Mercedes-Benz Is Building Its First Residential Tower in Dubai

Are you aware? Mercedes-Benz, recognized for its luxury vehicles, is embarking on a groundbreaking journey by constructing its debut residential tower in Dubai. This unprecedented leap signifies the brand’s diversification beyond automotive expertise.

However, blending automotive eminence into the realm of high-end living poses a unique challenge. While Mercedes-Benz ventures into uncharted territory, the fusion of automotive finesse with upscale residential standards sparks both anticipation and curiosity. 

This endeavor ushers in a new chapter, intertwining automotive prestige with opulent living experiences.

Mercedes-Benz Is Building Its First Residential Tower in Dubai

The automotive brand has partnered with real estate developer Binghatti to collaboratively build the 65-story tower. A groundbreaking project is underway as the world anticipates the arrival of the first-ever Mercedes-Benz branded residence, set to grace the skyline of Dubai.

The renowned luxury automotive company, unveiling its real estate venture called Mercedes-Benz Places, has joined forces with esteemed Emirati developer Binghatti for this landmark venture. 


Soaring approximately 1,118 feet above the city, this remarkable 65-story tower will find its place in the heart of downtown Dubai, neighboring iconic landmarks such as the Dubai Mall, the Museum of the Future, and the illustrious Burj Khalifa.

We’re immensely thrilled to collaborate with Mercedes-Benz, an iconic name to create the world’s inaugural luxury residence under the Mercedes-Benz brand,” stated Muhammad BinGhatti, CEO of Binghatti, in a press release. 

“Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai isn’t just a real estate venture; it embodies a commitment to community and mobility, aiming to establish a new standard for smart and integrated living.”

As per a press release, the upcoming hypertower has been in development for over a year. Initial renderings suggest that the building’s exterior silhouette will feature a curved design, incorporating the distinctive three-point Mercedes-Benz logo. 

True to the luxury brand’s ethos, the overall architecture will reflect the “Sensual Purity” design philosophy, boasting smart technologies and premium finishes as expected.

At Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai, we’re going further than just cars to create great brand experiences,” said Britta Seeger, a member of the Board of Management at Mercedes-Benz Group AG. 

“With Binghatti’s many years of building homes, they’re the perfect partner for us. Our goal with our first residential tower under our brand is to make new, attractive spaces that reflect our brand’s spirit. We want to give our customers a place where they can arrive, relax, and feel like they’re home.”

While this marks the automaker’s initial venture into real estate, Binghatti already spearheads some of Dubai’s most captivating properties. The developer collaborates with luxury watchmaker and jewelry brand Jacob & Co. on its inaugural skyscraper. 

Condominiums within the tower were made available for purchase in June. Additionally, Binghatti is constructing a 42-story residence affiliated with Bugatti, featuring specialized elevators designed for cars.

Mercedes-Benz’s inaugural residential tower in Dubai symbolizes a pioneering fusion of automotive prestige and luxurious living. This ambitious leap beyond their renowned vehicular domain marks a pivotal shift for the brand. 

As they venture into unexplored territory, the challenge of seamlessly integrating automotive excellence into residential opulence arises. This landmark project not only sets a new benchmark in sophisticated living but also signifies the brand’s expansion into diverse spheres. 

Amidst this endeavor, the convergence of automotive legacy with upscale living paves the way for a unique and promising chapter, promising an innovative tapestry of automotive refinement within the landscape of luxury residences.

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