponsor members of your family for the same ten-year period.

Dependent Sponsorship:

For the same amount of time as the sponsor’s visa is valid, holders of retirement (5 years) and property owner (10 years) visas may sponsor their single dependent children. They cannot, however, be married themselves.

Parent Sponsorship:

Another option available to you is to apply for a 10-year visa on behalf of your parents. 

Closing Up!

So, there you have it. Getting an investor visa might seem complicated but it’s a straightforward process that is done thoroughly online.

You don’t need to visit anywhere and apply by the ease of your home. With so many perks holding in itself it brings happy and successful moments to your life!


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