Why Hotel Apartments in Dubai are a Rage?

Hotel apartments in dubai
Hotel Apartments in Dubai


When it comes to residential options like Hotel Apartments in Dubai, home seekers have an array of options.
Thanks to the exciting inventory of properties available in the city, there’s something for all
wishes and whims. Whilst it’s fair to say that a larger percentage of the investing community
chooses apartment living, an interesting choice that’s coming up the most in Dubai is hotel

Today, we will talk about the advantages you can have by investing in hotel apartments.

Hotel Apartments Amenities:

Living in a Dubai hotel apartment has its perks – they come with furniture, TV connections,
Wi-Fi access, valet parking and cleaning service. You don’t have to pay separately for
furnishing or maintenance. Some apartments also grant you access to saunas, steam rooms
and other lifestyle amenities including fitness centres, recreational spaces, laundry service,
swimming pool, spa facility and much more.

Hassle-free passive income:

Prices of property are always going to rise in Dubai as it’s becoming a global centre for trade
and leisure. While your space appreciates, it can always be taken by guests through hotel
booking platforms and can fetch you rent. And as far as the hassle part is concerned, the in-
house team is responsible for its cleanliness and maintenance.

Prime locations:

Hotel apartments came into the picture with the vision to support leisure and the brighter
side of life. This is the reason why most of them are situated in prime locations in Dubai with
scenic views of the skyline. For instance, one of the best hotel apartments the city has to
offer is SLS Dubai from where the views of Downtown, namely Burj Khalifa are superlatively
aesthetic. The locations also provide amazing connectivity to some of the centres of work
like Business Bay. This is the reason why hotel apartments are also grabbing the eyeballs of
industrialists, business people and entrepreneurs.

High-quality living:

The furnishings, fittings, elevators and also features which you can find in a hotel apartment
are from some of the top European brands. Hence you can be sure about the design,
functionality and especially the safety of you, your loved ones or your tenants. Moreover, the
property takes care of the upkeep of all these and hence you don’t have to invest time or
money in maintenance. In addition to this, your property always stays high quality because
they are under renowned and reputed hotel companies whose core responsibility is to
maintain the worth of the property.

Give you hotel services at a cheaper price:

If you keep on travelling to Dubai for work or play, but spend too much on hotels, taking a
hotel apartment can be the right investment. You will be able to live without being worried
about the time span and the price of the property will always appreciate. It comes your guest
or tenant where all can come and have a better stay because its fully operational kitchenette
with other facilities makes their stay comfortable and interesting, so all in all, it feels like you
have welcomed them to your home.


Dubai will continue to escalate in every segment for all the right reasons, so being part of
any property will turn out as a lucrative investment choice. Just be vigilant to rely only on
trusted and experienced advisors. According to our expertise and experience, SLS Dubai is
something which is on top of the list of best hotel apartments in Dubai. All apartments are
fully serviced and fully furnished and
you get a private terrace. With a gym, you get access to the highest infinity pools in the world
as mentioned in the Guinness World Record. Additionally, there’s an ACCOR Diamond
Membership that provides you with a whole array of benefits to over 4,000 Destinations
locally and internationally.
If you make up your mind about investment, then here at House Finder we are happy to
assist you. Call us now!

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