Rents for Apartments and Villas in Dubai Stabilize or Decline in Q1

The Dubai apartment market has visible substantial adjustments in the first place of 2024. Many tenants are wondering how these adjustments can affect them additionally.

According to the file, using the Asteco method, rents for each residence and villa fell or stayed the same in most locations. This is a welcome remedy for people who bear high apartment rental costs.

Rents for Apartments and Villas in Dubai Stabilize or Decline in Q1

For apartments, the overall leasing rates showed no increase on average compared to the last quarter of 2023. This means that if you are renting an apartment, your rent likely did not go up this past quarter.

However, if we compare the rents to a year ago, there has been an overall increase of about 10%. This indicates that while there has been some stability recently, rental rates are still higher than they were last year. 

In more detail, popular areas such as Downtown Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, The Greens, The Views, Dubai Sports City, and International City all saw slight declines in rents. These declines ranged from 1% to 3% during the first quarter of 2024 compared to the last three months of 2023.

Downtown Dubai is known for its iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa. Despite its popularity, rental rates here fell slightly by around 1% to 3%. This might make it a more attractive option for new tenants looking to live in the heart of the city. 

Sheikh Zayed Road, a major thoroughfare in Dubai, also saw a decrease in rents. This area is well-known for its high-rise buildings and convenient location. The slight drop in rents might encourage more people to consider living here. 

Business Bay, another prominent area, experienced similar rental declines. This district is popular among professionals and businesses. The decrease in rents could make it more affordable for those working in the area. 

Dubai Marina, famous for its waterfront views and vibrant lifestyle, saw a slight drop in rents as well. This could be good news for those looking to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle without facing significant rent hikes.

Rents for Apartments and Villas in Dubai Stabilize or Decline in Q1

Villa Rental Rates

For villa properties, the rental rates dropped by 1% since the last quarter of 2023. However, there has been a 6% increase in rental rates from the same time last year. This shows that while there has been some reduction recently, villa rents are still higher compared to a year ago.

Half of the locations tracked for the study, including Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah/Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah Park, Mirdif, Palm Jumeirah, and Town Square, saw rental declines of 1% to 3% every quarter. On the other hand, other communities, except for Dubai Hills Estate, did not show any change in rental rates. 

Arabian Ranches is a well-established villa community known for its family-friendly environment. The slight drop in rents by 1% to 3% might make it more appealing to families looking for spacious homes.

The Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim areas, known for their beachside villas and luxury living, also saw a decrease in rents. This might attract tenants who want to live near the beach at a slightly lower cost.

Mirdif, another family-friendly area, saw a slight drop in rents. This community is popular among expatriates and locals alike, and the reduced rents might attract more tenants.

Palm Jumeirah, an iconic man-made island, also experienced a slight decrease in villa rents. Known for its luxurious lifestyle, the reduced rents could make it more accessible to a broader range of tenants.

Town Square, a newer development, saw a decline in rents as well. This area is known for its affordable housing options and community amenities, making it a popular choice for many.

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Future Expectations 

There will be an increase in the number of tenants moving to different properties. This is partly because of the gradual easing of upward rental movement. With rents stabilizing or decreasing, tenants have more options and can look for better deals or better-suited properties. 

On the bright side, more supply is expected to enter the market. Some tenants are buying their own homes, which could reduce the demand for rental properties. This increased supply could help keep rental prices stable or even lower them in some areas.

Practical Advice for Landlords

For landlords, the current market trends mean it’s essential to adjust rental strategies to attract and retain tenants. Here are some practical tips:

  • Ensure your rental prices are competitive. Research similar properties in your area to understand the going rates. If your rents are higher than average, consider reducing them slightly to attract more tenants.
  • Invest in property maintenance and upgrades. Well-maintained properties with modern amenities are more attractive to potential tenants. Simple improvements like fresh paint, updated fixtures, or added amenities can make a significant difference.
  • Offer flexible lease terms to attract tenants. This could include options for shorter leases or the possibility of renewing at a fixed rate. Flexibility can be a key factor for many tenants when choosing a rental property.

Rents for Apartments and Villas in Dubai Stabilize or Decline in Q1

Arshad Darbar Thought

Arshad Darbar, a seasoned real estate expert with several years of experience in the Dubai market, shared his thoughts on the recent rental trends. He noted that the current stabilization in rental prices is a positive sign for both tenants and landlords.

Tenants now have the opportunity to find better deals without the fear of constant rent hikes, while landlords can focus on attracting long-term tenants by offering competitive rates and improved property features. 

This balance is crucial for a sustainable rental market. Darbar also highlighted the impact of increased property supply, stating, As more properties enter the market, it provides a healthy competition which can help keep rental prices in check.

Overall, this trend indicates a maturing market that benefits everyone involved. His insights underscore the importance of adapting to market changes to maintain a thriving real estate environment in Dubai.


The rental market in Dubai has shown signs of stabilization in the first quarter of 2024. While some areas experienced slight declines in rents, others remained unchanged. This trend is a relief for many tenants who have been facing rising rental costs over the past year.

For those renting in Dubai, staying updated with the latest market trends is crucial. Understanding these trends can help tenants make informed decisions about their housing options. 

Whether you’re considering moving to a new area or renegotiating your current lease, knowing the current rental landscape can be beneficial. 

Both tenants and landlords can find opportunities in this changing market. Tenants can look for better deals or more suitable homes, while landlords might need to adjust their strategies to attract and retain tenants.

By staying informed and flexible, both parties can navigate the rental market more effectively. 

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