How to Find Parking Spots in Dubai? 3 Steps You Must Know!

How to Find Parking Spots in Dubai?

Ever found yourself circling the bustling streets of Dubai in search of that elusive parking spot? If you’ve ever pondered the art of navigating the city’s vibrant but challenging parking landscape, you’re not alone.

Let’s dive into how you can easily find parking spots in Dubai without wasting any time.

Step 1: Download the Dubai Drive App

With many other features, the Dubai Drive app also helps locate a correct and safe parking spot.

Firstly, you must download the “Dubai Drive” app from Google Play if you are using Android and the App Store if you are an IOS user. After downloading it, you will have to create an account to recognize your identity, and this is how you will be considered a valid user.

Now, as you are a valid user, log into your Dubai Drive app and go to the homepage. There will be many categories on the homepage, but you must select the “Parking” category.

Finally, there will be an option for “Search Parking,” upon clicking on that, you should search for an area where you want to find a parking spot. For example, if you are going to an office building, you will have to search for the complete address of this building.

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Step 2: Select the Parking Spot

Selecting the perfect parking spot is the second step that you should take.

A map will be presented to you on the Dubai Drive app, and you can easily assume, looking at it, the parking spot that you want. The map is quite interactive, as you can rotate it and see the parking spots from different angles.

Suppose you do not want to find parking at a specific place and are just looking for available parking spaces around the city. Then, you should select between the two options in the Dubai Drive app, which is multi-story and public parking.

Parking spots in Dubai


You can also zoom in on the map to check  whether seats are available in a specific area. If you zoom in and a red pin is visible, a few parking spots are available in this area. Upon clicking that pin, a box will appear which will give you details regarding the parking code and tariff of that parking spot.

Step 3: Pay For the Parking

There are many ways you can pay for your parking spot; two are mentioned below.

1) Dubai Drive App

You can pay through the app itself once you reach the parking spot. You will have to tap on pay, and your location will be detected, which is how you will be charged. Apart from this, you can enter your car number plate or parking code in the search bar for the app to detect your location. Once your location is detected successfully, you will be charged by the app.

But this is only possible if you have sufficient funds in your Dubai Drive app.

2) Credit/Debit Card

If you do not have funds in your Dubai Drive app, then this is the option you must seek. There is a “Top Up” option in the app, and upon clicking on it, you can select the amount you want to pay.

You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone as soon as the payment is completed. Wait for the confirmation and then proceed.

Final Thoughts

In a city where finding parking can be as challenging as exploring its myriad attractions, mastering the process becomes essential for a seamless urban experience in Dubai. The Dubai Drive app emerges as a digital ally, transforming the hunt for parking spots into a streamlined and tech-savvy endeavor.

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