Abu Dhabi Salik- Surprising Things You Need to Know!

Abu Dhabi Salik

Have you ever found yourself navigating the bustling streets of Abu Dhabi, only to encounter the term “Abu Dhabi Salik”? If you’ve been curious about what this system entails and how it impacts your travels in the capital of the UAE, you’ve come to the right place. 

Salik, a toll collection system, has become an integral part of the city’s transportation infrastructure. In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Abu Dhabi’s Salik system, shedding light on its purpose, implementation, and effects on commuters.

What is Salik?

Salik is an electronic toll collection system used in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The word “Salik” in Arabic translates to “clear” or “open,” reflecting the system’s aim to ensure smoother traffic flow on Dubai’s roads by reducing congestion and encouraging the use of alternative routes.

Salik operates through toll gates equipped with RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology installed on specific roads in Dubai. Vehicles are required to have a Salik tag, a small sticker containing an RFID chip, which is linked to the driver’s account. As a vehicle passes through a Salik toll gate, the toll fee is automatically deducted from the driver’s prepaid account.

The toll charges vary depending on the time of day and the specific location of the toll gate. Salik aims to manage traffic congestion, improve road infrastructure, and promote the use of public transportation by implementing tolls during peak hours on certain roads.

Is there Salik in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, indeed. Abu Dhabi has its own equivalent of Salik, known as DARB. Similar to Dubai’s Salik system, DARB is an automated road toll system integrated into the broader DARB Abu Dhabi framework. 

This system operates in a comparable manner, utilizing technology to collect tolls electronically and manage traffic flow across specific roads in Abu Dhabi.

Method of Toll Deduction for DARB in Abu Dhabi

The toll deduction process for DARB in Abu Dhabi differs from Dubai’s Salik system in terms of scanning technology. 

Unlike Salik in Dubai, which automatically scans the Salik tag on the vehicle’s windshield, Abu Dhabi’s DARB system deducts toll charges directly from the prepaid DARB account.

This deduction is based on the vehicle’s number plate, utilizing an integrated electronic payment wallet for seamless transactions.


As per the UAE government’s official website, toll gates are positioned on the primary bridges providing access to the capital city, including:

  • Al Maqtaa Bridge
  • Mussafah Bridge
  • Sheikh Zayed Bridge
  • Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Bridge

Requirements for Abu Dhabi Salik Registration

Abu Dhabi Salik

The requirements for registering for Salik in Abu Dhabi typically include:

  • Valid Emirates ID: A valid Emirates ID is generally required for registration.
  • Vehicle Information: Details about the vehicle, including the vehicle’s registration card or vehicle ownership documents.
  • Contact Information: Personal contact details such as a local mobile number, email address, and residential address might be needed.
  • Salik Tag: Acquiring the Salik tag, an RFID sticker, which needs to be affixed to the vehicle’s windshield.
  • Registration Fee: There might be a registration fee to set up the Salik account.

How to Register for DARB Cost Doors in Abu Dhabi?

1. Create an Account

Visit the official DARB website or mobile app to create an account. Provide necessary personal information, including a valid Emirates ID, vehicle details, and contact information.

2. Select Services

Choose the specific DARB services you wish to activate, such as registering for toll gates or purchasing permits.

Link a valid payment method, usually a credit/debit card or a prepaid account, to cover toll charges.

4. Obtain DARB Tag

If required, acquire the DARB tag, similar to the Salik tag in Dubai, and install it on your vehicle as instructed.

5. Activate Services

Once the account is set up and the tag is installed (if necessary), activate the DARB services to start using the toll gates.

6. Manage Account

Regularly monitor and manage your DARB account through the website or app to check balance, view transactions, and ensure sufficient funds for toll payments.

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Steps for Registering Company Cars and Commercial 

Vehicles for Abu Dhabi Salik

The Integrated Transportation Center (ITC) has streamlined the Abu Dhabi Salik registration process, ensuring convenience for commercial and company vehicle owners. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the official DARB Abu Dhabi website.

Step 2: Choose ‘Establishment’ under the ‘Create New Account’ section.

Step 3: Enter a valid email address and press ‘Submit’.

Step 4: Verify your email by entering the one-time password (OTP) received.

Step 5: Select the Emirates where your vehicle is registered.

Step 6: Input your Establishment traffic code number.

Step 7: Choose your registered mobile number to receive another OTP for mobile number verification. Enter this OTP.

Step 8: Generate a password, confirm it accurately, and submit.

Step 9: Fill in the establishment details and click ‘Register’.

Documents Required for Abu Dhabi Salik Registration for Commercial Vehicle

Registering a commercial vehicle for the Abu Dhabi toll posts involves a straightforward process that requires specific documents related to the company vehicle and enterprise details. The Abu Dhabi Salik Registration typically includes:

1. Valid Trade License: Provide the original and a copy for verification (if applicable).

2. Stamped and Signed Company Letter: This letter should contain essential details such as corporate and company representative information, email address, mobile number, and traffic code number.

3. Excel Sheet for Vehicle Fleet: Include an Excel sheet listing the vehicles intended for activation in the toll gate system. The details required for each vehicle might encompass:

  • License plate number
  • Color and Code
  • Category
  • Source

Additional documents might be necessary based on the type of establishment. However, following the steps outlined above can facilitate the registration of your commercial vehicles for Abu Dhabi’s toll system.

What Are the Steps for Abu Dhabi Salik Account Activation?

Abu Dhabi Salik

Upon successfully registering for Abu Dhabi Salik, activating your account ensures its full functionality, allowing you to add balances for toll payments. Follow these steps to activate your DARB account:

1. Access the Official DARB Portal: Log in to your Abu Dhabi Salik account via the official DARB portal or use the DARB mobile application.

2. Register Vehicle: Navigate to your dashboard and select the ‘Register Vehicle’ option. Enter your vehicle’s details.

3. Select Payment Method: Choose your preferred payment method (Amwal Wallet/Credit/Debit card).

4. Complete Payment: Proceed with the payment process by clicking ‘Pay’.

5. Activation Confirmation: Once the transaction is finalized, your Abu Dhabi Salik account will be activated.

For owners with multiple vehicles, these steps need to be repeated for each new vehicle registration followed by account activation.

Upon successful activation, you can access your account to:

  • Check account balances
  • Recharge your Salik wallet
  • Monitor/view traffic fines
  • Review your transaction history

How to Apply for Abu Dhabi Salik Exemptions?

ITC Abu Dhabi offers exemptions from toll gate charges to senior and retired Emiratis, as well as individuals with low monthly wages. To avail of these benefits, follow these steps for the Abu Dhabi toll posts exemption:

Step 1: Log in to your DARB account using the official portal or mobile application.

Step 2: Navigate to the dashboard and select the ‘Request’ option, then click ‘Submit Request’.

Step 3: From the services panel, select ‘Exemption Request’.

Step 4: Specify the category, sub-services, and vehicle number plate for the exemption.

Step 5: Fill in the request description and upload the necessary documents.

Step 6: After completing the details, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Upon submission, authorities will review your request based on the provided documents. If your submission meets the criteria, the authorities will grant you toll gate exemptions.

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What are the Abu Dhabi Salik Charges?

The Abu Dhabi Salik charges vary according to specific days and timings:

  • During peak hours, defined as 7 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 7 pm from Saturday to Thursday, DARB imposes a fee of AED 4.
  • No toll fees are levied on Fridays, other public holidays, and during off-peak hours.
  • For private vehicles, the maximum daily charge is capped at AED 16, and the monthly limit stands at AED 200.

Summing Up!

Abu Dhabi’s Salik system stands as a pivotal element in the city’s efforts to manage traffic and enhance transportation infrastructure. While initially met with some resistance, it has proven to be an effective mechanism for improving traffic flow and reducing congestion. 

As the city continues to evolve, the Salik system remains a key component in ensuring smoother and more efficient journeys for residents and visitors alike navigating Abu Dhabi’s vibrant streets.

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