Rent Control In Dubai: What It Is And How To Get It ?

Rent control in dubai

Are you an expat living in Dubai who is attempting to find secure and reasonably priced accommodation among the ever changing real estate market? Rent hikes are a common problem stemming from the need for safe and affordable housing.

It’s critical to comprehend rent control in Dubai, a busy metropolis. Tenant rights and regulations are called into question by the lack of traditional rent control laws.

This article explores the complexities of rent control in Dubai, clarifying its meaning, effects on tenants, and strategies for navigating this dynamic facet of the city’s thriving real estate market.

What is Rent Control?

Dubai rent control

Rent control is a legal framework or regulations that limit the amount and frequency of rent rise, which is the role of the landlords on the tenants. The main objective is to prevent rental hikes that are out of line and to guarantee tenants a stable, affordable housing.

To put the matter in a different perspective, rent control measures vary from one city to another, anywhere on the globe, and Dubai is not dissimilar.Dubai’s real estate has registered amazing growth in the past years, which is pulling expatriates and investors from all over the world.

The market for landlord-tenant relations is more supportive of landlords and tenant rights are also safeguarded by some provisions to maintain a balance between the interests of both landlords and tenants.

Rent Control In Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, rent regulation and real estate industry administration are vital responsibilities of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). Although Dubai lacks the well-known rent control rules that forbid landlords from charging exorbitant rent, it does have legislation ensuring lease arrangements are fair and transparent.

Rent Increases

Rent control in dubai cannot be changed during a lease period, but it can be increased when the lease is renewed in Dubai, where the law regulates the rental. Nonetheless, there are restraints on these changes.

The rental amount is often linked to the average market rate of similar homes in the immediate area. RERA also provides a rent calculator on their official website that usually allows tenants to know the maximum rent increase allowed.

Index linked Rent

Dubai featured the notion of index linked rent as a measure of the establishment of fairness in the signing process of rental agreements. 

Index linked renting gives permission for landlords to change rental rates related to a definite index which means the average rental prices in a certain area. This kind of practice prevents some landlords from increasing rental prices without proper reasoning and beyond the due limits.

How To Get Rent Control In Dubai

Tenants’ rights are well protected in Dubai, the city that may not have a rent control system in the usual sense, because tenants have legal tools to ensure fair treatment. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the process of obtaining rent control or addressing rent-related issues:

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Familiarize Yourself With Rental Regulations

Knowing the determinants of local legal and regulatory requirements is important for tenants. The RERA website contains many documents on tenancy laws, procedures for calculating rent hikes, and other significant rules; all of which you can find on the website. Being aware of such rights as a tenant is crucial.

Negotiate Fair Lease Terms

Before the leasing contract is taken, the tenants should have open and transparent communication with the landlords. 

During the negotiation of the rental terms, tenants should ask about the possibility of having the reasonable rent increase clauses included in the contract and seek more information about the terms in the contract which are not comprehensible.

Register The Tenancy Contract

The registration of tenancy contracts with Ejari, a web based platform meant for this purpose, is a compulsory requirement for both landlords and tenants under RERA.

The document, Ejari registration, helps to create an official record of the agreement and is commonly used in the process of solving disputes in the course of rent.

Addressing Rent Increases

In case a tenant is issued with a rent increase notice, it’s necessary to verify whether the proposed hike is by RERA regulations compliant. 

The rent calculator in RERA website is a tool that can assist tenants in figuring the maximum amount of rent increase. If an increase is proposed that exceeds the limit set, tenants can challenge it through the legal system.

Seek Legal Advice

In case of intricate rent-related issues, tenants can turn to a legal advisor to get a better grasp of their rights as well as to study the possible legal solutions available for them. 

The law firms in Dubai that are devoted to real estate and tenancy matters are the ones guiding the tenants with the legal landscaping.


Does Dubai Have Customary Laws Governing Rent Control?

No, typical rent control laws that tightly restrict how much landlords may raise rent are absent from Dubai. To guarantee equity and openness in rental agreements, the city has put rules in place.

What Part Does Rent Control In Dubai Play For The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera)?

In Dubai, the real estate industry is heavily regulated by RERA, which also manages rental laws. Although it differs from traditional rent control, RERA sets rules and regulations to preserve the rights of both landlords and tenants.

In Dubai, What Is Index Linked Rent And How Does It Operate?

In Dubai, index linked rent permits landlords to modify rental rates in accordance with a designated index, typically the mean rental costs within a given locality. This strategy aids in preventing arbitrary and exorbitant increases in rent.

Is Registering A Tenancy Contract In Dubai Required?

It is a fact that all the parties with a rental contract do online registration of the Ejari approved RERA system. Same approach also works for landlords and tenants. This registration is on record as the official document required by law to prove the lease.

In Dubai, Should Renters Get Legal Counsel On Rent Control?

Issues of control

Yes, the tenants should have law consultants if they are dealing with complicated legal issues of rent.

 Tenants can benefit from getting proper legal advice from law firms in Dubai that deal chiefly with real estate and tenancy issues to help them move about the complex judicial system.


Dubai’s regulatory structure, led by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), aims to achieve a balance between landlords and tenants, even though it may not follow traditional rent control in dubai.

The city’s strategy, which includes index-linked rent and rent increase calculations, guarantees an equitable and open tenancy environment

Tenancy contracts must be registered, tenants must understand their rights, and getting legal counsel are crucial steps for those who are suffering uncertainty or seeking stability in their living arrangements.

Tenants may help create a fair and peaceful real estate market in this international city by negotiating Dubai’s complicated rent control laws.



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