Step By Step Guide Registering Your Tenancy Contract With Ejari In Dubai

Ejari in Dubai

Registering your tenancy contract with Ejari in Dubai is essential for both landlords and tenants. Whether you opt for online registration or in-person assistance, the process can seem daunting at first. However, with our comprehensive guide, navigating through Ejari registration becomes seamless.

Online registration through platforms like the Dubai REST App or the Ejari system on the Dubai Land Department’s website streamlines the process. Simply create an account, enter property and contract details accurately, upload required documents, pay registration fees, and await approval.

Alternatively, in-person registration at designated typing centers offers convenience. Ensure you have all necessary documents, including the original tenancy contract, Emirates ID, and passport copies.

Whichever method you choose, the registration for ejari in dubai ensures legal compliance and facilitates various transactions, making it a crucial step for all involved parties in Dubai’s real estate sector.

All-In-One Instruction On Ejari Registration In Dubai

Registering Your Tenancy Contract with Ejari

Would we have the option of doing registration for the Ejari in dubai ? This query often comes up in mind of the new clients of Dubai. 

The Ejari tenancy contract is of a great deal of importance in tenancy proceedings in Dubai, so although the online registration process might seem somewhat complicated and time consuming at first, we have put together a step-by – step guide that will help you create a tenancy agreement for ejari in Dubai with no hiccups. 

This manual is focused on the process of registration for Ejari in dubai via the official DLD website or the Dubai REST app in a way that minimizes the investor’s time disbursement and effort. 

We also included in this article the most valuable information that your neighbors might need but instead of online enrollment we included in-person registration.

Who Is In Charge Of Registering For Ejari?

From the standpoint of legality, the landlord should register the Ejari in dubai, but in reality, the tenant is accountable. And better, if the property is controlled, the agency must finish the responsibilities.

Real Estate Agents Responsibilities: 

In fact, estate agents, or brokers may be engaged in the process though they usually have the role of signing contracts between the parties involved. They might explain to tenants where they should go or what steps they need to take for registration but they could not assist with the actual registration themselves.

Government Authorities: 

Various governments of Dubai may demand an Ejari certificate while doing transactions for some things. For instance, the residence visas obtaining or renewal processes very often require an Ejari certificate. This guarantees that people who have legal residence permits are accommodated in the emirate.


Businesses which lease commercial property and therefore are in effect of Ejari declarations. The registration of the commercial lease contracts at Ejari platform is required to ensure the legal compliance and efficiency. Additionally, Ejari registration by the DED is to enable mainland companies to get a business license.

To sum up, everybody who is involved in the land or property leasing and renting in Dehradun, including landlords, tenants, real estate agents, and businessmen, must observe the system for Ejari in dubai. It is not only the vehicle to those requirements of transparency, resolving disputes, and the legal validity of tenancy agreements in the emirate.

Upon your Ejari creation in the online registration or at one of the most prominent Ejari centers, you will be allocated a unique barcode(Ejari number). An attested Ejari in Dubai contract is a strict requirement when applying for:An attested Ejari Dubai contract is a strict requirement when applying for:

  • DEWA connects water and electricity (public authority).
  • Telephone and internet connection
  • Obtaining commercial licenses

There is the provision of residence visas and other things too. The DED is the key regulatory authority that handles business registrations and oversees business activities in Dubai. 

The Mainland companies must comply with several requirements and stipulations determined by the DED and the provision of the Ejari is one of the most important ones. 

Free zones, however, apply their own rules and regulations as they are typically built within the boundary of a free zone. Accordingly, Ejari registration might not be required for company incorporation in the Freezone area.

Service Channels For Ejari Online Registration In Dubai

To make the registration and renewal process for you less burdensome, the government recently initiated different service channels. All the avenues for applying online service are provided below.

  • Dubai REST App
  • Dubai Now App
  • Ejari system, Dubai Land Department’s website.
  • The Centre of Trustees for the Real Estate Service Trustees.

Online Ejari Registration Dubai

1.Visit The Ejari Online Portal: 

The Ejari official website is often hosted by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai. To apply, go to the RERA’s official website first.

2. Create An Account: 

In case it’s your first-time, the portal will guide you to create an account. Please enter your email, create an account with a password in order to be able to set up your profile.

3. Login To Your Account: 

After the account creation is complete, login using the details that you specified. If you do this, you will be redirected to a personalized dashboard.

4. Initiate a New Ejari Registration: 

Among all the buttons on your dashboard, choose the button to start a new registration. Indicate your role – whether you are the landlord, tenancy or doing this for the landlord or tenancy.

5. Enter Property And Contract Details: 

Carefully include details about the property in the entirety of it. Include details such as location, type (residential or commercial) or any other information that is important. Obtain a tenancy contract and open a rent for the space, duration of rent and any special conditions,lease.

From the tenancy contract, you need to extract and input the following comprehensive details about the property:From the tenancy contract, you need to extract and input the following comprehensive details about the property:


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Look where mentioned in the tenancy contract that tells the exact spot of the property. This can be the street address of a building, including the building name, the street name, and the unit or apartment number.

Type Of Property (Residential Or Commercial): 

The contract of tenancy should indicate the description of the property type . It will specifically indicate if the lands are for residential or commercial use.

Rental Amount: 

At the end of the tenancy statement there is a part which contains the amount you need to pay the landlord. The revised tenancy agreement will include rent payable from the tenant on a monthly or yearly basis to the landlord. This also includes the extra cost during the production or delivery of the service.

Lease Duration: 

Identify which portion of the tenancy agreement stipulates the duration of the leasing period. This also includes dates that tenancy will start and come to a close. It may in addition to this also include information on the option of lease renewal or the notice period.

Special Conditions: 

Go through the tenancy contract with the aim of finding hidden conditions or other details. Such rules may involve obligations related to servicing, limitations of property use or any terms of agreements between the landlord and the tenant. Other conditions may be also classified as the change of early termination, subletting and property modification.

Additional Pertinent Details: 

Check for any other crucial information which you might have missed from the tenancy agreement. This can also include provisions that bear to utilities, maintenance procedures and other clauses that may affect the relationship between the landlord and their tenant.

Following this step of collecting the above information from the tenancy contract, move on to the Ejari registration portal and insert all the details as required. Make sure you pay more attention to details to verify the information entered is exactly matching the terms and conditions as outlined in the tenancy agreement. The accuracy of the details being inputted is of much relevance as this directly affects the Ejari registration process course and the outcome.

6. Upload Required Documents: 

Registration may include required documents to be checked and submitted to prove the existence of the tenancy agreement.Upload the following documents:

  • Copy of the Tenancy Contract: It should also be included, preferably in the first paragraph.
  • Emirates ID (for tenants): An Emirates ID copy from the owners of the residence in case their names are registered.
  • Title Deed (for landlords): An original copy of a certificate of land ownership (title deed) for the property, proving the landlord’s ownership.
  • Passport of the landlord
  • Receipt of security deposit
  • A trade license (in terms of commercial properties)

Pay Registration Fees: 

You can move to pay (registration fees) now. Fees are set based on aspects like kind of immovable and rental period. Online payment options are typically available.As per the DLD, the fees to register the Ejari in dubai online can be broken down as follows:Online payment options are typically available.As per the DLD, the fees to register the Ejari online can be broken down as follows:

  • Online Ejari registration: AED 0.155
  • Knowledge fee: AED 10
  • Innovation fee: AED 10

The registration fee is 175 Dirhams in all. However you may perform Ejari registration through Dubai Land Department, you should pay an extra commission of AED 95 +VAT.

8. Review And Submit: 

Pause and check through all the entered data and uploaded documents carefully Accuracy is what matters a lot as errors or omissions can cause shortages. Upon validation, fill in the registration form.

9. Wait For Approval: 

A third party will review your application after you have submitted it. Usually this happens after a couple of working days. Look back at your program portal for any status updates on your application.

10. Receive Certificate: 

Having it approved, you’ll get the electronically issued certificate. Provided that such document represents that your rental contract is registered with Ejarai and which is a main thing for different kinds of transactions and legal purposes.

It might take 24 hours to a day after the approval of the completed documents.

In-Person Ejari Registration

Ejari in dubai

If you are not comfortable with a web based registration process and/or if you are not successful with the online registration process you can also register your Ejari on a walk in basis.

Both tenants and landlords to register their Ejari in dubai can visit Ejari typing centers and submit the document required. Approved touch typing schools are situated in the places mentioned below.

  1. Al Manara Centre
  2. Al Barsha Mall
  3. Oud Metha
  4. Port Saeed
  5. Zabeel

Alternatively, you can also delegate the in-person registration to a 3rd party service provider in case you lack the time by following below steps:Alternatively, you can also delegate the in-person registration to a 3rd party service provider in case you lack the time by following below steps:

  1. Try to find their real estate trustee center or their real estate management companies if they manage the property.
  2. Taube Investments LLC is an authorized real estate trust provider.
  3. Taresh Al Real Estate Services enjoys the position of a trustee.
  4. Takhlees Government Services
  5. Finish with the necessary documents and make sure that they are complete.
  6. Wait for the transaction processing to be confirmed by the employee.
  7. Pay the fees to get a receipt also.
  8. Achieve the evidence of contract registration and the Ejari contract.
  9. Offline Registration Fees
  10. The fee one should pay to register a unit under the Ejari contract type at the real estate trustee centers is AED 219.75, inclusive of service VAT.

If you find yourself asking questions like “Ejari office near me”, you can check the DLD website or use the contact number given for details and information.

The touch centers are open weekdays from 8AM to 5PM and students must adhere to class schedules.

Desk timings 08:00 am to 08:00 pm | Fridays 09:00am to 12:00pm Some of the typing center locations may maintain different operating hours. It is advisable to always check out the schedule before visiting the place.

What Documents Are Required To Be Registered?

Each of you needs certain important documents as you register. Check them through the following list:Check them through the following list:

  1. Original signed tenancy contract
  2. Security deposit receipt
  3. Tenant’s Emirates ID
  4. Copy of the owner’s passport (that if it was an individual).
  5. Tenant’s passport (non-GCC nationals)
  6. Photo of PoA document copy (if the paper has already been signed by a PoA); The renewal of PoA documents must be performed annually.
  7. The validity of the Visa of the Tenant shall be extended for 12 months (Does not apply to Non-GCC nationals)
  8. Duplicate of rental property possession papers
  9. Licenses for trade (referring to commercial premises).

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